Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Flow PT. 6

Had a moment or two during the MLK holiday weekend, now check the flow;  I had time to  jot down these notes. 

Now it's Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, things can go either way; had to acknowledge evil is the opponent; like New Orleans Saints fans mad about a bad call plots and schemes to take us down are exposed in these quotes. 

Atlanta Falcons fans are glad the Saints are not marching in to the Super Bowl, but the New England Patriots are coming so what's up? check the flow, we kept rolling!!  these boats / ships set sail a long time ago!!  "its too late to turn back now"  

"I believe I'm falling in love"  like that pop song by the Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose,  plus Pops wasn't wrong;  it's rough out here!!  check the flow as we determined the what /  when / where and how. 

My people falling, government shutdown taking a toll? some are heard saying wow!!  they're astonished,  after they were admonished. 

..by reality;  baffled after they were gaffled!!  that's what the style will be due to the empty promise.

Check the flow, taking notes!!  respected the elder that dropped knowledge, unlike  Black Hebrew Israelites challenged Covington Catholic MAGA students disrespecting  the Native American elder Nathan Phillips ;  the elder / old schooler Abdullah said as long as your on this earth something will catch up with you!!  

Check the flow, check the insights;  not faking with these quotes!!  something will grab a hold of ya!!  started writing this on a Throwback Thursday  but we're bold as it unfolds on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!!  we're batching up something fresh for you.

Check the flow; sonic assaults are unleashed by this dude who's hungry and thirsty!!  stomach growling while dipping through Clayco, also known as Clayton County;  my ATLiens already know what it is. 

...Usually out on I-20 in Atlanta but a dude is on I-75, off the leash!!  out here trying to handle his business. 

Some of my constituents are done with me like some are with GM due to racism allegations;  plus continuing situations /  episodes seem to disconnect me from my past. 

Check the flow; we're still out here doing it in breakbeat scientific modes!!  dropping this good word and the sounds will blast.

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