Monday, December 08, 2014

Lights Were Blinking On The Instrument Panel / The Mothership Has Landed

Lights blink on the instrument panel!! damn!! signals on the panel say I'm stuck!! stranded on earth!!  damn!! I feel like I'm worthy of better than this...

The Mothership Has Landed!! on earth I'm stranded!! per Ferguson and NYC it's where a brotha is taken for granted!! So we'll put it down like this!! like this!!

Otherworldly with this when we do this!! O-Dog has the intergalactic funk!

We come through with the rebuttal!!  out here in the smoke and mirrors enhanced by the fog we heard others talk junk!!  

Some got crunk, snapped, and got dumb;  that's all good!!

A brotha can't really front; check out what we do because that's all hood! hood!

It's all a Hood Thing / A Good Thing; actually? it's in my bloodstream..

It can be a Tiger Woods thing!!  maybe even a Bill Cosby thing!! once on top but now struggling!! but this brotha brings anotha perspective;  mathematics were studied from the so called mainstream..

Not down with the mainstream though; Negroes egos will be bruised and bloodied!!  I Did The Knowledge..

Civil rights and priviliges studied by a blue ribbon panel due to the racial profiling / police brutality?  jokers even got foul with me when The Mothership  Landed; they must have known  I'm about Droppin Knowledege!!

Lights blink on the instrument panel!! electro-magnetic interference from earthlings? acknowledge that this world is foul!!  I feel like I'm Worthy Of Better Than This...

Chilling in the Lion's Den like Daniel?  bombarded like Aaron Alexis with the extremely low frequency?  due to intergalactic travels we Visualized What The Sequence will be!! so while here on earth I'll put it down!! I'll Manifest That Worthiness!! 


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