Saturday, March 01, 2014

Catch Phrases Cliches / Going In or Geting It In

So whats up? like 28 days of Black History Month they had us coming and going!! I even heard catch phrases! 

...They mentioned going in / getting it in!!  while in Spike Lee vs Gentrification...were going through different phases! we face this;  you might find me dealing with this or that situation..getting whats coming to us due to the karma?

During the ongoing race?  O-Dizzle is funky drumming for us
...ringing the alarm for ya! 

I didn't mean to alarm I fell back..I even had to love some from a distance!

 .....even though this life is a marathon...we kept on running!!  showing persistence!

Dipping down I-20 and I-85 in's on again!!..knowing what the deal is..

Due to I-85 Chronicles with the Carolina Cruising!! all up in Charlotte at the CIAA tourney...but I know what the deal is...

Due to debatable circumstances where have you found a brotha? dipping down Boulevard in Atlanta..the boulevard of broken dreams? 

Per Green Day..I've seen how these old Fourth Ward jokers play..on the Boulevard...full of plots and schemes..

I've seen how these jokers play..full of plots and schemes like Russia about to roll up on the Ukraine...

Check the catch phrase / cliche..jokers were talking about going in / getting it in...but I'm just trying to maintain...

Check Out The Going In (In It Up To Our Necks) Mix

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