Monday, September 22, 2014

O-Dog Runs It / He Was Minding and Tending

It's going down!! as I mentioned before?  your dude is minding and tending. 

What's really going on per my satellite site?  O-Dog is beat blending.

 Meanwhile?  O-Zone is good word dropping!! he had a whole sack full!! were dropping messages in the songs.

Danger zone / next level dramatics are rebuked!! O-Dog runs it!! what?  his own business!! he's fighting society's wrongs. 

Wrong is how they play us!!  but there's nothing they can say to us because were wise to the set up!!

That's why were minding and tending;  O-Dog continues to dip down I-20 in Atlanta per the Chronicles!!  a bruh can't let up!!

O-Zone is fighting battles like the Chronicles of Riddick; like I mentioned before there's no justice or peace. 

I was minding and tending!! but now stuck in traffic behind Honda Civics learning this lesson in civics!!   there's no justice or peace

I was minding and tending!! but I couldn't be at ease!! the arch nemesis is on the premises!! they were rolling up on the spot like Omar Gonzalez running towards the White House!! 

I was minding and tending!! staying strong while hope diminishes for some!! O-Dog runs it!! he's all up in the house!!

A brotha stays beat blending!! he drops house music, jazz, funk, hip hop and even drum and bass!!

Message sending per these songs? of course!! it's not odd!! like Afghan soldiers missing from Cape Cod!!  this squad is on the case!!

Check out the O-Dog Runs It Mix and We Put It Down Like This!

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