Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Trying To Do Too Much PT.2 (The Saga / Struggle Continues)

Reality is taking you through this and that!!  plus flagrant agents were trying to sabotage operations!!  fouls are flagrant JR Smith style!!  rules from the Geneva Convnetion were not followed?

*Knockout Message*  delivered by Reality , Real Deal Holyfield style?  that's why the Kool-Aid is not drunk and the doctrine is not swallowed..

Obama delivered the message per the Iran Nuclear Deal, saying no mistakes allowed!! word from Eric B and Rakim when they Move The Crowd!! some of that old school hip-hop..

No fakes allowed!!! some of these folks are trying to do too much, as ear shattering gunshots exploded!!  this is as real as it gets!!!  like Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman we keep moving!!! we won't stop..

Knowing that "It Dont Stop"  the saga / struggles continues, as long as we're here on terra firma..

*All Up In The House*  with hip-hop, jazz, funk and house,  the brotha O-Dog is a blue collar worker...

Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to do too much, now when I'm out and about I go Dutch;  but per the Eurozone vs Greece the world is in a big mess!! is it  because they played around with the money?

Please!!  like 50Cent spending all the money things  have *Gotten Out Of Control*,  jokers are trying to do too much!! they even say this brotha is acting funny..

Jokers are trying to do too much!! they're trying to run me!! they want to see me fall off like Bill Cosby and Camille.

Jokers are trying to do too much!! when I was at the service desk returning bogus merchandise they wanted me to fill out a report!! they knew it was a shady deal!!

Others will beg, borrow and steal trying to keep up!! paying the price? soon finding out the sport is complex!!

Break a leg Hollywood style!! trying to do too much? the situation is foul, now caught up in the system / matrix!!

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