Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still Making Adjustments

I can see how this is going down!! I'll just have to make adjustments.

The system told me to just go with the flow!! but you know they can't be trusted.

How you living? left busted and disgusted!! now the devil is laughing.

What are we giving? it's this breakbeat science!! based on the math we bring.

On a different path!! we bring a fresh new batch!! straight out of the oven.

Rebuking the hostile takeover!! the hell we catch!! but the drama? some are loving.

Nuking the territory!! or threatening to like Iran..whatcha know man? whose trying to blow up subways?.. or pushing and shoving under the basket like the NBA.

Hostile territory like Pakistan or Afghanistan!! or in the backwoods!! blasted on by the NRA.

Hot style when I tell this story!! not smoked out on backwoods!! not zoned out on meth!! not basking in the limelight..I'm low key.

Hot style because I'm down here in the A-Town? please..everybody's struggling!! these folks don't even know me!

But I stay busy!! growing me a secret and rhymes? I've got plenty..word from Barry White.

Peace be still? please!! new type gangsters are starting the drama again!! sho you right!

We can't chill!! under attack like Russia by terrorists..tried to heal from previous episodes!! but band aids and wraps were snatched off of wounds!!

Plus duct tape didn't work!! In the lab O-Dog follows street codes!! funk is played!! something fresh is batched up!! valuable like product from Bugandan sacred tombs.

Funky fresh in the flesh!!! a brotha never succumbs to the madness.

I can see how it's going down!! adjustments were made when we come back with this.

Monday, March 29, 2010

List Of Demands??

Received the list of demands..I tore them up and put them in file thirteen.

Had my own list of demands..word from Saul Williams...rolling through the badlands..on trains in Russia bombs blast..scores some are racking up like Las Vegas and Georgetown and them.

......from back in the day!!! these days? jokers don't know how to play!! now some have slacked up, coming up short.

Whose back in the way? holding up progress!! getting jacked up!!! missions they'll abort.

Whose back up in Superior Court? dealing with homie with the black robe and the prosecutors.

Inferiority or superiority complex in the sport? meanwhile we bring the disco inferno...strobe lights are hooked to computers.

Territorial disputes or turf wars cause the towering inferno!! but not the disco one.

Imperialistic...materialistic disputes about the truth!! yes? no? which one?

Haters fear this mystic!! the sword of truth is carried in the midst of so many falsehoods.

Some of those were deliberate!! the deal with it?? some are acting false in the hood.

Dude said it's all good!! but I could see mediocrity was rewarded.

Dude said it's all hood!! but what's really hood? drama was brought to our doorstep..I avoided it.

I dipped back to the community..what's really going on? what it do?

From Newburg to Johannesburg..from Pluto to the A-Town..I go for what I know.

From the hood to the suburbs!! under church steeples to dealing with street people.

To so called corriders of power..government..corporations..religion...evil I see through.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Play On Player!!! The New Type Gangsters!!

you don't wanna get mixed!!

Player players stretched themselves too thin? energy was extracted.

Just like precious minerals from the earth..what's it all worth? entities reacted.

Play on player!! whatz up whatz up? word from Playa Poncho!! Corporations backed it!! now for resources everybody's scrambling!!

Abort operations I was told by so called authorities!! told me ship will sink like South Korea's!! different courses of action taken..everybody's scrambling!!

Everybody's gambling!! Powerball...The Big Game..It's like Las Vegas or Atlantic City!! ..but no pity from the street committee.

Haters fake us; part of the conspiracy? asking myself..whose with me?

What's the deal? where did they take us? cons run the territory..also know as politicians, businessman, newscasters and even the clergy!!

Coming to tell the story! something missing? nobody will work with me!

My appearance and disappearance is not a mystery..who heard of me?

Wasn't given clearance!! some act like a bruh is unworthy.

Based on my appearance....straight off the clearance rack...South Pole jeans...dirty Chukka boots and an obscure Polo.

They say my case is probably fraudulent!! who was I running with? plus it's based on clocking my steelo.

Nothing is sacred!! what's up with it? some aren't rocking!! they're just faking it!!

The fiery lake was full of perpetrators!! knocking my hustle!! but I'm not taking it.

My priority? taking care of business!! thin ice skaters fall through the ice!!

My priority? eradicate ecological ignorance..fates altered by this.

What's up with this and that? hopes and dreams achieved? Rendezvous With Destiny?

