Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Reset Button / Default Settings PT.6

The saga / struggle continues: but God is good, a breakthrough will occur:  I was able to hit the reset button...

Paying the price / paying dues: no stimulus plan from the European Central Bank, even though O-Dog will make sure that the funk stanks; swinging the Sonic Blackjack at a punishment glutton...

Paying the price / paying dues: the jury is still out deliberating!! will there be a guilty charge per Oscar Pistorius? 

How are some these jokers playing? it *ain't nothing nice* like Stephen Curry dropping 40 in his home town of Charlotte, so who's in the heart of it? out there where the storm is?

The eye of the storm is not a comfort zone; a breakthrough occurred so now the reset button is pressed by O-Zone!! now he's back on default settings!! once again it's on!!

The lie was told to comfort some!!  how did that work for you? the truth? some are disputing like Vladimir Putin vs Turkey buying oil from ISIS, so what's really going on?

Letting the hustlers hustle and the players play;  during the ongoing crisis? Gamblers Out For A Fast Buck were doing what they do.

Mental muscle was exercised so now whats up? I was able to hit the reset button, now I'm back on default settings even though ramblers off at the mouth asked me who'll trust you? I was like who'll trust them!! watch how these folk play, they'll shoot up the spot like in San Bernardino!! act like you knew.

Recognize the pattern, see what's up daughter / son!!  see what it do!!  like the old school Baptist preacher would say govern myself accordingly.

Reality was bruising and  battering these constituents plus Secret Service couldn't guard us!! my steps? per the GMWA Woman Of Worship God will have to order those!! this dude is knowing where the border will be.

Fantasy / Reality Mashups by this  mystery unraveler will have me knowing what order things should be in, the pattern.

Now I'll *holla back atcha*  after hitting the reset button; now I'm back on default settings, soon rebuking a punishment glutton..

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