Sunday, April 27, 2014

Next Level Type Business / Going Through It

As we proceed and continue..we're still making moves...we're going to it.

I can't front or flex..the saga / struggle continues...Cyndi Lauper true colors were revealed by Donald Sterling types...Obama mentioned they were advertising their we're still going through it. 

This next level type business is going down!!  I mentioned earlier it's not Easy per Sunday Morning per the Commodores

The next devil will try to nail you to the cross per Easter Sunday type business / per the that  intersection?  scared ones were locking doors. 

The Cardinal Grand Cross of April is in effect..the pilot told us to expect turbulence..or maybe he'll crash the plane like Flight 370 from Malaysia..but I'm a praying brotha...I know God is still in the blessing business. 

I keep flowing due to a trine in water..blessed by the Heavenly Father!! not bothered by those miserable trying to start a company or business. 

I keep flowing..I know what the deal is!!  this next level type business is the ultimate.

 I keep knowing the devil is opposing...ignored the ultimatum...I wasn't with it. 

Oh yeah!!  I'm going through it!!  like everybody else I'm not immune to it... please!! 

Oh yeah !! I'm going to it...what? the safe haven / safe harbor..where a brotha can be at ease...

Oh yeah!! knowing that no justice no peace is the catch phrase heard at the pep rally...

What's up with us? we continue to handle this next level business...we're on our way up to the next heard me? 

Sunday Jazz Continues..check out some jazz / funk / hip hop from O-Dog with his Next Level / I'm On My Way Up Mix

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