Thursday, January 31, 2019

It Was Way Too Real PT.7

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: It Was Way Too Real PT.7: What's the deal? it's way too real!!  the government shutdown is over but threats are made by Trump and Pelosi;  it's like the...

The Flow PT.8

What's the deal?  check the flow, damn here we go again!!  I guess since Super Bowl 53 is here in Atlanta,  these ATLiens were trying to get on that last nerve!!

On this Throwback Thursday? they're  bumping heads with this intergalactic brotha that consulted with aliens;  these wannabe macks and divas are out here trying to swerve!!

On this Throwback Thursday? check the flow, I'm taking it back to the future, trying to do the knowledge!! like Robert Mueller vs Roger Stone we're trying to observe the scene,  soon I'll be ready to roll.

Act like you knew a brotha!! O-Zone? I'll be on my way!!  my constituents know how I play /  they know how I roll.

On this Throwback Thursday? had a moment or two, so I do what I do!!  check the flow as these scriptures are written. 

On this Throwback Thursday? actually, on any day the evil opponent was still handling business so I can't paint pretty pictures like fellow poets who are smitten.

It's all love;  meanwhile I'm down in the low post where they push and shove like Joel Embiid and them.

...or maybe Hassan Whiteside;  for freedom?  we continue to ride!! my constituents?  I'm feeding them. 

...this soul food, like that spot in the hood; check the flow /  nutrition!!   not greasy like the fast food joints.

 So what's good? like the Trump endorsed Foxconn deal in Wisconsin plots and schemes are exposed using intuition;  a fast fool?  society anoints.

 Sarah Sanders said oil was spilled on Trump and them;  supposedly!!  but they're like the rest of the devils advocates opposed to me. 

Check the flow; understand a brotha,  saying toil and strife was the byproduct!!  but we'll get over the hump,  next level business is the conduct!!  that's how it's supposed to be.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

The Flow PT.7

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! we're down for the cause!! we'll bring the noise like Public Enemy

But sometimes silence is golden;  beauty beholding!! away from a private or public entity. 

Automatic pilots eroding the tranquility?  no justice no peace was the catch phrase. 

Automatic malice was exhibited by justice obstructers  / corrupters,  they won't let us enjoy these Aquarius sun rays. 

Moments In Life were mentioned by Byron The Aquarius, plus there's a Mercury / Sun conjunction in Aquarius  but the arch nemesis was on the premises!! around the palace acting nefarious with various ways and means to attack us. 

Opponents introduced toil and strife!! empty promises were made during the ongoing charade by these wannabe actors and actresses. 

'Just the facts ma'am"  was the request from Dragnet or types rolling like  One Adam Twelve.

No alternative facts per Kellyanne Conway, leaking talking the other way, so what will the response be? just the tracks man!! that was the request from our constituents!! now O-Dizzle will pull the funk from off of garage shelves. 

A dude goes back in the day; rolling sevens /  elevens and twelves in the crap game like it was Newburg or Victory Park up in Louisville. 

Rolling!!  exercising  power with that same attitude or intensity on another level;  that's the deal.

Check the flow, it's got to be real like Cheryl Lynn my friend; it's part of this HumpDay Extravaganza!!

Check the flow as we go for what we know; getting over the hump!! somebody might understand a brotha!! 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Glitterbox Radio Show 096 presented by Melvo Baptiste

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call my Terrible / Terrific Tuesday segment...

The saga / struggle continues, society tries to play us the other way; we respond with this Sonic Assault, rolling up with a regiment...

O-Zone rolling in a negligent fashion like Roger Stone? naw dude!! check the attitude; once again it's on!!

Danger zone residents are eligible for it; what? the drama!! the rude / lewd will attack with a drone or a clone..

Once again it's on!! we're chilling out on a cold rainy day in Atlanta, host of Super Bowl 53!! we're listening to the Glitterbox Radio Show 096 presented by Melvo Baptiste

Once again it's on!! the shady dealing out here is rebuked with the sound!! check the playlist and the mix as we get down!! feel this!!

