Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Blowing Up The Spot!!! Making It Hot

Came through the spot; damn!! Baby Girl called me a pimp daddy!!

Facing accusations like Bill Cosby? connect the dots; Please come correct when you holla at me!!!

Knowing some will holla at me like Michael Brown's  stepfather Louis Head in Ferguson!!  using the false assumption!!

I'm just trying to start a disco inferno!! burning that mother down!! Blowing Up The Spot!! please!! that's O-Dog's function!!

Putting this funk in!!  it's no GMO; no preservatives or additives!! no junk in!!

Industrial strength is provided by this blue collar worker!!  last of a dying breed? there will be no malfunction!!

Haters go the extra length;  the pursuit of a dollar will hurt ya!! now the mind isn't right per Charles Barkley!! the dysfunctional family member will act out!!

The situation is out of control!! it goes down from Ferguson to airstrikes against ISIS;  automatic weaponry used by jokers blowing up the spot!!  meanwhile O-Dog will pull the funky track out!!

We put work in son!! during the ongoing crisis the brotha O-Zone didn't back out of the Original Plan!!

It's part of a bigger one!! word from the one known as OMANXL1; considered the original man!!

Fighting a bigger one; it's like David vs Goliath as haters tell me don't even try it!! they wanted me to fail!! I was slow to gain things!!  I even strayed off the path!! But check this next level business!! I'm Back On Track!!

Now Blowing Up The Spot!! The brotha O-Dog gets the Last Laugh as he goes off on the track!!

O-Zone?  The Good Word? please!! I've got a whole sack full!!

Blowing Up The Spot!! The Funk?....O-Dog has a whole track full!!

That's Because He's A Funky Type Of Soul Brother!! Check It Out!

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