Sunday, April 22, 2018

Chill Days | A Lovely Chillhop Mix

Sunday Jazz Continues!! jazz and Sunday go together on this day of reflection / internal inspection...

The saga / struggle continues of course; damn!!  paying the price based on what's earned; what was you expecting?

No respecting while down here on terra firma, one thing I learned?  there's always one thing or another...

Disrespecting the business? burners lit up the Waffle House in Nashville!! watch for another!!

All up in the house with the real!! watch for a brotha as we listen to Chill Days | A Lovely Chillhop Mix

Check the playlist and the mix!! it's courtesy of LTB Music, it's conducive!! breakbeat science we kick..

00:00 Koresma - Bridges

03:42 Lakey Inspired - Doing Just Fine

 06:32 Julian Avila - Beachfront

 09:32 The Beatknitter - Days Off 

13:05 Julian Avila - Solo

 16:08 Julian Avila - Inspired 

19:24 - Losted Love

 21:42 The Beatknitter - Level Up

 25:05 Lakey Inspired - Me 2 (Feat. Julian Avila)

 28:10 ES.CE - Crossed Out

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