Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rules and Regulations PT.2

guidelines and procedures

The rules and regulations plus the guidelines and procedures were all wrong!! they were messed up.

Fools front on mine!! some even raid sacred grounds...please!!!! act like you knew...Mossad was already cutting up..told them I see you wouldn't want to be you!!! ...God protects mine!! without him we're messed up.

O-Dog will bring the sacred he get's down.. plus Diplomatic immunity is addressed up in this piece!! it's like at Gold's gets exercised.

BreakBeat Science is dropped..there's Spiritual Significance in this operation!! demons get exorcised.

Earthquakes in Chile dropped these and those...stressed structures and facilities..

What's up with these? the train of thought is I exercise my physical and mental faculties.

Causing a ruckus on the campus!! Howard U or FAMU?...spring break soon...Mrytle Beach or Freaknic in Atlanta? feel these!!

What's up with us? putting a stamp on these messages..sliding through passages and portals...Dark Mystery of Time and ecological ignorance..

As we deal with these and is put in..we fire up the atom smasher...."brothas gonna work it out" that's word from Willie Hutch.

But some end up being collateral damage; some how we manage..we come through in the clutch.

The old truck had a stick shift; who burned out the clutch? trying to dip.

The fast buck was a gamblers mission; not mad at them..I'm not trying to trip.

I'm not trying to flip out on them..doing what they do..govern themselves accordingly.

Who'll skip out on them? mortgages and rent was due..soon finding out where the border will be.

Out of order!! that'll be business as usual..per rules, regulations, procedures and guidelines.

Rules were messed up!!! now fools are messed up!! some were even smoked's ill in these highlands!!!

A fool stressed!! so I lie low in the lowlands..but still taking care of business.

Fools confessed to authorities; following rules, regulations, guidelines and procedures..but really showing ecological ignorance.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Visualizing The Sequence......As Usual..

Morale was low..I visualized the's all game when I peep this...spotted a Tsunami coming like in the my profile is kept low.

Fools were still rushing in..the system cold crushing that earthquake in Chile..but didn't feel me..said my style was slow.

I could see how it was a brotha is minding and tending.

Might have mentioned it earlier..O-Dog will work with ya..beat blending.

What it do? running in the street was sending some upstate or to cemeteries.

Meanwhile O-Zone flows down the stream of consciousness and it's tributaries.

Names in obituaries were familiar..back in the day they were a "player player."

Straight from the Himalayas!!! now thawed out!! the old school baptist preacher says a prayer.

Player Player!! like John Wall like Kentucky..but I see they took a fall..

Rise and fall..Just like Gov. Paterson in New York..meanwhile we're rolling..The Mothership is out of park..rolling up on y'all...

I even received a call..told me..we're trying to reach ya!! but they weren't getting a signal like The Mars Lander..

Wasn't deceived...seeing giants fall like Toyota..knowing how the sport will go..but they told me..we don't understand ya..

Visualized the's all game when I peep this...that's why there's so many layers to the's like a force field.

What's the prognosis? lethal weapons? lethal doses? reality will teach ya a lesson or we're forced to yield.

We were stressing!! backs against the wall!!! it forced us to build something.

God is blessing us!!! things got quiet..that's when He's up to something!!

Snitches were confessing!!! quiet wasn't kept!! now riding into an ambush?

Authorities were fishing for information...who had the rocks, meth or cush?

Territories were lacking transportation..even the Navy moved ships from Pearl Harbor..ahead of the Tsunami..but check this train of thought..but some are cushion provided.

Telling these transformation when good and evil collided.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Vibe........

So what's really going on? this brotha didn't like the vibe.

What's the deal in this zone? Mars retrograde in Leo..what's the deal? Saturn's in Libra..planetary alignments didnt like my tribe?

This scribe is a Scorpio..recognize how the sport will love shown...but we will proceed and continue.

Knowing the deal about chefs in hell's the drama unfurled....eating like whales at Sea World? I've seen the menu.

Damn Damn Damn!! in other spots some already had it made and didn't know it!! what they've been though should tell them!

....Soon caught up in the charade....taking Carribean trips like Charles their coping charades fail them.

Soon collaborating with the enemy strategizing..others remind me of a Quincy Jones song..."temperature's's not surprising" Sharpton vs Smiley..others tell us about the green grass.

Earlier I elaborated about astro turf; what's it all worth? more than what one already has?

