Thursday, July 07, 2016

Dour Festival 2016 - Chillhop Selection [Chill / Hip Hop / Electronic]

Digital Crate Digging Continues, on a #ThrowbackThirstyThursday, so what's the vibe?

The system is rigging things up like the Clinton e-mail case, but we're on the case schooling the tribe..

George Clinton type of shenanigans tell the tribe's stories: the vibes stories enhanced in Dour Festival, a  yearly music festival in the south of Belgium, act like you know bro!!

We're dealing with Officer Flanagan type of shenanigans from Alton Sterling and Baton Rouge to Philando Castille in Minnesota...

We're dealing with the madness: act like you know bro!! now we're in chill mode checking out this mix...

Check out the playlist, we're not playing with this!! there's no information overload, like politics... 
▬ Tracklist ▬
0:00 Ta-Ku - Make You Wanna
2:29 Chester Watson - Dead Albatross
5:13 DJ Premier - Change
7:15 20syl - Bet Dap Goom Bown (BoomBap Festival)
10:49 Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo
14:43 Gramatik - In My Hood
17:12 Chester Watson - Picbascassqui
18:21 Mobb Deep - Give Up The Goods (Just Step) Ft. Big Noyd
22:22 Ta-Ku - Fairy Tale
25:43 Chester Watson - Phantom (Prod. Sammsonite & Stricknine)
27:58 Mr. J. Medeiros - Constance

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