What's up with this and that? it's full scope!! who deceived? whose part of the conspiracy?????

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Chilling Out!! Peace Be Still PT.3

Peace be still!!! so how do you feel? still waters run deep!! word from the Four Tops..I'm down at the bottom!!

Underwater like mortgages we creep!! while another stops!! some things they can't fathom.

Underwater!! it's like the Parliament..Funkadelic....never learning to swim like Sir Nose!! whose mad at them? you know some hated.

Some will come hotter!! others come up short!! so they overcompensated.

Injuries were self inflicted!! no compensation from the insurance company.

Insecurities made them kick it!! the game..raising rates!! who hates? everybody's hands are dirty.

Security heightens!! life is getting messy!! actually it's been this way.

The arm chair quarterback huddles up with the team!! ready to run this play!

The shadetree mechanic huddles up with the daughter of chaos ..Oh No!!

Mathematics were studied out in the mainstream..out in the stream of consciousness we flow..

Schooled by a fanatic? we're in trouble man!! like Marvin Gayes album.

In a world of trouble!! word from Lou Rawls!!..down in the hood..some saw me rolling with the I must be a foul one!!

It all falls down!! double for the trouble? what's good I was asked? I told them about the sack full.

Off in a zone!! soaking up game from the Cincinnatti Kool Jazz Festivals to Kentucky tractor pulls.

...Atlanta Fulton County Stadiums..Riverfront Coliseums to Freedom Hall in Louisville.

Acting funny? because I wasn't fooling with those that front? chilling in peaceful waters that are still.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Thing Is Serious!!

What it do?I saw big white vans roll up!! Reggie Bush caught...was it Joey from Cheaters?

Or is it vans operated by those on clandestine missions!! overchievers.

Rolling up in my Vans; South Pole Jeans; and the button down shirt..noticed how deceivers scheme.

Drama is like South Korea's or..even Israeli & Palestine's!!! meanwhile the North Pole is melting upstream!!

Out in the stream of consciousness!! a brotha stayed self contained.

Out in the mainstream of mathematics..electricity caused static..the acid rained.

Causing mutations!! equations full of permutations!! brains stained.

Causing negative and positive emotions to be experienced!!some stressed!! some maintained.

Causing ill notions to be expressed; some chilled in the Valleys of Neptune; snitches confesssed..Are You Experienced like Jimi Hendrix? what's gained? who has pity?

Please!! pump those brakes like Bendix!! now I know we weren't expecting it from the street committee!!

Word on the curb!! from New York City to Atlanta from Oakland to Miami.

Getting played like Herb or Gus!! thrown under the bus!! why do they lie to me?

No justice no peace is the catch phrase!! mentioned by my earlier.

I felt the pressure!! so I apply it back!! when I work with ya.

Back at the intersection where it started!! broke left instead of right?

Imperfections enhanced!! during the uphill struggle!! I brought insight.

Vision blurred!! smoke enhanced by mirrors!! Day and Night like Kid Cudi?

What occurred? some joked !!but it's serious!! that'S whatsup with me!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chilling Out....Peace Be Still PT.2

Peace be still!! I was just laying in the cut!! how long will this status last?

Couldn't chill!!! who started the Doomsday Machine? heard roadside bombs going off!! plus in the hood I hear guns blast.

Running fast!! dipping!! like Usain Bolt!! heard rumbling!! the ground shakes.

Like Haiti or over in Chile..what will the deal be? lightning bolt will strike a pundit who just fakes.

Some hate me!!! some feel me!! some do both..heard how the debate will be..what it do? a mood swing takes them there.

Some relate to me!! feeling the beat and's a hood thing as I take it there.

Others were fake over here!!! over there!! not a good thing!!! the territory is hostile.

These brothas rebuke the hostile takeover!! tell the story with a hot style.

Faking to get over? it's not my style!! staying out of zones where there's no love.

It's over!! deleted the file!! now O-Zone rises to the top...high above.

High above in the galaxy!! Float Float Float On like the Floaters.

Flowing through the stream of consciousness..while politicians con the voters.

Sugar flowing through motors..bananas in the tailpipes..the hooptie stalls.

Toyotas accelerate!! plus brake pads and rotors are needed..a banana republic is limited!! check the gap as one stalls.

Manny Moe and Jack stay busy!! as shadetree mechanics provide competition.

Peace be still!! but there's always something there to remind me how are you living?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

.......Soaking PT.2..