This professor elaborated in classes and was revisited..NASA tries to go there..but I just got back from Mars.

Plus Pluto and Saturn..collected dark matter..recognized the pattern..on earth haters raised the bars.

Moving at my own speed...Dark Mystery of Time and Space calculated...collected scattered thoughts...mind was racing!! like cars at the Daytona 500.

Moving at my own speed..on I-95 on the way back from Jacksonville doing 100.

Rolling towards the A-Town.."You've Got To Be Real" Cheryl Lynn..but in this zone? the vibe isn't right.

Some are damning us if we did or didn't...some in the tribe aren't right.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Humpday Special Edition

Back in the house once again!!! it seems Mass Konfusion is the norm.

Once again it's on is the catch phrase!!! Toyota chief apologizing....tension rising..almost losing it during the storm.

Choosing it..the the dorm..I'm in deep concentration.

Is the mission impossible? check the upcoming bi-partisan summit ..are we able to meet our obligation?

Meanwhile...repossessions and foreclosures tell the story..they answer the question.

Repercussions of the karmic variety...looking for closure..curse or a blessing?

Percussions are the were blessing you with these discussions.

Concentration camps all up in this territory!! tasers shot..billy clubs swing..pistol whipped.. headaches due to the concussions.

Concentration camps like Nazi Germany; Russians; military bum rushing..extraordinary renditions in Poland or Pakistan.

From Atlanta Georgia to Georgia in Eastern Europe..any hope? so what's up man?

From the hoods of Louisville to Oakland..from Chi-Town to NYC..drama like Afghanistan.

It's real like that!!! hoods are like concentration camps...some might understand.

In previous episodes? a brotha lamps under Louisville street lights ...brothas dropped science I concentrate on messages.

Spread by street messengers..street code followed..insights O-Dog's songs have messages.

O-Zone aka the Hot Messenger puts stamps on messages like the Postal Service.

But in concentration camps? opposition is met similar to the homies in Cali that went postal at the church service.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Duct Tape...Or Maybe Super Glue..

Where's the duct tape? maybe the super have to have a heart when things fall the health care plan...even spotted Obama looking for it.

Escape routes are peeped out; low key when I creeped out..might land at night like the Shuttle Endeavour..but some said they knew how I operate!! the method!! now authorities are looking for it.

Tapes played!! blasted out of the hooptie!! whose looking for it? admitted...I'm on I-20 down in Atlanta.

Capers played out in front of me!!! similar to the pirates in Somalia.

....Or things get fouler!!! what's that smell? it's a construction site!! the earth was disturbed.

Beep Beep Beep!! tractor trailers back up!! backhoes and bulldozers dig it all up!! empty subdivisions everywhere!! the appetite was not curbed.

Back in business!!! the Cut Dog was curbed!! what was observed? haters tried to blow it up like the IRS building..hero? man please!!..devil opposed us!!! but now Moving Forward.

Rolling down I-85 in Atlanta listening to the Sanford and Son theme song on WCLK 91.9...Quincy Jones was on it.

Peeping game down here in Atlanta Georgia? were on it!! in a police state? like the Eastern European Georgia.

Russians and The French talk I'm peeping game ..watching hackers; what did those slick Russians and Eastern Europeans have for ya?

Hitting up the Bank of America and Citi-Bank without pulling a weapon!! just clicking mouses.

Meanwhile we hit you up with this stank!! the funky sound causing disco infernos..burning down houses.

Revolutionary feeling one arouses when I see things fall apart around me...where's the super glue...where's the duct tape?

Evolutionary processes were all natural..check the steady bombardment..funky is how the sound will be...fighting back in a corrupt state..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Crashing and Burning..It's Up In Flames!!!

burn baby's the disco inferno

Disco infernos? The roof is on fire!!! dude crashed the plane! the structure erupts into flames.

What will you learn from a bro? some said they're tired of corrupt ones playing games.

What did you earn from karmic repercussions? heard that blame is not assigned randomly.

What's heard? in the background? Rose doesn't live hear anymore? big homie on my street said the structure was evil....he tried to burn the house down...he said love abandoned me.

Victim of circumstances or by choice? the game went sideways...was it due to internal or external factors?

Might be both at these disco dances!!! some dancing with the devil..Swagga Surfin? feel the heat from the it Dante's...not the Down The Hatch spot in Atlanta..even though this city's full of actresses and actors.

