Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Smooth Jazz Session Mix 136

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza segment; my constituents are eligible for it!!
The saga / struggle continues on a rainy night here in Atlanta, we’re dealing with it…
Chilling with it, menus adjusted even the drop down one; soul food? we’re dropping it son..
What’s up with it? menus are full of this soul jazz / smooth jazz, consider this a nightcap, that’s what’s up son!!
What’s up with it? we’re listening to this Smooth Jazz Session Mix 136, courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power..
DJ Equip Mode is the sound selector, much respect to a bro!! check the playlist and the mix; appropriate for this hour..
Track List:
1.Antonio Jackson – Grover’s Delight
2.Lin Rountree – This time around
3.Gregory Goodloe – Stylin
4.Gino Rosaria – Night Groove
5.Lebron – say you will
6.Brendan Rothwell – Keep on keepin’ on
7.Jazz Funk Soul -Room W Vu
8.Will Donato – Infinite Soul
9.Brain Lenair – Get your groove on
10.Jason Parra – didn’t see it coming
11.Ami Nakazono – Chillout

12.Brian Culbertson – The Journey
Check this out at Smooth Jazz Session Mix 136

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