Monday, October 07, 2013

Next Level Dramatics / They're Still Here PT.2

Were all up in the spot!! the mothership has like the Navy Seals running up in get Abu Anas Al-Liby ..we deal with these next level dramatics! 

These earthlings are tripping!!  how did another act / get? they're  acting like next level fanatics! 

Check these next level a brotha gets breakbeat scientific! 

Its based on dealing with the intergalactic drama..due to intergalactic journeys taken...please!!  this brotha kept a boarding pass or ticket! 

Some pursuits were trivial...bored with this or mind raced out ahead of the game; you'll get gaffled by a bunch of bikers like Range Rover drivers on the Westside Highway in NYC!  full metal jackets worn during the ongoing spiritual warfare? 

My kind cased joints...ATLiens pull smash and grabs due to Plan Z realities...they'll take it there!!

Peeped game; damn!! gladiators have chinks in their armor..I see NFL head injuries physical frames showed signs of wear and tear;  visions of immortality are rebuked! 

The arch nemesis is on the premises!! somewhat reckless!! now the house is nuked! 

Empty promises were made...but The Uranus Pluto Square is in affect until 2015! 

Squares are kept out of the circle;  the lifespan for fame? the  minutes added up to fifteen!

Truth or dares were issued;  similar to negotiations concerning the government shutdown or the debt ceiling...

Truth or dares lead to next level dramatics..the frontier can be local, national, international or intergalactic..especially after my folk hit the invisible / glass ceiling... 

 Check Out The Intergalactic Drama Mix PT 2 


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