What's the word dude? whose in the spot with the dagger..lurking?? you'll get hit up by Mossad...meanwhile "you ain't heard?"...I-65...I-75..wherever..homies driving the tractor trailer..eighteen wheeler ..showing road rage.

What's the word? hate seen..felt..and heard!! the game is old!! I had to turn the page.

Cold during the Ice Age; thawing out? punishment gluttons push buttons..turn the gauge..might even click mouses.

Now what's up with them? caught up in the disco inferno!! burn baby burn.. as some burn down houses.

Whats up with them? was it due to foreclosure? economic decision? meanwhile we bring the Sonic Assault...funk, house and disco is dropped. you can see...the train of thought runs off the rails!!! work was put in until we dropped.

The vehicle never stopped!! but it's not a Toyota!! but wheels came off!!! and I still heard the engine running.

Stopped by the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta..still heard them humming and bumming!!

O-Dog hip the funky drummer is drumming..Indian and African war drums.

It's the disco inferno!! smoke signals? feel these and those!! but it's not confused with smoke and mirrors!!! as another succumbs.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Machinery..

Heard the machinery running; it didn't sound too good; running kind of rough; collapsing like the Dutch government? somebody hit the reset button!

Whose acting brand new with me? already knew they were a punishment glutton.

Acting like they knew me; but pushing buttons, turning dials, and clicking mouses.

Litigation like Joe Stack and tax protestors? trying to sue me?repossessing cars and foreclosing on houses.

Nothing fair in love or war; Fair Tax like Neal Boortz? please! whose fair in these sports? the ongoing situation or status qou arouses revolutionary feelings that were dormant.

Caught up in situations where we need to let go! we were stepped on like a doormat.

A veteran now coaching; knowing how the sport will get!!! please!! you'll get hit up by Mossad all up in the spot.

They even rushed me!! caught me on the way back in!! they Became Suspicious..making it hot.

All up in my face!! faking a lot!! all up in the spot!!!like Republicans at the White House Summit..back in the day they played me the other way.

Mysterious with it; no apologies like Tiger Woods needed; I kept a low profile !!they didn't know how a brotha would play.

It's a dark mysterious world were slipping through; portals Im dipping through.

Dark mystery of time and space calculated; peeped game; what will the Machinery do? what would diplomatic immunity do?

Dark history calculated; studied after I dipped from the community was way too real up in Louisville!!

Dark feelings? misery loves company; now down here in Atlanta...rolling down Peachtree Street by the Five Points Marta Station..listening to the Delfonics...Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time!!.it's the real deal like Holyfield.

Darkness caused by the machinery malfunction; the grid acting up? what's my function..The Sonic Assault!! I had to put the hardhat on.

It's got the lantern on top!! my favorite catch phrase? once again it's on.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Blender

We're in a grinder; a blender; what will be the by product?

Good Word was in a binder; had a whole sack full; admitting that some papers were folded, mutilated; they'll break the machine!! check my conduct.

Finders keepers? Iran enriching uranium? losers weepers? conduct yourself in an orderly fashion!

Finding us with sleepers? Oh No!!! I went on with my bad self!! in an orderly fashion.

Out of order with the fashion! non descript jeans..button down shirt and K-Swiss shoes.

Wasn't big pimping; a player from the Himalayas? the system misuses.

No cruises like Smokey Robinson; thrown under the bus; it can be a school bus...short one..long one..or even public transportation.

Adjusting the way I do business; win or lose? some will give up; what's my public transformation?

Hoopties transformation into a Bentley? I dont know about that!!

Referees flow flags; illegal formation!!! calling a penalty for that.

What's up with that? any peace in the Middle East? stay one step ahead of Mossad..taking drama to another facade...this life is a mess.

All up in a blender; the message? we return to sender..didn't use Fed Ex or UPS.

Not letting fools stress me; they'll put you in a blender!!! but I stay connected to the higher power.

Diplomatic immunity is exercised; shielded on the frontlines of spiritual warfare; fighting on down to the last hour.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Damn Damn Damn!!! Like Florida From Good Times PT.4

Damn Damn Damn!! something has to give!!! I'm just waiting on a breakthrough.

Sounding like Florida from Good were we trying to live? where did the journey take you?

Listening to Good Times by Chic..these are the good times? leave our cares behind? please!! realizing that the system will fake you ..what's the direction? now we're stranded all up in the spot!!!

