Sunday, October 27, 2013

Next Level Dramatics / They're Still Here PT.3

As we proceed and continue!! were trying to take things to the next level..but like Boston Red Sox obstructions we keep dealing with fanatics!

True indeed!  check the Total Chaos...were outraged by the destruction!! so whats next?  damn!!  now we have the next level dramatics! 

The next devil is acting up!!  knocking hustles was the he's recruiting like Al Shabaab is up in Minnesota! 

Devils advocates try to carry on the family business!! they tried to act like they know a brotha! 

But I know another is going through something;  sometimes its even in the crime blotter!

A brotha is even going through something!!  I'm all up in the spot!!  but there's no welcome back like Kotter! 

The schemer and plotter was easy to spot by a first responders in a lime green safety vest!

 They'll team up on ya!!  the arch nemesis is on the premises with machetes, knifes, and scissors..cutting safety nets! 

Trying to get their cream up!!  placing bets like Las Vegas or Atlantic City!

Check the next level dramatics...jokers tried to fake us!! plus there's no pity from the street committee!

Check the next level of fanatics rolling up...teaming up like the GOP vs Obamacare..

They're taking defeats...but vowing to fight back / come back like Skeletor vs He-Man...a validation of the foul they go there..

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