Sunday, June 22, 2014

Concepts Revisited / Spiritual Significance In This Operation

It's going down!! I guess it's like Sunni insurgents rolling through Iraq..this mission has spiritual significance. 

It's going down!!  act like you knew me!! word from Babylon wilderness wandering spirits with the belligerence? 

Naw!! that's not how we work this... were just out here trying to deal with this!!  I've already told you it's rough here. 

What it do?  I've mentioned before..spiritual body armor is needed when you go out there. 

Actually?  were way way out there!!  we're out there off of I-20 in the bus line!!  MARTA doesn't run out this way!!

....per ATL suburbs;  actually?  this is intergalactic!!  aliens / herbs in the heart of this galaxy will stay in the way.

 Now the mothership is on earth;  these jokers / earthlings play the same way!!  like they were the Miami Heat

Another gets scientific like Pops and the San Antonio Spurs...soon out coaches and out plays them!! what occurs?  you'll get played out here in the street. 

Alt shift delete is the Webmaster's mission..that's how they run this matrix.  

Word from the architect!!  we get no respect!!  just check the glitches in the matrix. 

Astrologers blame it on Mercury retrograde..but naysayers say that's belligerence. 

Check how we put it down...during the ongoing charade? the Lord blessed us...this mission has spiritual significance. 


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