Saturday, February 25, 2017

Chillout & Soulful House Mix : Deep Illusions

Digital Crate Digging Continues; I like to call these editions during this timeframe Saturday Night Fever..

No John Travolta dance moves or BeeGees talking about Staying Alive, even though staying alive is one of my missions; that'll frighten an under achiever...

High voltage sounds? we'll come with these!!  please believe me it's no jive!! it's going down like this!!

Chilled out / soulful sounds on a Saturday Night  so we can get our minds right? it's going down like this!!

The Chillout and Soulful House Mix : Deep Illusions courtesy of    LTB Music  ; check out the playlist and the mix..

Shady deals out here? we keep rolling dealing with the chaos  / confusion; we kept moving, not trying to get caught up in the mix.. 

 Tracklist :

1. Moon Boots - Gonna Give It
2. Magic Surfer - Queen Of The Night
3. Evock - Set It Out
4. 5 Reasons feat. Shalina - Cloud Romance
5. 5 Reasons - Shine For Me (ft. Vijee)
6. DJ Moar - Rakim X Chagrin d'Amour
7. Midnight Mystery Club - Calling Me (Pioneerball Remix)
8. Maxi Priest - Close 2 You (FGD Reconstruction)
9. Nika Bliadze Feat. Zviad Bekauri - When The Light Found Me
10.Catching Flies - Quiet Nights (George Kartsy Remix)

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