Saturday, December 16, 2017

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 115

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday Morning, but the vibe can extend to other timeframes..

Plus the saga / struggle continues!! ‘buking and scorning continues!! plus types like  the GOP and their tax bill continue playing mind games..

Cleaning the lenses plus adjusting the frames on my glasses so I can peep game!! a different vision is used while sipping on my morning coffee…

Observing the scene; soon ready to roll, I’m on my way!! not asleep in the game!! how was I living / what’s the strategy?

Going off will be the strategy, but in the meantime and between time I strategize!! cooling out / chilling out listening to Smooth Jazz Session Mix 115..

Holla at me!! check out the playlist and the mix courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power as we’ll keep on pushing pursuing the prize until the last hour!! soon on the scene!!

1.Norman Brown -Up and at Em 
2.Oil Silk ft. Cindy Bradley – Tokyo
3.Down To The Bone – Space Dust 
4.Norman Brown – Remember Who You Are ft Kirk Whalum 5.Relaxing Jazz [Ragan Whiteside – Mystic Vibrations] ♫ RE ♫ 6.Vibes Alive – Lunch Truck 
7.Late-Night Romantic Lounge [Marc Hartman – Hearsay – Late-
8.Night Romantic Lounge [Marc Hartman – Hearsay 
9.Kim Waters – Slow Role 
10.Joe McBride – Keepin Real 
11.Down To The Bone – Il’l Always Hold You Close[] 
12.Brazilian Jazz [Jazz Juice – Atravessar] ♫ RE ♫ 
13.Acoustic Alchemy – The Panama Cat

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 115 | Whats Really Going On?

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