What it do? soon it's guilt by association! so what's up? was the package good for stimulation? for everybody it gets hot.

Al Gore mentioned global warming; some said it was a hoax.

What's the score? who tampered with the figures? I heard some brag and boast!

Scored points; once lamping with crime figures who are now upstate or six feet under.

Meanwhile the system anoints drama kings and queens..that'll just take us under.

Down under like Australia!! coping strategies fail ya!! found out things were bootleg.

Like flea market knockoffs, but Mafioso types will knock you off!! break arms and shoot legs.

O-Dog sparks it!! he'll rock!! Going Off on them!! with the Sonic Assault.

The Mothership? a brotha parks it on earth; Atlanta police try to put a boot on it!! hell is caught.

What was the lesson taught by reality? some will hit the pause or even panic button.

Some delay the inevitable; another acts frantic; they're just punishment gluttons.

Letting go of the losing propositions delaying my breakthrough.

Spiritual significance in these operations; like artifacts and Arabic inscriptions found in Jerusalem.. act like you knew.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Letting Them Do What They Do...

Please!! I ignored them..I'm all about Progressive Liberation...let them go on about their business.

Sharp words exchanged with some..the devil deployed them to the frontlines to spread ignorance.

Toyed with them; now trying to front on mine like it was nothing.

Quiet was kept; peace be still!! that's when God is up to something.

Some slept; said it was so peaceful!!! they said they were bored.

Some will get swept up in the fast break!! like old school Lakers Magic Johnson & James Worthy!! points are scored.

A step up? old school fakers past the torch to the new school..Get Ready like the song from Rare Earth!!...what are they on? said we were unworthy!!

Ecological Ignorance will alter the fate; what it do? now a shortage of rare earths....elements of the universe like Earth Wind & Fire..caused by an old or new fool? ..where are they?....who'll work me?

What's the environment? what it do? what's up with it? whose causing climate change? global warming? some said it was bogus.

Is it strange that we span the globe brainstorming? actually we span the universe..our approach to this!!

A veteran in the game now coaching this; breakbeat science is dropped.

Referees not throwing flags!!! defense encroaching on the quarterback is dropped.

Fire like The Ohio Players? we stopped, dropped and rolled like the safety rules said.

Players from Himalayas fronted! flaunted! like it was the ice wasn't caught out there like a Taliban commander..who listened to what those fools said?

Shadetree mechanics were told it's not safe to use those tools!! now it's like Tony Orlando and Dawn.

Yellow ribbons around oaktrees and on the back of Toyota Camrys and recalled.. please!! it's on!!! until the break of dawn.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Whose Trying To Keep Up?

They couldn't keep up with things; some won't seek re-election like Sen. Evan Bayh..joining others..why? next thing you know? they'll wanna blame Obama for it!!

Back in the day? told to keep up with things!!! might have to get your game on for it!!

They had a name for it! some call it's called hustling on the street..word from the Greek Drama on Wall Street? some told you; it's about getting your game on!!

Told to step things up!! turn on your swagga!! all the way up!! no geek drama!! no need to put shame on!!

Spotted old dude at the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta..holding court!! conducting classes!! said he would put the lame on.

The attitude? soon authorities in Fulton County were holding court; indictments they'll put your name on!!

Spotted dude on Boulevard in Atlanta..putting the flame on the pipe...soon out there...altitude, latitude, and longitude coincides with GPS? meanwhile I'm like Jason Bourne..I tried to stay off the grid.

Whose getting lewd, rude with the behavior? reached the glass ceiling..flipped their lid?

Tires skid in the hooptie; The Old Cutlass Supreme!! I had to getaway like Earth Wind & laying in the cut..I even took a loss.

No justice no peace!! did I ever have it? due to bad credit? hey baby!!! what was the credit score? I couldn't pay the cost.

What's the score form the all star game? D-Wade showed out!! so what's up with us? others front and floss..all I could do was salute.

Didn't try to keep up with others...didn't try to collaborate with the's like Comedy me it's funny..a real hoot.

Sometimes I participate in the madness; others times I'm not trying to play.

Survival is the key; otherwise? letting the hustlers hustle and the players play.

Arrival delayed; what was the atmosphere on this Turf? ...I see the wise and otherwise trying to keep up.