Soaking it all in..bills get how will it play out by the end of the day?

How did Biden say it? what kind of big deal? meanwhile a cloak of invisibility is how I play it..Invisible Man..Ralph Ellison!! low key until ready to run the play.

It'll be the Sonic Assault..Broken beats and english used!! invincibility exhibited!! playing this like a veteran.

Broke the cycle!!getting over the pain and anguish!! but the struggle's like a Transformer versus a Decepticon.

I broke north towards the light!! trying to get it right..where I go Transcend and Transform..its on.

So on and so forth!! scoobie doobie doobie!! everyday people..word from Sly and The Family Stone.

As I go forth...Taking It To The Streets like Doobie Brothers..not a crash test dummy!! a Dr Frankenstein by product or Addams Family clone.

As I go is in a remote location...low key in this vocation..studios not shot up or full of those bricks like the ones in Atlanta..please!! are sounds are funky!! check the conduct!! it's that funk that I'm on.

As I go forth..adjusting base, treble, and tone...pressing buttons and turning dials.

Soaking in Aries sun rays..sometimes alone..not stressing those who are foul.

Plus I'm not joking with these and those!!! knowing the devil will oppose..any peace in the Middle East? one plays you like it's Comedy Central.

Tokens of appreciation were found to be knockoffs!! counterfiet!! like sold at the Candler Road Flea Market in what have you been through?

Knocked off pedestals!! whose taking depreciation as a deduction?facing a carbon tax? corporations get slick with it.

Health care reform bill passes!! caused Biden to drop the F-Bomb!! knowing insurance and medical companies hope you get sick with it.

Caught out in a storm!! no shelter from the helter skelter!!! who felt ya?

Caught out in the storm...but it's the norm..I even felt the pressure.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Morning Blah!!! Edition..

Health reform bill passed..but in other jusrisdictions the judge ruled against the pain and suffering..we were told to chalk it up. experience...judgements made after crime scenes are surrounded by yellow tape and white chalked up.

Strands of information were coming in too fast..what it do? was it Information Overload? white chocolate's in the box of life diagnosed by Forrest Gump?

White Chocolate plays for the Orlando Magic with Dwight Howard..but others still cant jump!

O-Dog is still rocking it!! the sound will bump..but they say O-Zone can't jump to the conclusion?

I was like a deacon in the amen corner!!!..when the Temptations say earth is a "ball of confusion."

.....As I cut the corner..winning and losing....not acting stupid like Stupak....showing a sense of urgency.

.....As I cut the corner..stayed off the coast of Yemen..what's the deal man? the situation is critical!! authorities try to make sense of the emergency.

.....As I cut the corner..wasn't big pimping like Tiger or were we living? who'll work with me?

The out of order sign was spotted!! enployers said there's no work for me!

Out past the border..the boundary..outside the margin..outside the box.

The outcast said he was bipolar!! so what was you starting? he said he rocks!!!

A polar opposite? but like OutKast I was on the 86 Lithonia bus... trying not to get thrown under it.

Matching composites on the regular!! but rolling solo..nobody will I go under with.

....Like Australia...coping strategies fail ya..secular or holy? how were you living?

Blasted by the opposition!! we respond with steady bombardments ...this is what were giving!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

...A Little Something Something!!

injured...but let's let the healing process begin!!

Let the healing process begin!! but some will hit the pause or delay button.

Dealing with the madness!! but we're back at this!! once again!! playing it like Drake..I had to say something!!!

Whose up to something? Shady Like Grady..some doing the cartel's dirty work.

Whose got the funky drummer drumming? O-Dog will play the funk ...putting in work.

Whose working with a brotha? haters get crunk!! we're meeting heavy opposition!!

A brothas listening to 91.9 WCLK in Atlanta..Heavy Weather by Weather Report was bumping!!!

Al Roker was on to something!! the Northeast received heavy weather !! game was peeped in the weather report.

Al Gore was played like a joker!! Bush stole his election!!! bruh Gore came up short.

Now all up in the sport with the global warming theory..concerning climate change.

Indeed..the climate has changed..documents were forged!! who played with the figures? even on Wall Street things were strange.

Peeped game..please!! it's easy to get played!! there's no information overload...followed the street code...the money trail...spotted gamblers out for a fast buck.. but it's not strange..

That's the way they do they play with the money meanwhile Proclamations are we emerge from solitary confinement..liberation is the mission..about this or that!! it shouldn't be strange.

