Sunday, August 24, 2014

This Is How It's Going Down PT.2 (The Saga / Stuggle Continues)

What it do? This is how it's going down!!  oh yeah!! It's going down like this. 

Were expecting opposition like its Ferguson Missouri or the other St Louis suburbs; so who's working with me as I put it down like this?

Some were like Michael Sams vs Johnny Manziel or 50 Cent vs Mayweather; they didn't like this!  oh yeah it's obvious!!  we can tell by the vibrations. 

Some lack understanding per DJ Swearinger vs Peyton Manning; when the mothership was landing on earth I see some aren't ready to fight this!! others were caught up in the system /  matrix due an agent or provocateurs instigations. 

Check the ongoing investigations; they're damning us if we do or don't!!  soon were all subject to the authority

They're even trying to play me another way like I'm in the Gaza Strip; the hostile territory!!

I use a hot style to tell the story;  some consider it a hot mess. 

I told them to call me the hot messenger!! this is how it's going down!! check out this breakbeat scientific process.

Peep the message; do the knowledge or end up being a victim of circumstances!!!

Being built or torn down? acknowledge your environment; find out where the turbulence is!!

This is how it's going down!! enpowerment?  usually where the work is!! The collar I wear is blue!!

I'm usually in the lab; Answering the question; where can we find you?

Not over there; that's where they blind you!! now the Kool-Aid is sipped!!!

This is how it's going down!! but check the character assasinations; to the press?  names are slipped; slipped!!!

This is how it's going down!! the saga / struggle continues as we dipped down I-20 in Atlanta in the bucket / hooptie

This is how it's going down!! the saga / struggle continues!! it's more than an ice bucket challenge!! we're out here where the truth will be...


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