Monday, February 28, 2022

Raekwon - Mixtape (feat. Method Man, U-God, Ghostface Killah, Masta Killa, Cappadonna, Tony Touch)

omanxl1 posted: " Digital Crate Digging Continues as we set this Music Monday edition off on the last day of February! Black History Month is coming to a close even though black history is made everyday even though the devil will oppose but we already know how him and "

The Derailment (Part Five)

 There’s always something, reality will put you to the test! who’s passing or failing it?

Oh yes! the train of thought was rolling, but  setbacks / obstacles aka objects on track will lead to a derailment!

O-Zone? running / telling it on this Monday morning but no snitching is involved I’m just dropping breakbeat science even though the prosecution objects to these motions. 

Thought and fashion police will try to sanction us like Vladimir Putin but he’s supported by GOP types with his notions. 

Now a war has jumped off but not just in Ukraine; the situation? critical, even my constituents are in pain as they try to escape across the viaduct!

Check out the derailment, it’s wicked! check out these I-20 Chronicles, can’t ignore those on the Westside in Atlanta under the bridge down on their luck. Gamblers out for a fast buck aka these oligarchs worldwide took my constituents for a ride; possessing next to nothing? it’s worse than that. But I digress; now fighting back like Zelensky in Ukraine needing ammunition not a ride, through the portal we slide!! we’re out here dealing with so called authorities protecting interests that are corporate.

Trying to get the train back on the track but some will try to hold us back; check the crisis, initiated by a corporate CEO, A full moon pirate or a back alley / dark street crook!

Juxtapose them; a derailment coming, this New Moon in Pisces for them? the judge will throw the book.. them; but his train of thought derailed, the bench will smudge, white dust scatters..
..the judge’s drug supply fell out of the Bible that defendants solemnly swear on; damn! the judge a crook too? now he tries to claim justice matters.

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Freshly Squeezed Beats - Session #2 [Jazz Hop Mix]

Sunday Jazz in conjunction with Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Sunday afternoon in the ATL;  hope your having a good weekend!!

The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; we're staying strong, supreme courage and maximum is needed!!

Secret gardens are seeded, expecting a fresh lawn when spring comes, we're putting the work in!!

Still Sonic Assaulting even though we've moved on, this is the I-20 Chronicles now, reflecting this area in Atlanta where this work is put in!  

We're in the lab, coming through listening to these Freshly Squeezed Beats - Session #2 [Jazz Hop Mix]. 

Oh yes!! it's a good way to get your mind right so you can get your grind right!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

01 00:00 Substantial - No Turning Back 2.0 (Ft. Uyama Hiroto)
02 03:32 Marcus D - Elevator (Ft. Art)
03 08:30 DJ Okawari - Transparent
04 13:02 Uyama Hiroto - South Side (Ft. Shing02)
05 17:44 Saib. & Thomas Prime - Sand Castles
06 20:54 Substantial - Made In Maryland (Ft. Steph The Sapphic Songstress & DJ Jav)
07 24:16 Medasin - Coffee (Ft. Masego)
08 26:44 Granata - Tripe Soup (Prod. Phoniks)
09 29:46 AzMattic - Real Hip Hop (Prod. Jah-Dee)
10 32:00 Joey Pecoraro - Finding Parking
11 34:40 The Boombox Eulogy - Walking With The Dead (Ft. Raiza Biza & Miss Glue)
12 39:08 Uyama Hiroto - Minano Pride
13 42:40 Last BeNeVoLeNcE - Just So Hard [To Find Help] (Ft. Mega Ran)
14 46:06 GF Beats - Ask Your Friends
15 49:12 Shin-Ski - Rough Draft (Ft. Time Machine)
16 52:42 Cynic The Apache - Ham On Rye
17 54:56 Rythmatical - Drifting Through Winter (Ft. Illoquence)
18 57:38 Seneca B & ADMB - Passing Notes (Ft. Jay Squared)

Orlando Julius and Ashiko - Get the Funk

omanxl1 posted: " Sunday Jazz Continues; actually a little Digital Crate Digging is also involved! rocking a hardhat with a lantern on top, a lime green safety vest and steel toe shoes! Check these menus, brunch is served per these East Coast timeframes, we're broadcas"

The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling!! Ignoring T...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling!! Ignoring T...:   On this Sunday morning? the train of thought is still rolling, now that’s a blessing! Ignoring the distractions introduced by the devil a...