Rocking the nation..actually the universe..from the the danger zone.

Our obligation? reversing the curse..but some like the status quo...what are they on?

Punishment glutton..but I'm letting go!! as I practice what I preach..the healing process takes place.

Rebuking the hostile takeover from those pushing buttons and turning dials..a lot of fakes in my face.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Saturday Saturday afternoon..soaking up the Pisces sunrays..soon moving to Aries..the Equinox..enjoying my hobby daydreaming.

Haters will holla at me!! like Tea Party protestors did John Lewis...scorning!! they soon start lobbying authorities...saying I'm plotting and scheming!!

It's the stream of consciousness I'm flowing down...low key..a brotha never fronted or flaunted.

Wise to the set up!! you know they'll have a brotha on America's Most Wanted!!

Doctrines were found to be they tell me I'm null and void where prohibited!!

Rocking that and this!!! A-Town style!! walking through Lenox Mall others? ill styles exhibited.

Meanwhile I did the Russia it was the Day of Wrath..kept my eye on the staff in Gitmo..information withheld? waterboarded for it.

In this realm? on this path? no love shown by health care protestors.. I'm calling on the higher power.on one accord with it.

Got on board..the Love Train..riding it!! that's word from the O-Jays.

But didn't get on board after I heard the doctrine!!! acting like Republicans vs Obama's health care plan..arm chair quarterbacks didn't know the plays.

A shadetree mechanic displays skills..but they didn't know what the deal was.

Shady like Grady!! fanatics pull capers..straight out of a fantasy world!! didn't know what the real was.

It seemed like steel was what the aura is made out of!! rebuked the hostile takeover.

Studied the evidence..there was no benevolence!! but the reign of the fake is over.

Plus the break is over work is put collar style..also similar to mechanical engineering.

Ignored so called industry standards..make one holla like Marvin Gaye!! as some accent loathing and fearing.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heard What Said PT.2

Heard what was said!! all black people leave Wal-Mart in New Jersey? one of their workers fired for smoking medical reefer? sounded like a lot of belligerence.

My folks have been misled up in the spot...attack the wrong ships like Somali pirates..ecological ignorance?

The environment was polluted!! contaminated !! fate altered?

Empowerment? truth disputed?..the spot? we sonic assaulted it.

...When the last hour gets here?..time cards computed?..when I carry the sword of truth to the heart of it.!!!

Spiritual warfare goes down!! crimes!! treasury looted!! who started it?

O-Dog throws down!! grime's in the soundtrack...the sound is dirty.

Just like life is!!! it gets messy!! who will work with me?

Dude said it is what it is...toil and strife is the business here!! ..on terra firma!! actually universal.

Toil and strife is prayed on!! the outcome? where did the curse go?

The curse was generational..some my folk preyed on by demonic forces.

This operation is spiritual!! played the sound!! conducting seminars and courses.

Rocking the nation!! actually changed courses..rocking the universe ...doing it.

Left the international space last trip like the Shuttle Enterprise..moving it.

Whose irrational? they spotted me!! started moving it!! like I didn't see them.

What will my stash do? blow up the spot like a roadside bomb!! but just trying to free them.

Seeing them..wouldn't want to be them!! said they're free but not.

Progressive Liberation is the mission..when were all up in the spot.

Monday, March 15, 2010

....I Heard What Was Said!! PT.1

will the truth be told?

Heard what was said!! was the truth told? too much information supplied?

Some were misled!!! spotted bloodshed when authority was defied.

Some were misled!! they complied with authority..Kool Aid was drunk.

Shady ones shred documents..incriminating evidence? after the treasury shrunk?

Grady babies get crunk down here in Atlanta!! once again its on.

Shady ladies shrunk players egos!! answering the Isley Brothers question...

....Whose that lady? the song plays on KISS 104..Youngblood hooked it up on Saturday morning.

Next up? was "close the door" by Teddy power moves are made like Alonzo Mourning.

What's the score? some go for more!! but the grass on the other side of the fence was astro turf!! now it's storming. girl walking with the competition!! Oran "Juice" Jones gave a warning.

Listening to Rain Forest by Paul warming brings interference?

Babylon forest wilderness business!! hard out here for a player!! ecological ignorance?

For us or against us? damage control like a runaway Toyota Prius!! ...the deal plays out in front of us!!! recognize.

Pain and anguish is felt!! haters front on us...but it's no surprise.

