Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Flow PT.8

What's the deal?  check the flow, damn here we go again!!  I guess since Super Bowl 53 is here in Atlanta,  these ATLiens were trying to get on that last nerve!!

On this Throwback Thursday? they're  bumping heads with this intergalactic brotha that consulted with aliens;  these wannabe macks and divas are out here trying to swerve!!

On this Throwback Thursday? check the flow, I'm taking it back to the future, trying to do the knowledge!! like Robert Mueller vs Roger Stone we're trying to observe the scene,  soon I'll be ready to roll.

Act like you knew a brotha!! O-Zone? I'll be on my way!!  my constituents know how I play /  they know how I roll.

On this Throwback Thursday? had a moment or two, so I do what I do!!  check the flow as these scriptures are written. 

On this Throwback Thursday? actually, on any day the evil opponent was still handling business so I can't paint pretty pictures like fellow poets who are smitten.

It's all love;  meanwhile I'm down in the low post where they push and shove like Joel Embiid and them.

...or maybe Hassan Whiteside;  for freedom?  we continue to ride!! my constituents?  I'm feeding them. 

...this soul food, like that spot in the hood; check the flow /  nutrition!!   not greasy like the fast food joints.

 So what's good? like the Trump endorsed Foxconn deal in Wisconsin plots and schemes are exposed using intuition;  a fast fool?  society anoints.

 Sarah Sanders said oil was spilled on Trump and them;  supposedly!!  but they're like the rest of the devils advocates opposed to me. 

Check the flow; understand a brotha,  saying toil and strife was the byproduct!!  but we'll get over the hump,  next level business is the conduct!!  that's how it's supposed to be.

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