Friday, August 10, 2018

City Heat - Deep Jazzy House Mix (2018)

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we get retro-futuristic on a Flashback Friday..

We're playing it another way, going back and moving forward when we let the music play...

A retro-futuristic mystik that who jokers thought missed it, but I was so far ahead I came back behind them..

Going ballistic in this spiritual warfare, but drama is not revisited like family reunions per the upcoming Labor Day Holiday; drama queens and kings?  that's where you'll find them..

Leo sun rays blind them and those that didn't have their shades on, out here in the city heat / 90 degree Atlanta weather..

The music plays, rebuking them and those who try to throw shade on the program!! we're listening to DJ Disma's mix called City Heat - Deep Jazzy House Mix (2018) check the playlist and mix to see what it do!

01 00:00 Cucumbers - Dont Wanna Be 02 03:30 Harold Heath - Green Light 03 09:09 Luvless - Balance On a Beam 04 13:28 Sesion De Los Flores - Out of Nowhere 05 18:30 Saine Tenfold - Bbusiness Hours 06 24:59 Katrin Souza feat. Lena Grig - I Lost My Way (Vocal Mix) 07 27:46 Dirtytwo - Time & Space (Enter The Void Remix) 08 32:42 Lazare Hoche - Luv Thang 09 37:16 Solar House - Paradise 10 43:46 Daniel Leseman - On The Fritz 11 49:28 Self Explanatory - Penumbra

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