Sunday, March 07, 2010

Biting Off More Than We Can Chew???

Biting off more than we can chew; after we bit the hand that fed us.

Lightning strikes off in this piece!!! what was the deal? a liar misled us.

Thrown under the bus or thrown into the shredder like old documents.

O-Zone is swinging this Sword of Truth like King Arthur..but knowing what's up with justice no peace in this zone..but please were rocking it.

Others were knocking this!!! like they're knocking Obama..but I'm trying to maintain..trying to get my mind right.

Like I said...a brotha's rocking this!! Retro futuristic!! Moving Forward...also using 20 20 hindsight.

A brotha whose a mystic; trust me on this like Obama told the Democrats.. to the blind I bring the light..we're all up in the darkness.

Whose being realistic? biting off more than they can chew?..all up in the spot!! but on the fringe..where the margin is.

Some are going ballistic!!! as some try to caste a vote..recognize what the deal is!!! what real is... ear shattering gunshots exploded!!

Biting off more than they can chew? recognize what the deal is..others told to do whatcha gotta the cause? they said stay devoted..

We're doing what we do..carrying the sword of we deal with this and that..while smash and grabbers are barging in this, that and the other.

Some feel this and that!!!..some were false in these hoods..spotted some bum rushing the poker tournament in Germany...they're on some other other!!!

Some feel this and that!! in the midst of so many falsehoods...who will carry the sword of truth? like in the SCLC controversy..who'll work with me and you? in the middle of power struggles or turf wars.

Some feel this and that!! some ask what's it supposed to mean? knowing exactly what it means!! the struggle continues on earth!! I hear of wars and rumors of wars.

Some feel this and that!!! bruises, cuts, tumors and scars now in search of Balm in Gilead.

Let the healing process begin!!! O-Dog uses the Sword of Truth!! cuts, breaks, and samples!!! that's how we deal with it.

So what's the deal with it? the natural process!! some had to break north.

Others confide with the enemy..but bite off more than they can chew!!! the struggle continues!! it's like so on and so forth.

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