Saturday, February 26, 2022

The I-20 Chronicles Mission Statement

 Check us out as we change the game up, even change our name up! we’re going from the Sonic Assault to the I-20 Chronicles. 

Still kicking game up in this piece, the saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; check out these updated Book of Chronicles but we’re still digital crate digging launching Sonic Assaults against those responsible for these and those!

This is the mission statement, the saga / continues there’s no abatement plus it’s easy for the train of thought to have a derailment!

The mission? not late with it, right on time per the Brothers Johnson! we’re dropping this breakbeat science! this mission? we’re not failing it!

But what’s up with it? sometimes it seems the mothership trudged through the galaxy.

The hooptie/ mothership had lights blinking on the instrument panel plus it was marked by battle scars; society raised bars, they judged us as criminals with our vehicle out on I-20 in Atlanta involved in a getaway.. ..from behind internal and external prisons / bars; all about peace, we left places like Ukraine dealing with types like those Russians; we took flight to avoid war.. ..out by Pluto and Mars, intergalactic with it out by the starlight forest; success? not for us, we didn’t get far.

Check the status; what was the word from the apparatus? accept this! there could be no other, that’s what they tell me.
Then they holla at us / bother me / smother me with tales of a nuclear winter and other haunting winter melodies. Way way out there in natural studios as the echo / reverb from the urban / suburban and even the prairie atmospheres and all it’s dogs provided sound affects. Way Way Out There? oh yeah! per blasting off from our runway / gateway to the universe from out here on I-20 in Atlanta! earlier? downtown cutting the corner in the hooptie like the wind whistled around skyscrapers; one step ahead of authorities serving papers? oh yeah, there's no respect!

Friday, February 25, 2022

Defected Radio Show Hosted by Monki - 25.02.22

omanxl1 posted: " Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday, but Fabulous Friday energy is also recognized! The saga / struggle continues aka life goes on as the toil and strife goes on; we carry on, recognized? I doubt it, plus from here in Atlanta to U"

Intergalactic With It; The Mars Venus Express

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Intergalactic With It; The Mars Venus Express: It’s going down on this Fabulous Friday, I shouldn’t have to tell y’all it’s a blessing to be here! It’s going down on a Flashlight Friday, ...

The Derailment (Part Four)

 Damn! it’s off the chain / it’s off the hook / it’s off the rails from here in Atlanta to over in Ukraine!

Bearing witness to the derailment, the test? these earthlings are failing it, now many are in pain. 

Feeling this due to the derailment of my own train of thought, it's rough out here! per the public transportation / transformation I had to get myself together!

Plus O-Zone had to run and tell it per the old school Flashback Friday terminology; the rain / reign began with a drizzle check the inclement weather!

But it’s on! Fabulous Friday business is being handled due to it being a blessing to be here, but it "ain't nothing nice" ; O-Dizzle the minister of defense will weaponize the sound to accompany this good word being dropped! 

Keeping our spirits up, celebrating life even in the midst of the toil and strife!! digital crate digging continues, these dudes played it like the Funkadelic, they cosmic slopped!!

The madness? it hasn’t stopped! peace promised after the storm? hopefully calmed by the last drop of reign / rain? Train of thought derailing while repelling the negative invasion? my mind a gymnasium. Jokers kept playing, waiting in the dark? the light wrestled the dark in the shadows of regret. Jokers kept praying after thresholds were reached and the conditions were abhorrent.

Byproducts of the derailment, leading to the impairment but we’re getting over it!

My conduct / my assignment? not failing it, breakbeat scientific methods are used to get over with!

Thursday, February 24, 2022

The I-20 Chronicles (We Had To Pause For The Cause)

 Don't get me wrong; oh yes!! Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Thankful Thursday; but we’re pausing for the cause because we’re down for the cause; y’all should know the science, it’s a blessing to be here!

