Sunday, December 15, 2013

David or Goliath?

So its down to this!! this is what we have to work with... standing alone against the world?  but I suddenly feel like a giant!

O-Dog is a short dog like David!!  but exercising power with supreme courage ....that's how I work it!! ...damn!!  I feel like Goliath! 

In this smoke and fog enhanced by mirrors?  I misbehaved!! I
refused to be compliant! please!!  I wasn't trying to live that kind of life! 

The corrupt were running things!!  they even fight each other like the Tea Party vs other Republicans!!  plus corporations? they enslaved the masses..just check out the consumer the toil and strife! this world... I'm in conflict with it!!  peace is difficult if
not impossible to find! 

Total chaos?  that's business as usual!! jokers want you to lose your mind! 

Taking a loss!! is it like the Lamar Odom- Khloe Kardashian divorce? ....losing your kind of lifestyle!! toil and strife now in
your file!

Faking fronting and flossing aka swagging? cashing out or cashing in? its business as usual..these earthlings are foul! 

....not taking it any longer!!  I was up in the lab..I hit the dial / pressed the button;  now I suddenly feel like a giant! 

Trusting in the Lord!!  not impressed with a punishment glutton!!  the Bible mentions David vs Goliath! 

Built like David..5-8 with it!!  but I feel like a giant!!  that's what trusting in the Lord will do! 

Human!! had to admit I misbehaved with it!!  dipping down I-20 in Atlanta in the Honda Accord!! trying to see what it do!

 That's what this world will do to you per Earth Wind and on  player!!...but soon the shot clock will expire!! so your caught up in the system / matrix!

 I'm trying to fight it!! striking back against the empire instead of the other way around... standing alone against the world!!  I suddenly feel like a giant!! even though O-Dog is a short dog like David!


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