Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Pandemic / Epidemic

Dropping this breakbeat science;  the good word and brand new funk...its like an epidemic! 

..Or maybe a pandemic when this Pan-African-American kicks it!! from Africa to America with a one way ticket...a pseudo / intellectual academic?

Transmitting Live from Atlanta....where the Koch Brothers try to influence the school board....whose on one accord? maybe even sick with it / slick with it?  like dude pimping through in the suede Stacy Adams shoes? 

Please!! I'm trying to survive!!  brothas are gonna work it out per Willie Hutch...but its rough out here!! maybe somebody understands a bruh who overpaid his dues!! 

....realizing "everybody ain't able" to grasp the conceptual baton when its passed in the relay race! 

Was I dipping like Usain Bolt? ...all about the truth...heard what a crook pain is felt from the lightning bolt!!  at the end of the day jumping and recognizing is of grave importance! 

We checked the play;  knowing how this sport gets...I told you!!  its rough out here!!  but check the vertical jumping like Michael Jordan back in the day!

Rocking the Jumpman23 shoes...doing the knowledge!!  who will work with a bruh?  another devil just gets back in the way!

Whose knocking the hustle? you'll get jumped man!! acknowledge that the drama can go down anywhere...

Local national international intergalactic...whose acting erratic when they go there? 

Whatcha know? whose acting irrational? like the NSA  jacking Google and Yahoo data..any information overload? 

Whatcha know? as we get with ya...its like a pandemic / we drop this breakbeat science...were in transition / transformation mode...

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