Friday, May 23, 2014

Debatable Circumstances; The Mixture and The Scripture PT.2

Concepts are we wonder; are we being built or torn down?

 Steps were taken to move forward's like May Camelopardalids meteor showers ...we're trying to light things up!! but we were blacklisted!! haters didn't turn their level of  scorn down.

Next level dramatics's going down!!  sideways glances revealed I wasn't one of the favorites. 

Next level mathematics are dropped in response;  check this good word and the sound!! funky is how the flavor will get. the crisis in Ukraine a hater will try to circumvent; please!!  they didn't want to see us build.

 I'm just trying to maintain..trying to deal with it..but injunctions and restrictions occur...they want us to yield. 

Then if it's built?  issues will arise!! like with Oklahoma lethal injection malfunction ...technical difficulties occur!! now places like Tennessee want to bring the electric chair back..they'll have us second guessing. 

The circumstance is debatable;  being built or torn down when we go there?  is this a curse or blessing?

Taking a chance...stressing..with the adrenaline flowing...going for what were knowing!!...check this scripture...

Taking a chance..O-Dizzle is jamming...going for what he's knowing..check the mixture..

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