Saturday, March 20, 2010


Saturday Saturday afternoon..soaking up the Pisces sunrays..soon moving to Aries..the Equinox..enjoying my hobby daydreaming.

Haters will holla at me!! like Tea Party protestors did John Lewis...scorning!! they soon start lobbying authorities...saying I'm plotting and scheming!!

It's the stream of consciousness I'm flowing down...low key..a brotha never fronted or flaunted.

Wise to the set up!! you know they'll have a brotha on America's Most Wanted!!

Doctrines were found to be they tell me I'm null and void where prohibited!!

Rocking that and this!!! A-Town style!! walking through Lenox Mall others? ill styles exhibited.

Meanwhile I did the Russia it was the Day of Wrath..kept my eye on the staff in Gitmo..information withheld? waterboarded for it.

In this realm? on this path? no love shown by health care protestors.. I'm calling on the higher power.on one accord with it.

Got on board..the Love Train..riding it!! that's word from the O-Jays.

But didn't get on board after I heard the doctrine!!! acting like Republicans vs Obama's health care plan..arm chair quarterbacks didn't know the plays.

A shadetree mechanic displays skills..but they didn't know what the deal was.

Shady like Grady!! fanatics pull capers..straight out of a fantasy world!! didn't know what the real was.

It seemed like steel was what the aura is made out of!! rebuked the hostile takeover.

Studied the evidence..there was no benevolence!! but the reign of the fake is over.

Plus the break is over work is put collar style..also similar to mechanical engineering.

Ignored so called industry standards..make one holla like Marvin Gaye!! as some accent loathing and fearing.

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