01. Incognito featuring Jocelyn Brown - Always There (Def Mix 12" Mix) [Talkin Loud]
02. Bobby D’Ambrosio featuring Michelle Weeks - Moment Of My Life (Joey Negro Closer to the Source Mix) [Z Records]
03. Moon Rocket & Re-Tide - People Everywhere (Main Mix) [Soulfuric Recordings]
04. Chaka Khan - Hello Happiness [Island Records]
05. Hot Streak - Body Work (Vocal Mix) [Easy Street Records]
06. Bobby Thurston - You Got What It Takes [Prelude]
07. Melba Moore - You Got Me Loving You (Dr Packer Rework) [Epic]
08. Sophie Lloyd featuring Dames Brown - Calling Out (Danny Krivit Edit)[Classic Music Company]
09. Kelly G. featuring Aretha - Feels Good YEAH! (Kelly G. Little Louie Party Mix) [T’s Crates]
10. Gino Soccio – Dancer [Warner Bros. Recs]
11. Ann Nesby - Can I Get A Witness (Mousse T.'s Funk 2000 Mix) [Perspective Records]
12. Purple Disco Machine & Boris Dlugosh - Set It Out (Extended Mix) [Defected Records]
13. Damaris Carbaugh - What About My Love? [Columbia Records]

Kaidi Tatham - Your Dreams Don't Mean a Thing

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Kaidi Tatham - Your Dreams Don't Mean a Thing: Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; so named because things can go either way... Don't get me wrong; it&...

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Robert Glasper - Chant

Sunday Jazz Continues; we're chilling out with a smooth / chilled out / laid back vibe..

The saga / struggle continues; dealing with the uncouth, bad cards dealt by these gamblers out for a fast buck; the system paid back the tribe?

Government shutdown had my constituents suffering; plus websites were buffering after they were hit up by Wikileaks under Roger Stone's directions..

Loving the way we put it down? it's nothing, we're just doing what we do!! undergoing the winning and losing streaks per O-Zone's directions..

God is good throughout it all!! rolling up on these intersections after doing devotions / reflections while listening to this smooth track from Robert Glasper called Chant

Check out the players and the track!! emotions under control due to the smooth track!! grasping this concept before a hater circumvents..

Saturday, January 26, 2019

J-Felix - J-Freq

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday Night; this is the Saturday Night Fever segment..

The saga / struggle continues as we get breakbeat scientific; who'll holla at me? usually a non-believer, but I'll drop science, they're eligible for it!!

The saga / struggle continues; we'll make a break for it; what? the border, as funding for the Trump Wall is denied at this time...

But he'll be back for another episode like cartoon villains; game is peeped by these   Louisvillians / Louisvillains; meanwhile Paul Manafort and Roger Stone lied about the crime..

Check the mode, there's no shady dealing during this prime time venture; we're listening to some jazz funk from J-Felix with a track called J-Freq

It's courtesy of Tru Thoughts Records; let the records reflect there's no shady dealing during this prime time venture!! science is dropped but unlike Kellyanne Conway at the White House there is no leak..

Deejay 2MI - Jazzy It Up (Blaq Owl Broken Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday Night afternoon; I usually have an afternoon jazz thing going during this time period..

Doing my due diligence, holla at me!! trying to make a difference with a tune or two so my constituents won't spaz / get ill with it...

What's the deal with it? some of my constituents are probably feeling pretty good; Pelosi showed Trump what true power is concerning the government shutdown..

What's the deal with it? the constitution guaranteeing rights? please!! the devil will oppose you and me!! beats bump and we speak truth to so called power!! some are loving how we put it down!!

What's the deal with it? an institution will gaffle you like Roger Stone while your out here trying to play Game of Thrones; meanwhile O-Dizzle amd O-Zone will drop this Deejay 2MI track called Jazzy It Up (Blaq Owl Broken Mix)

Check it out, it's a broken beat / house music / soul jazz mixture, check the picture as we continue to get breakbeat scientific!!

Friday, January 25, 2019

The Flow PT.7

Check the flow, even Roger Stone can tell you the game was changing / concepts rearranging;  it's easy to lose yourself. 

Check the flow from O-Zone, Flashback Friday concepts exercised but like the government shutdown the blame was shifting from one entity to another; sharing the wealth? 

Check the flow;  even Ted Cruz was called out by Michael Bennett for shedding crocodile tears!! questioning mental  / spiritual health?

