Saturday, October 26, 2013

Going In / Getting It In / Intergalactic With It

 Were intergalactic with it...peeping game like NASA telescopes;   checking out how its going down; some talk about going in  / getting it in! 

Spotted a fanatic...some come across as clowns like Ted Cruz and Republicans shutting it down! 

Some come across as actors like Tom Cruise...they even said this Mission Is Impossible... check the protocol...but this brotha can spot them a mile away! 

Please!! the left hook and right cross made some lose!!  reality hit them up!! more than broken jaws per Muhammad Ali..  Ken Norton style!!  R.I.P. can put their file away! 

Check the style; accused of being a crook...but I'm  just trying to make my way in Babylon; but firewalls are put up like Norton and McAfee...its going down like this!! 

....from dipping down Broadway in Louisville to Candler and McAfee in Decatur Georgia..spiritual warfare is going down! we had to step up and fight this! 

Intergalactic with it / multi-dimensional.. like solar flares..that's whats up with me and my peeps...that's how we work things! 

Back with it!! the mothership has landed on earth...whats it all worth? were going in / getting it in... I'm dealing with this earthlings!

 Breakbeat scientific with it...who will help or hurt things?  whose part of the problem or part of the solution? 

Tea was served by fanatics!!  but business groups say its not that kind of party!!  who'll shut down the institution? 

They swerved...institutions like business groups, corporations and banks like JP Morgan Chase were causing chaos and jokers were flipping out! 

I observed the scene; intergalactic with it...I found a portal to slide through; now going in / getting it in... soon I was dipping out! 

Slipping out through the escape route!! but you know somebody will mess up the flow! 

But I'm still going all out dealing with those that doubt; they thought I was vulnerable! 

Intergalactic!!  though some thought I was local..but I had it covered all over! 

A fanatic thought I was missing something!! but I was all up in the game until its over!



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