Bad cards are dealt!!!! lies are heard!! too much information supplied?

Some were misled...spotted bloodshed when authority was defied.

Family members cried!! casualties of war!! considered collateral damage.

But we roll up with the Sword of Truth..we proceed and continue were doing damage.


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stepping Out...Taking It There

Stepping Out on faith!!! the Lord has us covered!! it's going down.

Some hate!! just naysayers....said it is what it is!! shouldn't have bothered!! we'll get played like a clown.

Some delayed us when we tried to play for the championship crown but now it's on!!

Old girl prayed for us!! these Mothership riders are refusing to be clones.

Funk was played for us!! Parliament, Earth Wind and Fire, plus James Brown!! we remixed it..bass, treble, and tone are adjusted.

Some played us!! drama went's crazy in Atlanta..NYC..all points in's like Kandahar...lessons were learned..knowledge gained..some can't be trusted.

The structure is rusted!! weather beaten!! taking punches like it was hit by Manny all falls apart!!

What's up with ya they ask? listening to Weather Report..a Mysterious Traveler..the path is beaten so don't start.

Beating a path through the Babylon Wilderness!! please!! rolling through swinging a the heart of it.

Bringing this ecological ignorance!!! not playing a part in it.

Not bargaining for it!! no negotiations done for my freedom.

All about progressive liberation..some said they're straight!! but I see them.

......And I wouldn't want to be them!! Babylon has them going in circles.

Trying to chase a's like chasing the wind!! word from the bibles.

Make you wanna holla like Marvin Gaye!! liabilities calculated.

Stepping out on faith!! more than a conqueror!! knowing that the foul still hated.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

...Heard The Cliche...They Say It Is What It Is!!

They said it is what it is!!! don't try to see anything else in it.

Asking..what's the prognosis? knowing the devil will oppose this..some had lethal doses? out of it!!! others left dimwitted.

As I approach this!! crooks collaborate..having my doubts about it!! but told it is what it is...told to play on player!!!

Coaching this like Tubby Smith!!...after the veteran status..seeing how bad it is I had to say a prayer.

Some encroaching on this!! like Israeli and Palestinian settlements penalties were called!! you'll get played in Babylon.

Keep it pimping player?? or a pseudo revolutionary?? what am I on?

Natural process? evolutionary? intelligent design? once again it's on!

All of the above? circled on the multiple choice test!! word from O-Zone!!

They said it's all love!! but it's dirty work that they do!! in other spots a clone brings cruel and unusual punishment.

Please!! others loved the pain and misery!! ..starting a company? just a glutton for punishment.

Please!! it all falls apart like Lehman Brothers..while a brotha reflects on pain in his history!! not trying to repeat or rewind.

Meek inherit or gain the earth? it's like Delfonics it'll blow their mind this time!!

The Geek Squad cant fix it!! losing their mind!! couldn't figure the cipher out.

The leak in the squadron has authorities on to them!! drama breaks out in some might go all out!!

Freaks not just out at night like Whodini said!! they're snitching day and night!

Word from Kid Cudi..but whats up with me? it is what it is!! peep the insight.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Swinging A Machete!!!

..........or maybe in one of those old clubs in the hood with a knife...O-Jay's backstabber!! the A-Town.. just turning on my swagger....carrying the Sword Of Truth!!! check it out!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Checked The Clock........

Checked the clock!! the shot clock expired!! but for some? like Tiger Woods coming's time to run the next play.

Meanwhile O-Dog rocked!! but was played like a Toyota Prius or even Roy Ayers "doobie doo run running away."

As I heard the Doobie Brothers play; "Taking It To The Streets" but hustles get knocked!! Zebra that caused the traffic jam in Atlanta euthanized..meanwhile I'm through playing games with these folks!! its over.!!

Muscle is needed to unlock doors and windows of opportunity before it's all over.

Progress was impeded; it's like that in Babylon!! a brotha has no ecological ignorance.

Checked the clock; studied the genome..checked the enviroment..playing it like FedEx..I proceeded to another zone with the message deliverance.

Checked the clock; admitted, conceded, that it's a hot mess!! plus belligerence was heard.

Respect O-Dog as he rocked!! blessed some with the funk!! while O-Zone has the Good Word.

Disrespected!! a clone was heard trying to lay down the law to us.

Checked them out; an agent for Babylon said we we're all lawless.

Y'all are ruthless!! I know dats right!! word from homie down here in Georgia!!

