Saturday, February 13, 2010

Damn Here We Go Again!! Needing To Let Go?

Mentioned favorite slogan here lately? it's damn here we go again!!!

Trying to get open; hatred was shown me and my folk; damn, it's on once again.

Strongholds get raided like NATO is doing the Taliban..please!! it's been this way!! peep game, recognize what it do.

It's not easy like Sunday morning; word from the Commodores; will Ecological Ignorance alter the fate? act like you knew.

Security heightens when we come through doors;trying to fly like an eagle..Steve Miller..but whose on the no fly list? similar to America's Most Wanted.

Shadetree mechanics tighten screws; wasn't Manny Moe and Jack or Mr. recalling vehicles like Toyota...

I see some fronted, ceilings present..some paid for it... it's just more drama for ya...

It's a Shady like Grady game we're caught up's like soaking in the grease.

Frying pan into the blood pressure is high...Damn, Here We Go Again..told them, we can't be at ease.

I felt the pressure; so what's up? no peace in the Middle East? please check the MidWest and Dirty South.

East and West Coast? machine tries to crush ya!! least respected stressed by a dirty mouth.

Machine will try to rush ya; I'm down south with Jed Clampett; please, I ignored him and Jethro!!

They ask me what's up with ya? I'm message sending..saw me put a stamp on it!! I knew they were fronting from the get go.

Needing to let go? this is February; the Age of Aquarius? plus it's Black History Month.

Needing to let go? said I was acting funny; contrary; acting nefarious; not feeling me!! is that what's up?

Needing to let go? but it's like..damn here we go again!!! it's on ...once again.

Needing to let go? that's why I give you this Good Word..O-Dog has the blend.

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