My train of thought is rolling!! a step ahead of those trying to creep up.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Damn!! Here We Go Again..Prolific With It..

.....once again? it's on!!!! liberation........

Prolific with this; Progressive Liberation...getting free and staying this point in my life? I had better be!!

Playing my position; doing what I do; meeting resistance like NATO from the Taliban...what's up man? not worried about those saying they're better than me.

Praying!!! That's The Way I Make It!! living this life? we better be!!! it's easy to go under.

Playing the field like Willie Mays...San Francisco Giant..defiant..seeing evil forces combine; they're recruiting; whose flag are you under?

Playing the field...Blood, Crip or, blue or black scarf under the Chi-Town, NY or LA fitted..committed..KKK still fronting with robes and pointed hats..first responders in Haz-Mat Suits...or business suits like Wall Street or Washington...

Playing the field...some give blow by blow calling a championship fight or an NBA game; what are they on?

Playing the field..playing it like a playa from the Himalayas..thawing out?...reality is giving courses..saw old dude from back in the day staggering down Bankhead Highway..38 in his pocket..under the lights.

Ran over by the Chevy Impala!!! Al Roker said the weather would get fouler!! at the baptist church the preacher read old dude his last rites.

Ashes to ashes..dust to dust; even the steel building will rust.

A brotha clashes with Titans; on the dollar bill? I see in God we trust.

Who else can you trust? The Mothership crashs and burns; the mechanic said he tightens screws ...but I didn't trust him.

Now what's the deal?...Toyota recall vehicles.. what it do? now Honda has joined them..

Now what's the deal? a brotha gets funky; smashs beats in the lab like they were atoms; they're broken...that's what's up with him.

The trunk will be rattling!!! things heat up; O-Zone answers questions that didn't answer themselves' that's what's up with him.

The funk will be scattering foes left and right!!! as we put this Sonic Assault on them.

Thoughts once scattering now more delays like Amtrak..the train of thought is rolling!!

Drama is can be anywhere..what it do?..act like you knew....ear shattering gunshots exploding on the frontlines.

Hopes and dreams shattering; structure corroding; as some front on mine.

But I continue going for mine!!! Ecological Ignorance didn't alter the fate... prolific with it.

Breakbeat Science is on the menu; asking, can we groove can we kick it?


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Damn Here We Go Again!! Needing To Let Go?

Mentioned favorite slogan here lately? it's damn here we go again!!!

Trying to get open; hatred was shown me and my folk; damn, it's on once again.

Strongholds get raided like NATO is doing the Taliban..please!! it's been this way!! peep game, recognize what it do.

It's not easy like Sunday morning; word from the Commodores; will Ecological Ignorance alter the fate? act like you knew.

Security heightens when we come through doors;trying to fly like an eagle..Steve Miller..but whose on the no fly list? similar to America's Most Wanted.

Shadetree mechanics tighten screws; wasn't Manny Moe and Jack or Mr. recalling vehicles like Toyota...

I see some fronted, ceilings present..some paid for it... it's just more drama for ya...

It's a Shady like Grady game we're caught up's like soaking in the grease.

Frying pan into the blood pressure is high...Damn, Here We Go Again..told them, we can't be at ease.

I felt the pressure; so what's up? no peace in the Middle East? please check the MidWest and Dirty South.

East and West Coast? machine tries to crush ya!! least respected stressed by a dirty mouth.

Machine will try to rush ya; I'm down south with Jed Clampett; please, I ignored him and Jethro!!

They ask me what's up with ya? I'm message sending..saw me put a stamp on it!! I knew they were fronting from the get go.

Needing to let go? this is February; the Age of Aquarius? plus it's Black History Month.

Needing to let go? said I was acting funny; contrary; acting nefarious; not feeling me!! is that what's up?

Needing to let go? but it's like..damn here we go again!!! it's on ...once again.

Needing to let go? that's why I give you this Good Word..O-Dog has the blend.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Operating At My Own Speed...

What it do? refusing to recognize the timeframes; might even holla at the Dalai Lama...operating at my own speed.
Confusing the masses? recognize the mind's going down!! true indeed.

Confusing with classes? oh no!!! recognize the pattern; Intergalactic..just got back from Mars and Saturn... seminars are conducted.

Using the drum; O-Dog smashs beats like atoms; breaking them up!! firing at those who are corrupted.

It's the Sonic Assault...check the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

Hell was caught up in the spot! up in the heart of it! most of the country is snowed in; how was you living?

