Saturday, July 25, 2015

The I-20 Chronicles: Rolling On The Train Of Thought

We're rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the Buick, but my mind is wandering, so it's like I'm riding the train of thought..

Who'll understand a bruh? I'm not acting brand new with it, for those that are wondering about this Sonic Assault..

The good word is dropped plus beats will thump!! not acting brand new with it like different tones promised by Donald Trump!! 

What occurred? in some of these zones? no justice, no peace!! from Ferguson to Baltimore on down to Charleston we're still trying to get over the hump....

In some of these zones? *It's Getting Hot In Herre* but not like Nelly was saying!! per global warming Al Gore told you about it..

In some of these zones? per Piedmont Park Ice Cream sampling in 90 degree weather a brotha can tell you about it..

Others will doubt it when O-Zone waxs poetic but he ignored them, plus O-Dog was Wu-Tang Clan Cream sampling!!. but haters say he has Hazardous Material...

Poetic justice is handed down but not per Jamie Hood!! this game is good!! I told them to "Stop Chasing,  they can't catch what they can't understand" what we have is spiritual..

That's per moving at a High Velocity, like us dipping down I-20, the train of thought is rolling!! dipping through the hood!! the  Old Fourth Ward in Atlanta, who'll understand a bruh? I had to let go of the distractions!!

While Carolina Cruising last weekend I was chilling in the old Fourth Ward of Charlotte; the Bible Belt? I was in the heart of it!! not distracted by Hillary Clinton e-mails or Donald Trump tall tales, I limit my interactions!!

Winning? Losing? I'm adjusting sails on the vessel per this Mystic Voyage, as this train of thought keeps rolling!!

Entering attack zones, but fired on by security aka Stormtroopers and Hunger Games Peacekeepers while riding through this city showing no pity!! but were *Armed and Dangerous*  as O-Zone has this prose; beats? O-Dog loops them, this is how we roll up in this thing!! 


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