The sword of truth is carried!! I broke right!! heading for the border.

Providing proof that healing is the order of the day!! the game is over.

But not chilling!! it seems O-Zone is under attack in the Green Zone.. everything is out of order!! rebuked the hostile takeover.

Checked the clock; the break is over!! hot style revealed when we ran a play.

O-Dog rocked!! the hot messenger has the file!! moving forward to a new day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Was Rude..Didn't Accept The Status Quo

...Dude fell on the sword for the emperor..he was like Fox5..dedicated determined and dependable.

I was rude!! fronted on crooks like Obama did the Supreme Court!! ..fell through with the sword of truth!! message sender!! you can depend on a bro.!!

The attitude? who will defend a bro? whatcha know? it's like the Senate vs House Democrats!!! no loyalty shown..nobody was checking for me.

The attitude? whose got my back? connecting the dots for me.

Gratitude shown!! God is blessing me!! that's the business he handles.

Latitude and longitude shown on GPS; structures were hit up by vandals.

Not that dude!!! haters still try to stress me though..close to the edge like Michael Baisden Show talked about..they're trying to press buttons. or fast forward..what's up with punishment gluttons?

Meanwhile we're down for the cause!!! please..we're playing this brand new funk..moving forward never backwards.

The clause in the contract was crunk!! banks now proving how that works.

Why? because!! so I'm just grooving!! fast breaking!! finish with a dunk..doing what we do.

Sword of truth carried!!! as we break north!! doing what we do!!

Survival techniques we go forth!!! thinking outside the box.

As we freak this!! northside, southside, east and west..going all out we rock.

From the burbs to the blocks!! seeing how bleak the landscape is!! the sight is gruesome!! morale is low.

In the lab we tweek a breakbeat tape..knew something!! our style is not slow.

As we grab onto Gods unchanging hand!! progressive liberation provided.

All up in the spot!!! where good and evil collided.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Damn Damn Damn PT.5

Damn Damn Damn!! like Florida from Good Times!!! that was the outcry!!!..this world is full confusion.

Damn who told the out right lie? drama infurls!! whose winning? whose losing?

O-Zone will use this good word to get beats will get drummed up.

Visualizing the sequence!! peeped this!! consequences will get summed up.

Victims of consequences bear witness!! carry the sword of truth? they should be able to tell you.

Not attacking with machetes like in Nigeria..Oh yeah!! it's mass hysteria!! who'll tell you what it do?? act like you knew!! unless your special.

Documents were supposed to be confidential!!but leaked onto the press..the internet...planned like Massa's removal? now the Feds rush in.

Rocking it!!! cards laminated..but lacking proper credentials is crushing them.

Locking it down!! like Lil Wayne!! played like a clown..even had the tears like Smoky Robinsom talked about ..others were acting funny like Comedy Central.

Knocking it down!! the hustle!! so whatcha know? what have you been through?

Rocking the sound!! messages we send you..some might be able to catch them.

Rocking the sound..heard the outcry!! Damn Damn Damn!! also Lord Help! Lord Help! also the Battle Cry!!! so we come with something fresh..we batch them.

Trying to catch them!! my people!! but it seems they're not checking for me.

Had to admit..I'm out there!! on the Mothership!! bear witness to how funky it gets..haters try to front on me; like Obama trying to shut the shuttle program down. Damn Damn Damn!!.but I getaway..whose wrecking it for me?

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Biting Off More Than We Can Chew???

Biting off more than we can chew; after we bit the hand that fed us.

Lightning strikes off in this piece!!! what was the deal? a liar misled us.

Thrown under the bus or thrown into the shredder like old documents.

O-Zone is swinging this Sword of Truth like King Arthur..but knowing what's up with justice no peace in this zone..but please were rocking it.

Others were knocking this!!! like they're knocking Obama..but I'm trying to maintain..trying to get my mind right.

Like I said...a brotha's rocking this!! Retro futuristic!! Moving Forward...also using 20 20 hindsight.

A brotha whose a mystic; trust me on this like Obama told the Democrats.. to the blind I bring the light..we're all up in the darkness.

Whose being realistic? biting off more than they can chew?..all up in the spot!! but on the fringe..where the margin is.

Some are going ballistic!!! as some try to caste a vote..recognize what the deal is!!! what real is... ear shattering gunshots exploded!!