I'm down here in Atlanta; ran into dude up in the old school Fleetwood Brougham..said he was parking lot pimping.

Ran into White Mike passing through Atlanta.from South Carolina..rocking the skully and Kansas City Chief leather coat on ..said he was trailer park pimping.

Do what you like!! word from Digital Underground!!! Shock G & Tupac..even O-Dog the chief rocker was spotted limping.

Bouncing through.. player player limping? please, I'm just from the hood..I walk like this.

Down south; but a midwest representative that's why I write and talk like this.

Watch your mouth!!! the wrong thing said? white chalk on the ground; crime scene tape up.

Going all out with this!! until the end of time..the caper is up.

Doubts about this and that? shape shifters cause deals to go sideways.

Doubts about this and that are erased; hit with flying is done in secret gardens and hideaways.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rules & Regulations...

I pulled out the rules book; Damn! Damn! Damn! something just ain't right....

...Word from Keith Sweat; some of these fools are crooked! but their game wasn't tight.

Songs from Blood, Sweat, and Tears provided insight; heard in the background "you make me so very happy"

.....I don't know...back in the day irrational fears were enhanced..still are...just because our hair was very very nappy!

.....I don't know about the rules & was put in....blood, sweat, and tears.....what it do?....heard some laugh at me!!! then change the rules in the middle of the game.

Heard and saw the math they had for me; Strange!!! word from Cameo..I Didn't Like It!!!...knowing them fools haven't changed...they're still the same.

Heard about the path they had for me; soon made into a scapegoat? so I can catch the blame!!

Heard about the wrath? the rage? Sonic Assault from O-Dog! if you didn't catch the name.

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch! for the game? the book of rules and regulations was ignored.

Defied authority ; already knew the story..not down with crooks and fools; word from crooks and liars..meanwhile we're rolling!! points are scored.

Check the territory were rolling in on I-2O in Atlanta; dressed in crooks and castles? .sounds blast when I ride through..listening to WCLK 91.9 FM.

Playing classic jazz; listening to Freddie Hubbard..that's whatsup with them!!

As I ask myself; whatsup with them and those? changing rules in the middle of the game.

Things are Shady Like Grady!!! ignoring those fools!! we realize that it's all game.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What The Business Is!!!

going in...taking care of business...

Retro-futuristic; from Little Stevie with the harmonica to Jay Electronica.

Spiritualist mystic; in the watchtower like Hendrix; how did others respond to ya?

What's with this? drastic measures taken by the hall monitor at the last hour.

Elastic, plastic; temperatures taken; it gets hot for drama kings and queens in their finest hour!!

Using mathematics to fight the powers that be; word from Public Enemy.

Fanatics will have us caught out in the reign showers; soon underwater...or maybe snowed in like the East Coast.. is it the end for you and me?

Fanatics befriend me like I'll go along with the program; but I act like I knew this.

Dramatics? what you see is what you get!! haters get hit up like it was Ray Lewis.

They tried to play me like Ken Lewis with the Bank of America; made into a scapegoat?

You'll be put in a trick bag!! word from Robert we fight back.. we'll take a beat and a quote.

Hard to throw it in the bag like Fabulous; bank notes due; check the rise in foreclosures.

It's hard out here for a pimp!!! word from Three Six Mafia..this brotha floats down the stream of consciousness...looking for closure.

It's hard!!! just for exposure? another will throw us under the bus.

School bus or mass transit; during this transit? no justice.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

.....Ain't No Love!!!

Listening to Patti Labelle "if only you knew, how much, I do love you"

....The message failed to reach the masses..for the cash it's like under the basket in a NBA game..some will push and shove you.

...Any love shown you? I see some try scaling mountains;Diana Ross said they weren't too high..others take classes..confused about things.

Winning or losing has the morale low; some are breaking north....doubting things.

Others said they were "bout it bout it"...old school like Master P ....from back in the day..said they're handling things.

Homie asked me; what it be like? told looked like some were handled by things!!

A fast fool eating fast food out for a fast buck gambled with things!! now the economy is jacked up.

Making a getaway in a fast truck; beep beep beep is heard as it backed up.

Up in the Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram? Toyota Four Runner? the shady and shifty have us in a jam; the madness never slacked up.

What's up with me? up in the lab!! breakbeats are tracked up.