Check the flow as we win and lose; jokers ignored the Man in the Mirror mentioned by Michael Jackson!!  they went on with their bad self! 

Who's bad per Michael Jackson per that Flashback Friday concept?  morale was low!!  damn!! check the flow!!  excuse me but  I'm not a joker or comedian so they'll have to help their self. 

Who's rad? up in the action, after sending up a prayer!! this dude is moving forward,  on to the next!! damn!!  remnants of the past were leaving due to the ongoing changes;  it's easy to forget yourself.

Check the flow, as I be myself!! the cloth I was cut from?  a different one!! belligerence shown when I cut my losses? 

Check the flow, the broth or elixir was drunk by another!!  ignorance shown by the corrupt? they'll get schooled like Nancy Pelosi is doing Donald Trump;  damn!! even Jesus was nailed to crosses. 

Another was affected by coin tosses,  now circumstances will propel them into the future whether they were ready or not.

 The affect?  being built or torn down by debatable circumstances;  a nefarious scheme or plot?

The affect? Aquarius season has some acting "some kind of way"; check the flow!!

Respect? influenza season is here!!  some are sick with it like Trump vs Venezuela,  waving a stick at them!! check the flow..

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Glitterbox Radio Show 095 presented by Melvo Baptiste

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! what it do? This is the Humpday Extravaganza edition...

The saga / struggle continues, you should know the catch phrase by now!! getting over the hump is the business understand a brotha? that's how I'm living,,

Broadcasting live from a remote outpost in Atlanta, the other catch phrase used? let the music play!!

Broadcasting live, a good time to set off the O-Dog Day Party, early!! by now you should know how we play...

Forecasting with this good word, while we play the Glitterbox Radio Show 095 presented by Melvo Baptiste

Check out the playlist and the mix; it's all love not bitter though the ways of the world can make you that way; sometimes it's either famine or feats...

Carolyn Harding – Pick It Up (Roger S Anthem) [King Street Sounds]
M People – Moving On Up (MK Movin’ Mix) [Epic]
Crazy P – One True Light [Classic]
Qwestlife featuring Teni Tinks – Hit It Off (Late Night Tuff Guy Remix) [Glitterbox]
The Fatback Band – Backstrokin’ [Spring Records]
D-Train - You’re The One For Me [Prelude Records]
The Salsoul Orchestra - Take Some Time Out (For Love) (Dr Packer Rework) [Salsoul]
Yuksek – I Don’t Have A Drum Machine [Classic]
Donell Rush - If Only You Knew (E-Smoove’s Workout Mix) [ID Records]
Ralphi Rosario featuring Byrd Bardót – Bardót Fever [D.J. World Records]
Junior Jack – My Feeling (Kick N' Deep Mix) [PIAS Recordings]
Loleatta Holloway – Dreamin’ (Jazz-N-Groove Club Mix) [Defected]
Benita – Time For A Change [Athens Of The North]

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Flow PT. 6

Had a moment or two during the MLK holiday weekend, now check the flow;  I had time to  jot down these notes. 

Now it's Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, things can go either way; had to acknowledge evil is the opponent; like New Orleans Saints fans mad about a bad call plots and schemes to take us down are exposed in these quotes. 

Atlanta Falcons fans are glad the Saints are not marching in to the Super Bowl, but the New England Patriots are coming so what's up? check the flow, we kept rolling!!  these boats / ships set sail a long time ago!!  "its too late to turn back now"  

"I believe I'm falling in love"  like that pop song by the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose,  plus Pops wasn't wrong;  it's rough out here!!  check the flow as we determined the what /  when / where and how. 

My people falling, government shutdown taking a toll? some are heard saying wow!!  they're astonished,  after they were admonished. reality;  baffled after they were gaffled!!  that's what the style will be due to the empty promise.

Check the flow, taking notes!!  respected the elder that dropped knowledge, unlike  Black Hebrew Israelites challenged Covington Catholic MAGA students disrespecting  the Native American elder Nathan Phillips ;  the elder / old schooler Abdullah said as long as your on this earth something will catch up with you!!  

Check the flow, check the insights;  not faking with these quotes!!  something will grab a hold of ya!!  started writing this on a Throwback Thursday  but we're bold as it unfolds on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!!  we're batching up something fresh for you.

