Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Insight - Deephouse Lounge Mix (Full Mix)

It's going down!! oh yes!! you're in the midst of the #HumpDayExtravaganza...

It's going down!! breakbeat science is dropped, it's a big world; somebody might understand a brotha...

Sonic / spiritual excavations take place per Digital Crate Digging; oh yes!! it continues!! the right vibe is created!! O-Dizzle rocked..

Hard hats with the lanterns on top are worn like miners in Kentucky and West Virginia! lime green safety vests are rocked...

Spaced out like Saturn but the mothership has landed; due to intergalactic insights gained earthlings will get rocked...

DJ mixes are clocked, DJ Disma dropped Insight - a Deephouse Lounge Mix (Full Mix); check out the playlist and the mix,  the culture is not mocked.. 

01 00:00 Solar House - Groove Me
02 05:54 Doomwork - Macacos
03 10:00 Laid - Punch Up
04 14:52 Belladonna - Grand Groove
05 19:35 Mario de Bellis - I Can't Control This Feeling
06 24:16 Scope - Magic
07 31:56 Jazzloungerz - So Lets Go
08 36:33 Matt Masters - Deep Or What
09 43:15 South Of Roosevelt - This Is How It Is
10 47:49 Dubacid - Beat Pharmacy Deep
11 54:40 Hitch, Uner - Wolverine

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