Sunday, November 30, 2014

Concepts Are Revisited: THE GAME IS OVER!!!!

                                             .....through playing games.....

I'm through playing games with them!! I stated earlier; The Game Is Over...

They tried to play me like Obama!! it's not my fault!!  I was hated earlier!!  but the blame is over!!

Check the score like ESPN!! Alabama comes back and Mississippi State was knocked out of the SEC race; jokers are on the case but I won't accept the blame anymore!!  it's not my assignment!! 

Jokers mention Black Friday and Cyber Monday but I'm not buying it!!! I don't care if it's on consignment!!

Knowing how a con will get so check the #blackout per Oakland; as we get open!! that's how this black man will play!! In Random Thoughts?  I mentioned it's a Hood Thing!!

Please!!! some of my people are waiting in the dark about to blackout while I put a funky track out!!!! I tried to convince a brotha that it was a good thing!!!

Some act brand new!! not knowing this brotha was like Kool and The Gang and he would bring the funky stuff!!!

The Sonic Assault?  oh yeah!! that's whats up!! per Job 3:17  the wicked shall cease from troubling and the weary shall be at rest!! I'm telling a hater enough is enough!!

Called their bluff;  I'm through paying with them!! The Game Is Over!!!

...Earlier episode at the O-Dog's Podcast but it was relocated; but the concept is revisited!!  it's not over!!

Once Again!! Once Again It's On!! also an earlier episode!!

Bringing you this Sonic Assault;  as we go into funk mode;         


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