Biting off more than they can chew? recognize what the deal is..others told to do whatcha gotta the cause? they said stay devoted..

We're doing what we do..carrying the sword of we deal with this and that..while smash and grabbers are barging in this, that and the other.

Some feel this and that!!!..some were false in these hoods..spotted some bum rushing the poker tournament in Germany...they're on some other other!!!

Some feel this and that!! in the midst of so many falsehoods...who will carry the sword of truth? like in the SCLC controversy..who'll work with me and you? in the middle of power struggles or turf wars.

Some feel this and that!! some ask what's it supposed to mean? knowing exactly what it means!! the struggle continues on earth!! I hear of wars and rumors of wars.

Some feel this and that!!! bruises, cuts, tumors and scars now in search of Balm in Gilead.

Let the healing process begin!!! O-Dog uses the Sword of Truth!! cuts, breaks, and samples!!! that's how we deal with it.

So what's the deal with it? the natural process!! some had to break north.

Others confide with the enemy..but bite off more than they can chew!!! the struggle continues!! it's like so on and so forth.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Flowing...Like On A Cruiseship..

Holding a sword of truth in my hands..flowing down the stream of a Carribean cruiseship.

Not stuck in the ice off of I go forth..heard Billy Ocean singing Carribean Queen..reality vs fantasy? dreams a brotha about to lose it?

....what it do? in a world that's corrupt..will I choose it? the assignment..easy to lose it!! made into a scapegoat.

Whose gonna take the weight? accept the blame in the game? please!! we fight back..our weapons are the beat and the quote.

...AKA the Sword Of Truth..meanwhile crooked ones will tweek the vote...manipulating Diebold machines.

Books, Bibles, and people were studied..while I was observing these scenes.

Whose left bruised..bloodied? in the red Georgia clay..Timberlands I'm ready to roll...I'm on my way..rolling up on the spot in a hooptie.

AKA the Mothership..showing how funky a brotha can get..with the Intergalactic funk.

What's up with it? rolling up with the Sword of Truth..trying to move through these galaxies..messed up with space junk.

What's up with it? whose corrupt with it? everybody has their opinion about conspiracy theories like Ahmadinejad..Fanatics were in my face..shady deals led to karmic repercussions.

Mathematics slapped them in the face!!! swinging the's a rude awakening!!...funk is these discussions.

Those not knowing suffer concussions!! or their stuck in traffic like on I-285 in Atlanta or the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicagoland.

As I catch passes like Ocho Cinco..also throw them like Matt Ryan.. an Atlanta Falcon.

Things get foul man!!! our response? fresh batches introduced in classes and seminars!!...meanwhile haters were raising bars..but we snatch them down.

Obama tries to set it straight...but all he faces is other Democrats stumble...falling down..

Meanwhile we roll up with the sword of's all about Progressive Liberation..

Sonic Assaults are similar to Atlanta smash and grabbing that's going down.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Still Putting Work In...PT.2

going through the motions

Going through the motions..still putting work in..knowing a breakthrough is soon coming.

It's just around the corner!!! where did we take you? the funky drummer is drummimg.

Authorities are trumping up charges...some ask for trouble..blasting on the Pentagon...authorities are trying to clear the books.

Closing cases was their priority..what will the deal be? .might even be military trials...collateral damage done...along with locking up the crooks.

But we're closing in on Progressive Liberation..bars & hooks are the vehicles.

Plus cuts and samples; using a fresh vision..things we see through.

"Nobody can be you but you" word from Steve I do what I do.

Prime examples are in front of me...on how not to I act like I knew.

During these times? team members hold up progress....what's up with this?..stupid like a hater tramples on rights and priviledges.

Dangerous times or Good Times like Chic? which ones are we living in?

Wise to the set up..some act like Gov. Paterson..trying to clear their name..others are giving in..going along with the program.

Rise to the occasion!! get up as O-Dog drops's not a slow jam.

Mesmerized by the situation? it was a set up!! some didn't step up!! now things have gotten ugly.

Confusion and frustration is the norm...but can't let up!! I didn't go along with the doctrine heard.

Going through the Jay-Z & Beyonce..still putting work finding time for these promotions...breakbeats and the good word.

I had notions..what's good? is heard..that's a question that'll answer itself.

I had potions and elixirs of the sonic variety..told to go on with my bad self!!!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Still Puttting Work In.....

Mechanical what's really working? as we work is put the House passing the jobs bill...trying to put a dent in it.