Check the flow; sonic assaults are unleashed by this dude who's hungry and thirsty!!  stomach growling while dipping through Clayco, also known as Clayton County;  my ATLiens already know what it is. 

...Usually out on I-20 in Atlanta but a dude is on I-75, off the leash!!  out here trying to handle his business. 

Some of my constituents are done with me like some are with GM due to racism allegations;  plus continuing situations /  episodes seem to disconnect me from my past. 

Check the flow; we're still out here doing it in breakbeat scientific modes!!  dropping this good word and the sounds will blast.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Afronaught - Vital Ingredients

Sunday Jazz err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues; check the Sunday Jazz / Afternoon Jazz type of vibe per this time period;  MLK Day has thrown me off!!

Just got back in the lab after I-20 excursions, swerving!! your dude O-Zone was going off!!

In need of rehab after going off on tangents? naw, that's the attitude!! that's my normal procedure..

Plus my alter-ego is O-Dog aka O-Dizzle is in the kitchen preparing a meal, so he can feed ya!!

Like Afronaught, Vital Ingredients are provided out here where good and evil collided; stay healthy / thirsty my friend...

Sonic assaults against those impeding us? oh yes they're launched!! check out the weapons utilized,  this good word and the blend..

Sunday, January 20, 2019

King Curtis and The Kingpins ‎– Changes (Live At Fillmore West)

Sunday Jazz Continues...checking out some classic soul jazz from King Curtis ‎ and The Kingpins– with Changes from his Live At Fillmore West album...

He has an all star cast playing with him...check out the players and the track...         

Jazzanova - Dance The Dance (At Jazz Mix)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! excuse us, but we're out here doing what we do..

MLK Day is on deck, show respect!! jokers will need to act like they knew..

Unlike Covington Catholic students, disrespecting the indigenous while under the MAGA influence..

Unlike government workers suffering from Trump Wall visions; of course he's  under the MAGA influence..

What's up with it? we slide through conduits like  Jazzanova, as we Dance The Dance (At Jazz Mix)

What's up with it? we ride for freedom, doing it!! the games not over!! we'll advance, still getting breakbeat scientific..

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Tall Black Guy - Gifted People (Kaytronik's Gifted and Black Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues during my Saturday Night Fever segment..

The saga / struggle continues, just "holla at me"; you can be a believer or non-believer; you're eligible for it..

Naysayers will be for it or against it, like Trump trying to achieve a deal with the Democrats to build his wall..

They're not playing with him; getting over the hump? that's what my people /  government workers affected by the shutdown are trying to do, we're praying for them; so what's up yall?

They're not praying for him? man please!! the elders of the family had me!! getting over the hump? they're loving it!! seeing their people succeed..

Part of what this Tall Black Guy track refers to;  Gifted People (Kaytronik's Gifted and Black Remix); the track bumps,  dropping science? true indeed..

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Glitterbox Radio Show 094 presented by Melvo Baptiste

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza; the O-Dog Day Party is also underway...

Of course getting over the hump is the mission; check the weapons used, this good word is dropped and the good music will play..

Of course, we told you earlier in 2019 we don't play!! those that bring the negativity are ignored...

Of course, if advocates choose to take the devil's assignment Sonic Assaults are unleashed!! sonic troops are deployed!! 

...Equipped with drum loops, horns, guitars, pianos and vocals; we know the drama in intergalactic, international, national or local!!

Unleashing this Glitterbox Radio Show 094 presented by Melvo Baptiste on the masses!! check the playlist and the mix, it's going down from London to Atlanta!! whatcha know?

