Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Sport Is Complex

Please!! it's like the drought in California...I had to tell homie!!!  "it ain't nothing nice" ..the sport is complex! 

Like Obama and the NSA I realized that its on me!! nobody else would know what it do!! so now I come with the next! 

....Might show some how to escape..they're caught up in the system / matrix! 

Like nuclear inspectors in Iran they might even be on the outside looking in! jumping and recognizing that some of these jokers are faking it! 

We're in soul's kitchen baking it!! this nutritious meal!! rebuking meals prepared in hell's kitchen! 

..seeing how another roles in this sport!! when fouls are called?  they're moaning and bitching! 

..or bitching and moaning...what's really going on?  thought and fashion police were bait and switching!!  check out the entrapment! 

ATL rappers were wet and dry snitching! talking about how
things in the trap went! 

We might drop 54 on them like Kevin Durant!! but nobody claps for us even though were back with it!! please!! nobody was checking for us! 

Reality pimp slaps a fool ...Mr. T said he pitys the fool!! ..the sport is complex!! but some know the kindred spirits are connecting to us! 

These epiphanies are put on the clearance rack!! letting these rookies know the sport can get complex! 

Its rough out there!!  its a cold world!!  minus the Alberta Clipper and the Polar Vortex!

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