No loathing and we're not stuck in the ice in the Baltic Sea..staying flexible..not bent out of shape by it.

Approaching a clearing in the Babylon the International Space Station flying over Atlanta at 6:53...we're sliding through the portal. level after the veteran status..knowing how the sport will go.

Knowing how justice will Supreme and Superior's ugly.

Plus peeping the mainstream...we're observing the scene...caricatures of the head of state and others? plus backstabbers court..politic..even told me they love me.

Moves are made out in the mainstream of New York representatives the Governor has his problems...whose clocking?

O-Zone is flowing down the stream of Rangel done with this?....whose knocking?

...the hustle in this zone..where blessings and curses reside.

What's up with ya? in this zone haters are stressing us!!! contribute to the confusion..out here where good and evil coincide.

Whose on our side? had to confide in myself..writing letters..who shows loyalty?

Lord help!!! is also the battle I ride back in history ....going on with our bad selves!! were royalty!!

Work is put in to claim the thrown...but like that cruise ship from Spain..knowing the voyage will be rough.

Like floating on the Atlantic during tropical storms..the waters are rough.

The job? so tough!! like Roger and Zapp..from back in the day.

Mechanical Engineering; work is put in..others were loathing and fearing...back in the way.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What's The Deal?? Pt. 2......

What's the deal? please!! it's way too real!!! the apparatus tried to shut down on a player.

The climate has changed: even the earth's rotation was affected by the quake in Chile.. so what will Al Gore say to ya?

What will O-Dog play for ya? sonic mechanical engineering is the usually involves breakbeats.

O-Zone is part of the team; making notations with the Good Word.. as we rebuke the hostile takeover..these brothas take back the streets.

A fake one? alt shift deletes the files..operating were at a standstill.

Global warming? the earth heats up!! it's like the situation in Dubai with Mossad..not down under but even Australia is involved...meanwhile we refuse to go under..check the funky styles...smelling like a landfill.

A brotha also knows the deal!! it's way too real..I recognize the pattern..Libra occupied by Saturn with restrictions and limitations.

O-Zone is about Progressive Liberation; staying a step ahead of the statute of limitations.

In this zone? they said it's all love!! heard Babyface sing..he loves babygirl on two and night.

In this zone I'm racing down I-20 listening to Kid Cudi's Day and Night.

Some won't play right!! I'm wearing the number 20 Barry Sanders throwback..running for daylight in the darkness.

Hardhat with the lantern on top...up in the Mothership..where can I park this?

I spark the disco inferno..played like Obama's Healthcare Plan..who will work with a bro? rocking the skully with glasses girl said I look like an intelligent thug.

Messages in the songs..but not on the bully pulpit..telling you that you need a new drug.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What's The Deal?

writing letters to myself..

What's the deal? saw the writing on the scrolls like Farrakan; so what's up? other folk we're checking the rolls..meanwhile I'm still writing these letters to that song by the Chi-Lites.

Strawberry letters like The Brothers Johnson?..what are we on? rejected like the suit O.J Simpson had on? what's the response to these insights?

Strawberry fields forever? word from the Beatles!!..who'll alt-shift-delete us?...smoke and mirrors we see O-Zone gets loose.

A hater builds!! said whatever!! said they were bullet proof!! but Bunning soon yields..even though they said they had the Beetlejuice.

A hater yields!! seeing what the street will do!! caught up in an unpleasant situation.

Shady deals were conducted!!! please!! it's not just product sold in Decatur!! on Glenwood Road at the Old English Inn.

Shady Like Grady!!! the whole game is!! pain and anguish is the by product.

Tried to play me during the manufacturing process!! what's up with this? what's the deal? barred from the premises like the Hurt Locker's not the conduct!!

Bodies, hearts, spirits; in Babylon fracturing!!!...the healing process might take a minute.

In these sports? were factoring all variables..whose fair with this? in it to win it!!

A brotha aborts this mission!! Oh No! Not finished with it!! some thought I was.

What the impression made? Naomi Campbell slapped her driver? it's a negative one!! but I ignore them..I'm down for the cause.

Kept it moving...didn't pause!! kept writing these letters and drumming up beats.

Kept it moving..intergalactic...Cosmic Slop..Cosmic Fog?..from Pluto to Atlanta..whose humming and bumming on the street?

Kept it heats up like Al Gore said it would!! due to global warming?

Whats the deal? writing letters to myself and global issue a warning.