Friday, April 17, 2015

Time / Natural Process PT.8

Natural like photosynthesis? I'm just trying to make sense of this,  homie said he was a *playa from the Himalayas*

Cooler than a polar bear!! but they're dying out in Russia; plus the ruble has Russians feeling the pressure, so we're told to say prayers..

I even felt the pressure!! but Play on Players is the catch phrase as we go into the next phase!! the NBA playoffs starts next week...

Did your team make the playoffs?  that stuff? those jokers didn't stay off!! just visualize the sequence,  the outlook is bleak..

Winning or losing streak?  2016 will soon be here so who'll win the election? everbody has their opinion.

G-O-D is in charge; it don't matter whose elected; his will is perfected in this dominion..

Told to be flexible / multi-dimensional; or be bent out of shape and then remanufactured!!

*All Up In The House* where  industrial zones like Detroit and  Flint plus other  communities were left fractured..

Souls captured in the  militarized and demilitarized zone like it was  Ferguson; blame it on Social Engineering?

I'm was up in the Cut-Dog aka Olds Cutlass Supreme but it broke down due to a slipping transmission; blame it on Mechanical Engineering?

Plus it's leaking fluid so there's no power steering!!  but I use supreme courage and maximum strength as I slip through with these transmissions!! the Natural Process is used!!  Once Again It's On...

Other's weren't natural with it!! check out the loathing / fearing / jealousy / envy; that's the attitude!!  I can tell by their tone..

They Weren't Natural With It / Check out this mix!!!

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