Up in the spot!! San Francisco Giants t-shirt on, over sized Olympic gym shorts, with tube socks with the stripes on them like Dr. J and Majic Johnson and fashion points are racked up.

Work is still put in though; never slacked up; even though no love was shown.

I still proceed and continue this thing is full blown.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Art Imitates Life...

What it do? they say art imitates life..and vice versa.

What it do?..but they said I failed the I can't work with ya!!

No initiative shown? I dont know.ask the Who Dat Nation!!..what were they were looking at?

Situations are full blown!! going all out like The Who!! dinner is soon on...I'm all up in the kitchen cooking it.

Getting with you..O-Zone is looking at it with a fresh view...fresh vision.

Things play out in front of me... like a movie...sometimes they move me..whose in the Hurt Locker?.. or watching Avatar..3-D version.

Hollywood types play a role; who dat? what's up with that? in the spot wannabes tried to front on are they living?

Bollywood types? they were original players from the Himalayas!! but they say the ice is melting.

Hood type tax like the Internal Revenue? oops upside the head!! you never felt a thing.

Hood types contradict themselves; praying one minute, cursing the next, like they never felt a thing.

So what's next? a conflict of interest? who you rolling with? forces are combining.

In this jurisdiction? the conspiracy theory was CD's are burned...O-Dog was beat mining.

O-Zone is climbing out of the abyss...wearing a hardhat with a lantern on top.

Matchs held to start the disco inferno...Intergalactic..blasting off like the shuttle..see how a brotha do!! soon back to earth with house, funk is dropped, we came with the hiphop.

Fresh batchs are cooked..It don't know the struggle continues.

Art imitates life? recognize the pattern!! it's on different menus.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

New and Improved? Meanwhile We Grooved..

c'mon baby...c'mon baby.........

New and improved? please I doubt it..looks like the same old same old to me.

Asked? so now we grooved..we moved..this veteran now coaching...but the game seems old to me.

Playing it like a Toyota the service desk returning bogus merchandise sold to me..avoided the after Christmas rush.

At your service!!! you how to work this! but not irrational no saying the Anti-Christ was George Bush.

Ecological ignorance will alter the fate; dude had his business straight!! thought he was living large in the hood!! over in Decatur selling cush.

Other modes of transformation were Jesse Jackson Operation Push.

Mode of transportation is the train of thought..what's the rush? haters in cults have the leverage.

In the hood? some are in transition...on the Westside in Louisville, Nashville, Atlanta..Charlotte...Jacksonville..surrounded by churches and spots that sell adult beverages.

New and improved? wasn't moved!!! average's Im translating..playing it like Stevie...I Wonder what's really going damn self??

Some were pumped up like gas from Chevron; geeked up!! somebody told them to go on with their bad self!!!

What it do? we're playing it like Chinese Archaeologists finding dinosaur footprints..So we had to go to the shelf; pulled off jazz, funk, and soul; breakbeats were extracted.

Now these brotha are rocking it..not just local or international..Intergalactic with it..blasting off like the shuttle? extraterrestrials were contacted.

Evil forces combined; huddled like the Colts-Saints..contracted and sub-contracted..said they would get it done.

Of course things will be messy; but we fight back with the drum.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Soaking It All In.....

Taking a long walk in the Aquarian sunrays; letting them penetrate my aura.

What it do? any difference made like Jacksons? Maybe Tomorrow...

Pain and sorrow soon dissapates; earlier it was like one thing led to another.

Heard the cliche; one step forward and two back..word from a brotha!

Visions were revealed; the vehicle crashed after running off the road..all up in a hazardous waste dump.

Waters contaminated with oil, sludge; whose enriching uranium? whose now holding a grudge? like homie in the Chevy Impala...ready to dump.

But we work our way out of it; we're ready to hump; blue collar style.

Others were way out of it!!! saw what they would do for a dollar. ..playing the game like they're L-7 Rick James talked gets foul.

Whose gonna carry the weight? G-7 said the banks should..waste disposal companies and their trucks running out of dumps.

Whose gonna eradicate the hate? some talk out the side of their neck during the ongoing debate...perpetuating losing slumps?

A brotha jumps to conclusions; that this world is wicked; the defense attorney didn't have any closing arguments.

Mass Konfusion is the business as usual; all up in the heart of this.

All up in the spot!! peeping game..whose part of this and that conspiracy?

