Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Oh!! Ain't That A Shame!! Sorry! (Part Six)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this HumpDay Extravaganza edition where we're still out here trying to get over the hump! 

The saga  / struggle continues as life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; we're still broadcasting live and direct from our remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta, communicating with this good word and the sounds that'll bump!

At the moment emphasis is placed on this good word rebuking naysayers shouting ain't that a shame sarcastically as we proceed and continue to go through it! 

The evil opponent will dis us but we're hip to that type of business similar to Joe Biden catching the blame for the greedflation strategy used by corporations, as me and my constituents go through it!

Ain't that a shame was heard from naysayers even though the brink of failure / disaster was now here!

Ain't that a shame, sorry was heard after the drama unfurled; the brink of laughter from those not playing fair?

It's all game was mentioned by Brotha O earlier as seasons  / reasons change per the Fall Equinox maybe times cold breeze will hopefully cool things off.

It's all game like Trump scamming with his frauds! some will hedge or pivot like they never have but their timing is off!

It's all game but something was off out in those backwoods of Kentucky; jokers were smoking backwoods plus ain't enough whiskey was shouted by dude! he said it with a devil's smirk!

Drunk;  damn! ain't that a shame was heard from his compadres, dude said he felt like his head was decapitated!

Complacent goodbyes were heard, along with ain't that a shame! but what about work?

Didn't go the next morning! oh! slacking like Mitch McConnell in Kentucky? ain't that a shame, sorry! that dude was sorry heard snoring in a shack that's dilapidated!

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