Thursday, July 06, 2017

♫ The Finest Soulful & Beach House Vol. #5 Mixed by DJ Groove 2017 [HD] ♫

Digital crate digging continues on Throwback Thursday; of course we keep our eyes on the future..

Digital? analog? cassette, vinyl, MP3?  we play all formats, par for the course; we're not acting brand new with ya..

Retro-futuristic, going back and moving forward!! something new around the corner? oh yes!! it keeps us motivated..

Going ballistic? firing missiles like North Korea? Trump retaliating? the foul keep hating! check the style I wasn't relating! I've been paying prices that should be prorated!

Going ballistic? no issues debated! beats thump per ♫ The Finest Soulful & Beach House Vol. #5 Mixed by DJ Groove 2017 [HD] ♫ 

Check out the playlist and the mix!! HumpDay Extravaganza style even though it's Throwback Thursday! staying in the groove! is how we'll play!! 


01. (00:00) Boulevard - On My Own (Island Groove)
02. (07:15) Kandi Kids - Hed Fantasy (Soulshifters)
03. (12:28) Raoul Kahn - Thinking About You
04. (19:45) Joe Calabro & Pepper MaShay - I Want You (Joe's Classic)
05. (26:16) Rony Breaker feat. Jay Sebag - I Feel Loved (Ashley Beedle's Vox)
06. (34:20) Sonny Fodera feat. Yasmin - Feeling U (David Morales)
07. (39:56) Scott Wozniak - Evermore
08. (46:10) Discorocks - Midnight Man (Rafael Yapudjian Vocal)
09. (49:04) Deepstar feat. Donna Allen - Sugar (Vocal)
10. (56:51) Bob Sinclar - I Feel For You (Disco)
11. (56:51) Babert - Glow Of Love
12. (56:51) Pitto - You

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