01. The Originals - Down To Love Town (Dim's Full Length Disco Citay Remix) [Motown]
02. John Julius Knight - Larry's Jam (Cleptomaniacs Mix) [Soulfuric Trax]
03. Hifi Sean featuring Paris Grey - Lost without U (Horse Meat Disco Remix) [Glitterbox Recordings]
04. Patrice Rushen - Haven't You Heard (Joey Negro Extended Disco Mix) [Z Records]
05. Vicky D - This Beat Is Mine (Kon's Groove) [Sam Records]
06. Sure Thing - Holding You Tight (Dr Packer Remix) [Glitterbox Recordings]
07. Yuksek - Showbiz (feat. Villa) (Purple Disco Machine Edit) [Club Sweat]
08. Fred Falke & Alan Braxe - Intro (Original Mix) [Vulture]
09. Blaze - Do You Remember House (Bob Sinclar Club Mix) [Slip N Slide Records]
10. Extortion featuring Dihan Brooks - How Do You See Me Now? (Extended Club Remix) [Easy Street Records]
11. Phenomenal Handclap Band - Judge Not (Ray Mang Disco Mix) [Toy Tonics]
12. Eddie Kendricks - Going Up In Smoke (Joey Negro Big Smoke Mix) [Z Records]
13. Kerri Chandler & Troy Denari - The Way It Goes [Madhouse Records]

The Flow PT. 5 (The HumpDay Extravaganza)

Check the flow, it's going down!! this good word is dropped plus sounds will bump; this is part of the HumpDay Extravaganza..

Check the flow, it's going down!! we're not shut down like the government with Trump loving it; somebody will understand a brotha!!

Check the flow, it's going down!! we're putting it down!! time and money are precious,  I hate to waste them.

Check the flow, it's going down!! it's a critical stage of development, we're caught up in a moment of time!! these quotes?  I cut and paste them.

Whatcha know? the details? the devil is up in them like Vladimir Putin up  in America's and Great Britain's business!! plus over in the hood,  for an urban wasteland patient was in the lab where social engineering was practiced.

Check the flow, even a so called urban legend was disputing the truth;  said working it all out is it a waste man!!  please!! jokers are ignored!! we're steering the mothership to a safe haven / safe harbor where these breakbeat scientific principles are practiced.

Check the flow, though often accused of being arrogant and aloof; plus pardon the appearance,  society will fear this due to stereotypes.

Check the flow, thought and fashion police aren't fair with this!! we're accused of being void where prohibited!!  out in the void,  but we deal with it!!  ignored  analog  and digital stereo hypes.

Check the flow, per  the so called gig economy as my people try to survive; public / private transportation / transformation? bills paid up in an Uber or Lyft? 

Whatcha know? we're still out there on I-80 in Oakland or  I-20 in Atlanta; not on BART or MARTA!! but it's hard to transcend or transform in Sparta,  priorities will shift.

Whatcha know? please!! just check the paradigm shift, intuition is a gift as I visualize the sequence.

Check the flow as we go for what we know!! out here going for mine,  getting breakbeat scientific.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Kaidi Tatham - It's A World Before You

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Kaidi Tatham - It's A World Before You: Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I refer to as Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; things can go either way.. The saga / struggle continue...

The Flow PT.4

Check the flow, on this so called Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; sometimes interrupted like Trump shutting down the government...

Check the flow, and how some of these jokers play; like Mitch McConnell in the Senate, some are corrupted!! our response? beats bump and this good word is dropped; my constituents are loving it!!

This concept is revisited like family reunions during the past holiday season; I even took a brief hiatus,  chilling out!!  that's how I had to play this sometimes. 

Now check the flow, fresh for 2019 and beyond Lord willing!! the saga / struggle continues,  plus those with the shady dealing similar to Trump / Russia  continue to play with some minds. 

The saga / struggle continues; William Barr running interference? you know the devil will oppose!!  minds will be taken on a trip. 

...Like the Teddy Riley remixed Boy George song;  boy you're wrong was what I was told!!  some were trying to flip.

What will the style be? boy please!!  we're kicking ass and taking names,  plus writing these quotes.

What will the style be? boy please!!  even though we didn't eat from the tree of knowledge we're kicking knowledge,  the mothership gets good mileage!! we were  up I-85 in Charlotte;  left Georgia where Bryan Crooked Kemp was stealing votes.

...same thing  was going down up in North Carolina District 9;   another District 12 Hunger Games situation? 

Check the flow, bow down to the Capitol?  especially if you lack capital, then the Matrix architect will fix the situation.

...along with bootleg mechanics; check the flow as we deal with these fanatics;  make sure defense mechanisms are up to speed.

