Sunday, May 02, 2021

West Coast - Deep Jazzy House Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues, errr wait! we’re in the midst of some Sunday Jazz!

Both follow the same principles, looking for the perfect beat like Afrika Bambataa is where you can spot a bruh chilling not trying to spaz!

Didn’t follow the so called invincible down the rabbit hole, jokers will catch a case like Trump insurgents 

Sliding through the portal knowing how the sport will go! dropping this good word and beats that bump is how we’re working this!

We're listening to West Coast, a Deep Jazzy House Mix (2016) by DJ Disma. 

Jazz dance? House music? this is how we’re doing it! Check out the playlist and the mix!!

West Coast:

01 - 00:00 Deep Active Sound - Oddity (original mix)
02 - 06:29 Aitra - Magnet Source (Deep in Calm & Hidden One Remix)
03 - 12:15 Chiffre 100 - Solmania
04 - 18:43 Fonka Delix - My Life
05 - 23:55 Bioground - We Are House (feat. Karlyn)
06 - 30:02 Groove assassin(ft tantra zawadi & dana byrd) - african sunrise(dj umbi remix)
07 - 36:34 The Timewriter - Revealing The Sound - Milton J
08 - 42:45 Evren Ulusoy & Sezer Uysal - Singing In The Bathtub (Soul Minority Remix)
09 - 48:30 Ross Couch - Last One Home - Spiritchaser Remix

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