Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What's The Deal?? Pt. 2......

What's the deal? please!! it's way too real!!! the apparatus tried to shut down on a player.

The climate has changed: even the earth's rotation was affected by the quake in Chile.. so what will Al Gore say to ya?

What will O-Dog play for ya? sonic mechanical engineering is the usually involves breakbeats.

O-Zone is part of the team; making notations with the Good Word.. as we rebuke the hostile takeover..these brothas take back the streets.

A fake one? alt shift deletes the files..operating were at a standstill.

Global warming? the earth heats up!! it's like the situation in Dubai with Mossad..not down under but even Australia is involved...meanwhile we refuse to go under..check the funky styles...smelling like a landfill.

A brotha also knows the deal!! it's way too real..I recognize the pattern..Libra occupied by Saturn with restrictions and limitations.

O-Zone is about Progressive Liberation; staying a step ahead of the statute of limitations.

In this zone? they said it's all love!! heard Babyface sing..he loves babygirl on two and night.

In this zone I'm racing down I-20 listening to Kid Cudi's Day and Night.

Some won't play right!! I'm wearing the number 20 Barry Sanders throwback..running for daylight in the darkness.

Hardhat with the lantern on top...up in the Mothership..where can I park this?

I spark the disco inferno..played like Obama's Healthcare Plan..who will work with a bro? rocking the skully with glasses girl said I look like an intelligent thug.

Messages in the songs..but not on the bully pulpit..telling you that you need a new drug.

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