Thursday, February 04, 2010

Laying In The Cut...PT.3

Still laying in the cut! that's whatsup!!..I wasn't playing with them.

Praying for the corrupt plus check this funk were playing for them.

Told them what's up; authorities were laying for them..setting up roadblocks.

Please!! in these and those territories? come correct! all the funny business? the street code knocks.

Terrorist attempt the hostile takeover; security will lock doors and windows.

Fair with this and that? please! it's love/ war..the security cameras roll...others peep out windows.

Truth or dare with this? the truth game played? windows and doors of opportunity and losers line up.

Any care shown with this? Toyota will try to fix things..I don't know...please!!!..the game is shady like grady; do I need to put a sign up?

Heard the clock ticking; earth is quaking..times up!!! noticed that all the work is not done.

Somebody heard we were rocking it!! O-Zone works with this Good Word...laying in the cut out on Pluto!! .O-Dog works with the drum.

Down at the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta..jokers hum and bum..trying to hit a lick.

What part of the game was dude playing? said he was gorilla pimping ..might have to hit a trick!

I pictured it while I was laying in the cut..wasn't tricked by shape shifters.

This scripture and mixture is prophetic like Commodore night shifters.

Work is put in by these heavy lifters!! just minding and tending.

Still laying in the cut; dropping this Good Word and beat blending..

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