Monday, June 08, 2015

I Wasn't Playing: There's Spiritual Significance In This Operation PT.2

I wasn't playing around with them like Cleveland going into overtime against Golden State!! I was armed and dangerous and ready for the debate but not packing weapons of mass destruction or distraction..

Packing the sword of truth along with the Sonic Blackjack, I'm back jack!! knowing where the danger is!! like David Cameron at the G7 meeting there was even corruption in the interaction..

What's up with them? some are acting uncouth rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie losing traction!! tires slick from too much swerving?

Once Again It's On!!! truth be told, first Lebron and Cleveland take over Atlanta and then Michael Keaton starts flexing?  it's tight in these hoods but we're back up in this piece!! spiritual significance in these operation?   please!!  work is put in..

Once again it's on!! we're struggling like Tiger Woods but we're trying to get on with life!!

It ain't over / the party's not over like Teddy Riley and  Guy /Jam For Me!! but the devil and his advocates promised there would be more toil and strife..

In a fight for my life!!  *My Technology*  might be an answer to the riddle...

Armed and Dangerous because I'm rolling with this good word and funky sound?  thought and fashion police accuse a brotha of rolling up with the Hazardous Material..

Beats and Rhymes? I've got plenty!! there's  Spiritual Significance In This Operation...

Just another brotha trying to beat the charges per crimes committed? please!! I'm scientific / universal!! I  studied The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space; moved beyond this nation..

What's the relationship? the drama is local, national, international and intergalactic!!

I wasn't playing with them!! there's spiritual significance in this operation!! with this breakbeat science? we'll rebuke a fanatic!!

Check Out This Spiritual Significance Mix by The Brotha O!!!

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