Friday, December 27, 2013

Next Level Dramatics PT5 (The Saga / Struggle Continues )

The saga / struggle continues;  like the drama in Beirut ..were caught up in these next level dramatics! 

The drama is local, national, international, and even intergalactic;  as we deal with next level fanatics! 

They seem to be mutants!! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or maybe   X-Men Days Of Future Past? new and improved?  I wouldn't call them that! 

Acting brand new with it?  so called Power Rangers aka ego-trippers supposedly jumping hurdles!!  I checked the way they moved!! supposedly  phat and all that!

I see the way they work those and these..but I didn't give power to those strangers..they wanted me to fall back like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt!!  they want me to stay out of the way during their ongoing reign of terror! 

....Like bill collectors or telemarkers  they will call back!!  sounding like its all good!!  tactics used during the ongoing smoke and mirrors!

 ATLien real deal Holyfield  ways?  naw!!  just check the next level dramatics!

 ATL macks and divas play the field!!  check out the latest reality show for the next level fanatics! 

As we sail off into the galaxy!!  these next level mathematics are the by product! 

Pushing the envelope like sending the mail off!!  going postal?  thought and fashion police question my conduct! 

Packages are delivered unlike UPS and FedEx...I conduct myself in an orderly fashion!  I govern myself accordingly! 

Dealing with next level dramatics!!  it doesn't matter where the boundary or border will be!





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