Sunday, October 01, 2023

Oh!! Ain't That A Shame!! Sorry! (Part Seven)

 Started writing this poetry on a Sunday morning, it's a sacred time but the science dropped is appropriate for any time period.

Insights revealed that its rough out here, but naysayers we're shouting oh! ain't that a shame! sorry! when they see us going through it!

Brotha O was already telling folks it's rough out here and believe me my people are feeling some kind of way! the chaos and confusion will not awaken innocence.

Brotha O kept it moving  / kept on running even though it got lonely out there! naysayers were heard saying ain't that a shame! I was approaching that final exit, knowing there's still no benevolence!

The devil was in the details, along with his advocates! like Trump trying to get the GOP to shut down the government so his investigations would cease I spotted that joker out there with a sly grin.

Hoping one fails, so they'll be barred from the premises/ kingdom! he didn't want you to be great / didn't want you to win.

Tipping the scales, the arch nemesis was already on the premises laughing, sarcastically saying ain't that a shame!

Telling tall tales making empty promises like a Kevin McCarthy politician  threatened by Matt Gaetz with both of them  out here talking a good game!

Like a true player they're heard saying they'll deliver, soon souls quiver along with bodies after listening to Careless Whispers.. Wham! with George Michael but y'all should know how it go; damn! soon hormones are activated.

But due to discouragement plus others throwing salt in the game heard saying ain't that a shame some had doubts, due to craven whispers?

Who am I? they wonder, especially after seeing their endeavors going under they start thinking that they're hated.

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