Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chilling Out....Peace Be Still PT.2

Peace be still!! I was just laying in the cut!! how long will this status last?

Couldn't chill!!! who started the Doomsday Machine? heard roadside bombs going off!! plus in the hood I hear guns blast.

Running fast!! dipping!! like Usain Bolt!! heard rumbling!! the ground shakes.

Like Haiti or over in Chile..what will the deal be? lightning bolt will strike a pundit who just fakes.

Some hate me!!! some feel me!! some do both..heard how the debate will be..what it do? a mood swing takes them there.

Some relate to me!! feeling the beat and's a hood thing as I take it there.

Others were fake over here!!! over there!! not a good thing!!! the territory is hostile.

These brothas rebuke the hostile takeover!! tell the story with a hot style.

Faking to get over? it's not my style!! staying out of zones where there's no love.

It's over!! deleted the file!! now O-Zone rises to the top...high above.

High above in the galaxy!! Float Float Float On like the Floaters.

Flowing through the stream of consciousness..while politicians con the voters.

Sugar flowing through motors..bananas in the tailpipes..the hooptie stalls.

Toyotas accelerate!! plus brake pads and rotors are needed..a banana republic is limited!! check the gap as one stalls.

Manny Moe and Jack stay busy!! as shadetree mechanics provide competition.

Peace be still!! but there's always something there to remind me how are you living?

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