Saturday, June 28, 2014

Word From A Veteran In The Game

It's going down!!  check out this word from a veteran in the game. coaching as Armageddon is approaching; soon some realize that it's all game. 

Some are encroaching on territory like ISIS in Iraq..they said they want their land back!! 

Similar to trail of tears descendants...but irrational fears will make some pump brakes like Bendix!!  as they fall back. 

I didn't crawl back into the hole or abyss!!  it was surrounded by crime scene tape. 

I didn't call back after I heard the message!!  I was too busy dipping down I-20 in Atlanta...making an escape.

 I was all up in the spot!! low technical jokers didn't know security cameras were taping the proceedings.

 No justice no peace is the business!!  those that lack stamina will need to stop the bleeding.  

They're needing to cut their losses like its Las Vegas!!  finding out due to FICO credit score scams the world is corrupt..they pray to the east!!  but the Middle has it's on problems. 

During coin tosses officials fake us with the two headed coin..similar to penalty shootouts at the FIFA World Cup? but this veteran in the game who's now coaching was able to solve the he's rocking

Check this poem / good word from O-Zone while O-Dog is rocking the sound...inspired by Bobby Womack...R.I.P....word from this veteran in the game now coaching...

Its going we put it down like Armageddon is approaching... 


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