Check the flow / dynamics as we write this scripture, similar to supposedly hiding the Ark of the Covenant in Egypt?  true indeed.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Buster Williams 4tet feat. Patrice Rushen - Where's That Rainbow

Sunday Jazz err I mean Digital Crate Digging Continues!!

....checking out the Buster Williams 4tet feat. Patrice Rushen with a cut called Where's That Rainbow...

This was recorded live at Blue Note Milan on March 6, 2012..

The 4tet features:    Buster Williams - bass, Mark Gross - alto sax, Patrice Rushen - piano, Lenny White - drums....classic material!!

It Was Way Too Real PT.3

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: It Was Way Too Real PT.3: .Digital Crate Digging Continues, but on this Monday Morning this good word will be dropped... The saga / struggle continues!! the music w...

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Digable Planets - Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) [Altered Tapes Rework]

Sunday Jazz Continues; my constituents know what time it is during this period of the week..

The madness continues, so we institute sonic policies to battle the fallacies introduced by the weak...

...leading to outlooks that are bleak for some of my constituents , the constitution didn't protect them...

O-Dizzle pulled out hooklines and his own beats per the street funk; jazz / hip / funk? we connect them..

What's the dizzle? a crook with mine out in these streets? naw!! just chilling out listening to this house music / jazzhop / hip hop from Digable Planets Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) [Altered Tapes Rework]

What's the dizzle? you got to respect them for putting it down like this!! check it out as they put in work!!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Archie Shepp - Hipnosis

Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Saturday Night Fever segment....

...checking out some of this classic jazz from Archie Shepp - with a track called Hipnosis. 

This is from his a Sea of Faces album from 1975. Check out the players and the track..

Friday, January 11, 2019

Disco House Jan 2019

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! the O-Dog Day Party is going down on a Flashback Friday...

Plus I've got that Friday Feeling, ignoring all the shady dealing; it goes back, things have been this way!!

Why did they lie to me? they told me about the art of the deal but now the government is shut down!!

On a Flashback Friday? default settings are on based on learning the art up in Louisville / Newburg; loving how they put it down!!

Now we're getting down, we emerge out of the darkness, listening to this Disco House Jan 2019 courtesy of  DJ Steve Adams...

It's a nice mix of the old and new, perfect for this Flashback Friday / O-Dog Day Party; check the playlist and the mix, these cats are jamming!!

1. Funkatron - Celebration 2. Lino Di Meglio & Carmine Nappi - Disco Funk 3. Johan S - Say Something (Jay Vegas Classic Disco Mix) 4. Steve Taylor, Ozzy & Stix - How I Feel (Richard Earnshaw Mix) 5. Barry & Gibbs - Let Her Dance 6. Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight (Freejak Rebuild) 7. Angelo Ferreri ft Yakka - No More Apologies (Micky More & Andy Tee Remix) 8. Mazai - Disco Babe 9. Fabio Tosti - Get D Disco (FunkynMix) 10. Disco Incorporated - Keep On (Fonky Vocal House Mix) 11. Block & Crown vs Bernardo Lopez - Are You Ready To Dance (Club Mix) 12. Munky Fike - Lovin' 13. Wade - No Sleep (Sonny Fodera Remix) 14. Dominic Dawson - Outta My Hands 15. Babert - Get On Down 16. Billy Ocean - Carribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) (Ranny's Re-Werk)

A Day In The City | Deep House Set | 2019 Mixed By...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: A Day In The City | Deep House Set | 2019 Mixed By...: Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; plus that Friday Feeling will be exhibited.. The saga / struggle continues as we fl...

We're Focused Man!! PT. 10

Digital crate digging will continue on this Flashback Friday; that's what's up, beats will bump; we've got that Friday Feeling!!  we're focused man!!

Debating how I'm living like Chuck and Nancy vs Trump concerning the government shutdown? check the menu as we drop this good word, we'll expose the bogus;  man!!

Still hating? that's what's up with some though they act fancy!! some are loving it as the drama goes down!!  insight is gathered afterward;  the episode was a critical one. 

Showdown like Crucial Conflict per this Flashback Friday? oh yes!! conflicts were crucial, confusion was the mode!!  the condition was a pitiful one. 

It's going down!! even Mr T said he didn't pity one;  the fool was a punishment glutton. 

