Monday, December 15, 2014

The Next Chapter: The Saga / Struggle Continues

                   *it don't quit and it don't stop*

The Saga / Struggle Continues;  please!! it's a cliche this brotha likes to use!!

Proceed and continue? oh yes!! that's my motto!! so I let it go per the clearance rack epiphanies!! in the the Mothership?  I cruise

Oh Yeah!! I was out there like Rosetta spacecraft!! I cruised like Smokey Robinson or even  DeAngelo...

Peeped game; Rosetta Stone not needed to do the math!! I knew what the inside joke would be!! so I let go!!

Once again it's on!! this is the next chapter!! A brotha had to let you know whats up after the epitome of stupidity was witnessed..

....As we go for what we know;  in response to the madness? O-Dog will loop a funky beat; now bear witness..

Pardon me as a brotha digresses!! but from Sydney to the CIA the whole process is shady..

...Didn't believe some when they said it's all gravy baby!!!

Whatcha got to say to me? as we move on to the next chapter we get funky; the Mothership touchs back down on earth..

As the saga / struggle continues we're bringing flavor;  these brothas are the salt of the earth!! 

....Watching are behavior;  per NSA surveilance Google Earth is used for more that just sightseeing!!

What's it all worth? It'll be an Uphill Struggle!!  even a debatable circumstance: being built or torn down? what's it all worth? what are you achieving?

What are you believing? some have got to co-sign on this Uphill Struggle concept!!

The Mothership has landed but we've been here!! we know how ill a con can get..


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