Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Doing The Math / The Aftermath PT.8

Back on the set again after a brief hiatus due to I-65 / I-75 escapades, now we're exposing charades by  good word dropping and beat breaking. 

Back on the set again after a brief hiatus!! doing the math,  then checked the aftermath!! from Vine Street in Cincinnati to Candler Road in Decatur  constituents were visually shaken. 

Going down that path like Congressional members at the Mexican border meeting opposition; like at the 9 to 5 break room the machine is out of order!!  some were breaking north,  others hunkered down like the homeless underneath the overpass on President Street in Savannah.

Feeling the wrath? executed by Oliver North Iran Contra to the NRA types with supremacist hypes given a pass?  the President' s discrete with it understand a brotha? 

Back down  here on I-20 in Atlanta,  but the drama goes down from Iran to North Korea to even Venezuela with visions of John Bolton pulling a bold one. 

What?  the coup or caper,  meanwhile my constituents are trying to recoup the money or paper in this so called robust economy; they're  trying to fold one. 

..or two or a few; it's rough out here so what it do?  maybe they'll want a fistful like Clint Eastwood

So what it do? damn!! I thought I told you it's rough out here!!  it's famine or feast in the hood. 

So what it do? damn!!  please!! we're trying to come back like Tiger Woods but from the West End of Louisville to the West End of Charlotte and Atlanta  it's tight in these hoods!!  but we'll proceed and continue. 

Doing the math;  what's the aftermath? so what's good? per our Terrible / Terrific Tuesday format where things can go either way we'll put this good word and the sound on the menu.

Doing the math;  what's the aftermath? per this New Moon Solar Eclipse we'll get breakbeat scientifc!!  still writing these notes and quotes laying it all out!! still enlightening the masses out there where hopes and dreams famished!!  even though goods were damaged we kept praying , now we're going all out.

Doing the math; what's the aftermath?  prayers and actions were the reactions to the ongoing chaos and mayhem!! while naysayers interactions sowed confusion we told them to quit playing! we're going all out!!

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