It's going down!! even the street committee with the word on the curb didn't fool with Gus or Herb; based on what occurred I even had to hit the reset button!!

Sweet!  2018 morphed into 2019!! we're focused man!! we continue enlightening the masses with this breakbeat science. 

Sweet!!  we're focused man!! fresh since 1982 when funk,  soul and breakbeats morphed into hip hop;  spotted the signs. 

...while rolling down the information highway;  these days similar to I-20 down here in Atlanta. 

Still getting down!! check the transportation / transformation;  public and private!! somebody might understand a brotha!

Still getting down!! we're focused man!! facing opposition like the National Enquirer vs Jeff Bezos?

Still getting down!! we're focused man!! dropping this breakbeat science before the shot clock expires on these Negroes!!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

It Was Way Too Real PT.2

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: It Was Way Too Real PT.2: Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Throwback Thursday, but at the moment this good word is dropped.. The saga / struggle continues as...

"Soweto" (An Afro House Mix) by DJ Spivey

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; retro-futuristic will be the business..

In the midst of chaos and confusion that goes back to the beginning of time; y'all know what the deal is...

Or should know, back in the day Old School Abdullah, an Afro-centric brotha from Louisville / Newburg put us on to the game..

Checked  the flow, he would say don't let anything rule ya, sometimes  the eccentric / eclectic would disrespect a player in the game...

Dropping this good word and good music is how we'll play the game;  check out this O-Dog Day Party!!  Afro-centric per "Soweto" (An Afro House Mix) by DJ Spivey..

Check out the playlist and the mix!! it's going down from Atlanta to Louisville / Newburg to Soweto / Johannesburg; all the way live is how it'll be!!

Soweto: 0:00:00 Alandalus (Edmund Jazzy Vibe Remix) by Pablo Fierro 0:05:30 Don Esquire by Atjazz & Jullian Gomes 0:11:15 Sira Kuruni by DJ Angelo feat. Farafi 0:16:07 Bafatshe (Sejake Dub Mix) by Jackson Brainwave 0:21:09 Tribal Train by Silvano Del Gado 0:26:50 Turn On The Sun (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Voc) by Stimela 0:30:04 Doumasi by Christos Fourkis 0:35:16 Union Dance by DJ Clock 0:42:30 Mabudede (Kususa Remix) by De Cave Man & TonicVolts feat. Toshi 0:48:49 Evolution by Native Tribe & Da Q-Bic 0:54:04 Find Your Way (Sunrise Mix) by Moon Rocket & Mattei & Omich feat. Belami 1:01:05 Winter by Manoo 1:07:18 Soultie (zOGRi Remix) by Stones & Bones feat. Mque

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Digital Underground – Same Song (Official Music Video)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!!

…still on some old school hip hop..checking out Digital Underground   with the Same Song ( Official Music Video)

 ..of course featuring Tupac..check it out y’all !!

Glitterbox Radio Show 093 presented by Melvo Baptiste

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Humpday Extravaganza; we're broadcasting live from the city of Atlanta..

The saga / struggle continues, trying to get over the hump but it's rough out here!! somebody will understand a brotha!!

The saga / struggle continues, the government is still shut down but we'll put it down!! getting breakbeat scientific is the business..

The saga / struggle continues!! the drama? some are loving it!! like Paul Manafort they'll even give Russians the business!! 

The saga / struggle continues!! in 2019 some will need to man up in this sport like Trevor Lawrence at Clemson..

Meanwhile this O-Dog Day Party is going down!! we're listening to Glitterbox Radio Show 093 presented by Melvo Baptiste; check out the playlist and the good music playing!!