All up in the spot!! dropping the funk is my top priority.

Raiding the territory with the Sonic Assault; Breakbeat Science dropped by these altered egos O-Dog and O-Zone.

As we proceed and continue..please believe me..once again it's on..

Friday, February 05, 2010

Damn Damn Florida from Good Times PT.3

Damn! Damn! Damn! here we go again...Damn Damn Damn like Florida!!!

...from Good Times...JJ and Some are playing them..from Cali to Florida.

Bad-good crimes? Robin Hood...robbing from the rich? to the poor.

Bad-good signs? robbing in the hood? damn! we don't have anything!! economic reports give the score!

Check Standard and Poor...The Dow Jones Average..any leverage? doesn't seem to be.

Standing with the poor on the corner of 12th and Hill in Louisville ....drinking an adult beverage? that's what I see.

"What it be like?"...big homie asked me!! told him I' trying to do the "rope a dope" like Muhammed Ali.

In the A-Town!! but Louisville is always where home will be!! visualizing..up in the hooptie..cruising down Muhammed Ali.

What will the style be? understanding it...knowing the deally! heard what was sideways glances reveal the true picture.

The foul will be pushing their agenda; will the deal go sideways? understanding it..chefs in hells kitchen stir up the mixture.

Understanding the mixture that O-Dog brings? breakbeat science is dropped.

Understanding it? when O-Dog brought the funk, house, jazz....what's up? plus he hip hopped?

Understanding it? we're all caught out in the it the norm?the drama never stopped!! it kept going..minds twisted..due to ongoing circumstances.

Damn Damn Damn like Florida!! or Lord Help!!! like old dude said!! the Battle Cry!!! we continue to make advances.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Laying In The Cut...PT.3

Still laying in the cut! that's whatsup!!..I wasn't playing with them.

Praying for the corrupt plus check this funk were playing for them.

Told them what's up; authorities were laying for them..setting up roadblocks.

Please!! in these and those territories? come correct! all the funny business? the street code knocks.

Terrorist attempt the hostile takeover; security will lock doors and windows.

Fair with this and that? please! it's love/ war..the security cameras roll...others peep out windows.

Truth or dare with this? the truth game played? windows and doors of opportunity and losers line up.

Any care shown with this? Toyota will try to fix things..I don't know...please!!!..the game is shady like grady; do I need to put a sign up?

Heard the clock ticking; earth is quaking..times up!!! noticed that all the work is not done.

Somebody heard we were rocking it!! O-Zone works with this Good Word...laying in the cut out on Pluto!! .O-Dog works with the drum.

Down at the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta..jokers hum and bum..trying to hit a lick.

What part of the game was dude playing? said he was gorilla pimping ..might have to hit a trick!

I pictured it while I was laying in the cut..wasn't tricked by shape shifters.

This scripture and mixture is prophetic like Commodore night shifters.

Work is put in by these heavy lifters!! just minding and tending.

Still laying in the cut; dropping this Good Word and beat blending..

Monday, February 01, 2010

Preparations Are Made...

Preparations are made for the voyage.what's up with us?...ignored the NASA and the space shuttle.

Imperfections were accented; some try to discourage..I'll get scientific with them..while they're all up in your face in the huddle.

Scientific even if we're stuck like the Mars Rover...hard for some to get over..they didn't want to block for you; you'll get sacked..whose really running Florida?

From the Kings of Dade to The Kings of Duval, to the Kings of Leon: who'll open the door for ya?

All up in the game!!! they'll try to run up the score on ya!! Gainesville going off!! soon feeling the Tallahassee Pain.

All up in the game!! no shelter from the storm..they even harass me in the rain.

Not the last one to get on the train of thought; rode it to the end of time

From the Five Points Marta station to the Hamilton E Holmes station ..West side Atlanta...riding it until the end of the line..

Or I'm in the hooptie on I-20....heard "in a minute we'll be right on time" by the Brothers Johnson.

Flavor Flav stopped pimping? put the clock back on? I'm peeping game..I see how brothas are responding.

Transporting, transponding..even trainspotting; was the the pain rotting away at another's spirit?

Transcend and Transform? Jansporting..breakbeat science's full of this good word..english teachers wanna give me a demerit.

..or maybe even I act like I knew..and I didn't front.

They should act like they knew thinking a brotha didn't play his I didn't gather and didn't hunt...

..preparations are made...