Friday, October 25, 2013

Its Rough Out Here PT.3

So whats up? I guess I'm sounding like old vinyl skipping or a CD that repeats! 

Grounding myself after flying;  crash and burn?  letting the masses know its rough out here!! the cliche / slogan / catch phrase?  a dude repeats! 

Grounding myself like an old Boeing 747;  whats up man? the mothership has landed on earth where brothas are taken for granted!! check the attitude out in these streets! 

Its rough out here!! but moves are made..but like Obamacare were damned if we did or didn't !! we didn't stop / didn't quit it!!  as history repeats! 

The apparatus alt shift deletes or even hacks the system like the health care website! 

Check the status; Dick Cheney's heart hacked?  as we play this like Spider Man..making sure the web is tight! 

I know that's right said old girl as she smoked her last Newport!!  then threw the green pack on the ground! 

....along with losing lottery tickets; its rough out here!!  were in the thick of this!!  but still trying to put it down!

So whats up?  its rough out here!!  like Boko Haram vs Nigeria; don't let anyone tell you that its not heard!

So ruff so tuff like Roger!!  heard a joker say its all gravy baby!!  but check the mass hysteria..that's part of the scheme or plot! 

A LA Dodger will tell you the whole game is shady after being knocked out by the St Louis Cardinals!

Will they beat the Red Sox?  hustles?  the system knocks..I spotted  ATLiens dipping in Dodge Chargers!!  making shady moves ...they were even trying to start with us! 

Like NSA spying on France and Germany Nathan Shady Deals were perpetrated!!  agents of Dodge City even try to charge us with infractions! 

The sheriff and deputy even tried to get with me!!  but check the diplomatic immunity in the interactions!

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