Low Steppa - You’re My Life [Defected] Purple Disco Machine featuring. Baxter – Encore (Mousse T. Remix) [Sweat It Out] Horse Meat Disco featuring Amy Douglas – Let’s Go Dancing (Dimitri From Paris Remix) [Glitterbox] Glenn Jones – I Am Somebody (Joey Negro Finessed Remix)[Z Records] Surface – Falling In Love [Salsoul] Jungle Brothers – What ‘U’ Waitin’ 4? (Jungle Fever Mix) [Warner Bros. Records] Kings Of Tomorrow featuring Julie McKnight – Finally (Dario D’Attis Remix) [Defected] Angel Moreas featuring Octavia Lambertis – I Like It (Mark Pichiotti Vocal Mix) [AM:PM] Barbara Tucker - Beautiful People (Floorplan Remix) [Strictly Rhythm] Urban Blues Project presents Jay Williams – Testify (The U.B.P Sunday Vocal) [Soulfuric] Change – The Glow Of Love [Warner Bros. Records] Mousse T. featuring Sharon Phillips – Maybe in May (The Reflex Revision) [Peppermint Jam] David Bowie – Let's Dance [EMI America]

We're Focused Man!! PT.9

Per this HumpDay Extravaganza? we're focused man!! no need for Trump to address us concerning a so called national emergency at the border; Matrix and Futurebound already summed it up...

Per this HumpDay Extravaganza? we're focused man!! beats will bump as we emerge out of the darkness with the sound ; plus O-Zone will use the breakbeat science to sum it all up!!

Random thoughts are expressed, I started writing this around the time of the Full Moon in Cancer and the Winter Solstice. 

Sonic assaults expressed the pain and anguish,  a fool will swoon in love not knowing where their soul is. 

A hater halts the proceedings with the hustle knock; Kraak and Smaak mentioned Real Pain!!  soon control is relinquished, but  the fire was extinguished after it was fully involved. 

Borrowing from fireman's lingo;  migrant caravans confront a gringo with his so called national emergency,  problems not solved. a government shutdown; what's up man?  per Public Enemy?  others will shut it down in another way. 

Chaos?  some are loving it!! check out how that entity rolls, even technical difficulties are introduced into the fray. 

Chaos and confusion?  some are loving it!!  you'll get played during the process. 

Gamblers out for a fast buck pressed their luck!!  even dude down in Nassau in the Bahamas mentioned they haven't stopped the madness.

Damn bro!! drama is the by-product of the madness but unlike Rod Rosenstein leaving it didn't stop us from coming back with this!!

We're focused man!!  we're back on the scene exercising power!! breakbeat scientific business is conducted when we come back with this!!

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

We're Focused Man!! PT. 8

Broadcasting live from Atlanta on a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; it's a blessing to be here but things can go either way..

Forecasting the weather live like Al Roker, it's gonna be rough on a foul joker!! even if they address the nation like Trump concerning the wall; it won't matter what you have to say!!

Beat's are blasting, they'll thump y'all, plus this good word is dropped; we're focused man!!

Like Clemson blasting Alabama we know we'll face the drama; it's introduced by the bogus man!!

There's not a problem that O-Dog aka O-Dizzle can't fix,  because he can do it in the mix O-Zone does the math in this zone as he gets breakbeat scientific. 

Danger zone business? like the government shutdown I see some breaking it,  now bootleg mechanics act frantic. 

...they called for backup,  but some are slack "up in this piece"; we can't depend on a shade tree mechanic! 

We're back up in this thing after a brief hiatus!! 2019? different tools of the trade are utilized,  different systems and mechanisms. 

Different fools and their charades are surprised by the complexity when things looked simple;  now showing pessimism.

Different rules preyed upon the masses who were prize chasing;  now per the holiday credit card debt they're caught up in the system / matrix

Different schools of thought are played;  old school / new school and next school!! we're focused man, so we had to made a break for it.

Monday, January 07, 2019

90's Underground Hip Hop Mix | Lost & Rare Gems, V...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: 90's Underground Hip Hop Mix | Lost & Rare Gems, V...: Digital Crate Digging Continues per my Music Monday segment; showing due diligence.. The saga / struggle continues, the music will play no...

Mixtape LA: Egyptian Lover

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Music Monday, plus it's still Monday Morning as I post this...

The saga / struggle continues; let the music play is the motto, no need to brag or boast about this...

No misbehaving like Baltimore Raven fans going after Lamar Jackson; if it wasn't for him they wouldn't be in the action.

No misbehaving like Trump with the government shutdown we're too busy trying to put it down!! we're all up in the action..

Beats enslaving up, they'll bump!! listening to the Boiler Room Mixtape LA series with  Egyptian Lover getting busy..

Check out some of the featured tracks, as we "holla back"; putting it down, getting busy!!