Throwback Thursday vibes are also exhibited as we drop this good word, as of course we take it back to the future / oh yeah, we’re going there!

Way way out there was the track dropped by O-Dizzle while O-Zone let you know the reign began with a drizzle!

It’s rough out here was also the science dropped; your dude can bear witness as it all falls apart / plans fizzle. 

Plus your dude can bear witness that the temperature is rising not just due to global warming; we’ll sizzle, but it’s still a cold world!

The attitude? some of my constituents know what the deal is per us spanning the globe brainstorming, especially after the situation in Ukraine transpired /  drama unfurled! 

The attitude? winds of change swirled around during the latest storm, some of my constituents will be late to the new norm. 

Not just concerning Covid 19 pandemics or Russian agressions;  it’s academic / fundamental some changes are monumental we’ll have to perform…

…utilizing new and improved methods, new / high technology, old ways decrepit! 

But not kicking all the old ways to the curb, the scene? we’ll observe; success? we’re ready to roll up in it!

Putting our minds / bodies and souls in it; spirited, if it’s on the one with God’s will he will bless it! that's his business!!

Me and the brother over in Decatur kicked science/ knowledge about letting God be in control; acknowledging that we shouldn’t stress it! y'all should know what the deal is!!

Classic Hip Hop - Smooth Instrumentals

omanxl1 posted: "  Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday, that's the kind of vibe exhibited! It's also considered a Thankful Thursday, it's a blessing to be here; being ungrateful is prohibited! Being hateful is also prohibited but some are a "

The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling!! Ignoring T...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling!! Ignoring T...:   On this Thankful Thursday where we recognize that it’s blessing to be here?  the train of thought is still rolling! Throwback Thursday sty...

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The Derailment (Part Three)

 We’re pulling up with another HumpDay Extravaganza, we’re just doing our due diligence. 

Trying to get over the hump? that’s the business, some will understand a brotha out here trying to make a difference!

We’re out here dealing with the belligerence, some of it leading to democracy’s derailment!

Naysayers claim this is borderline belligerence so I guess we’re fighting fire with fire; or maybe it’s like a doctor taking his own medicine. 

Unlike a drug dealer high on his own supply, then to supply chain members he’ll lie when the money comes up short!

Scamming like Trump and Devin Nunes with Truth Social? a bootleg Twitter? coming up short in the sport!

Leading to a derailment? I can see that train coming down the track, mentioned by Ed Garland, an attorney for Ray Lewis when he was in trouble down here in Atlanta. 

The derailment? I’m looking at it as Trump keeps criming with no consequences from Merrick Garland; but per these Federalist Society operatives there’s nothing new about this, I’m peeping game from way down here in Atlanta! 

Me? based on Louisville / Newburg Garland street default settings I'm not sleeping in the game, the train of thought is rolling but the situation is the opposite of an ivory tower resident.

Still working it all out, one step forward and two back; I’ve had a derailment or two, down here in Atlanta Georgia with red clay on my white Nikes, patience tested. Still working it all out, I even waited in the dark shunning daylight, chilling out listening to Freddie Hubbard's Red Clay accepting blessings of the night! Still going all out! the train of thought is rolling but being realistic, it’ll run off the rails leading to a derailment plus some aren’t right; spotted the devious smile, so I took flight.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022


omanxl1 posted: " Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday.  Things can go either way out in the fray but we'll pray then make a play / manifest the terrific outcome, then we'll let the music play! But it's easy to get"

The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling!! Ignoring T...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Train Of Thought Is Still Rolling!! Ignoring T...: It's going down on this Tuesday morning!! Oh Yeah!! Terrible / Terrific Tuesday is what I call it because things can go either way! we&#...

Monday, February 21, 2022

Funky Disco House " Funk Party 2022 " Original Mix by Philgood 5336

omanxl1 posted: " Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday; excuse us as we do our due diligence!  Check out the music and this good word which naysayers claim is borderline belligerence! They don't know what the deal is or they spout the pseudo intelligenc"