Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Still Making Adjustments

I can see how this is going down!! I'll just have to make adjustments.

The system told me to just go with the flow!! but you know they can't be trusted.

How you living? left busted and disgusted!! now the devil is laughing.

What are we giving? it's this breakbeat science!! based on the math we bring.

On a different path!! we bring a fresh new batch!! straight out of the oven.

Rebuking the hostile takeover!! the hell we catch!! but the drama? some are loving.

Nuking the territory!! or threatening to like Iran..whatcha know man? whose trying to blow up subways?.. or pushing and shoving under the basket like the NBA.

Hostile territory like Pakistan or Afghanistan!! or in the backwoods!! blasted on by the NRA.

Hot style when I tell this story!! not smoked out on backwoods!! not zoned out on meth!! not basking in the limelight..I'm low key.

Hot style because I'm down here in the A-Town? please..everybody's struggling!! these folks don't even know me!

But I stay busy!! growing me a secret and rhymes? I've got plenty..word from Barry White.

Peace be still? please!! new type gangsters are starting the drama again!! sho you right!

We can't chill!! under attack like Russia by terrorists..tried to heal from previous episodes!! but band aids and wraps were snatched off of wounds!!

Plus duct tape didn't work!! In the lab O-Dog follows street codes!! funk is played!! something fresh is batched up!! valuable like product from Bugandan sacred tombs.

Funky fresh in the flesh!!! a brotha never succumbs to the madness.

I can see how it's going down!! adjustments were made when we come back with this.

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