Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's Up With It? Was Any Progress Made?

Damn!!  seems like we didn't even scratch the surface; was any progress made?

Flowing through streams of consciousness; noticed some are stressed..they realized they got played!

Whatcha knowing?  Wikileakers strayed off into my I stay on point like a Marine sniper!

Whatcha knowing? spotted streakers skinny dipping up in the joint!! saying they get hyper!

The naked truth wasn't a thing of beauty; torpedoes even shot by Charlie Sheen...but it's  like dude that was in the diaper with Parliament Funkadelic; even if told by Gadhafi; what's the deally? whose slipping into darkness like the joint by War?

Diplomatic immunity is exercised but whose starting it? jealous of it!! activated the glass ceiling and raised the bar!

 But that's par for the course...Tiger Woods once played under par but lately he's been struggling...

It's hard out here for a's tight in these peeps are even strong arm muscling...
Let the healing process begin!! trying to erase the physical and emotional scar; feeling like I'm in a wind parade....winds of change are blowing..

Word from Donald Byrd!! you heard? feel me on this..the train of thought is rolling!

Listening to Gil Scott Heron's Train from WCLK in the background; on I-20 the hooptie is rolling!

Trying to maintain...minding and tending is how we play...that's how were rolling!!

Who feels the pain? the apparatus was controlling every move they made.

Halls were monitored plus GPS tracking interfaced with bar codes; cell phones and microchips implanted were part of the charade.

Wall Street responded; the stocks are up or are they down? like the oil prices..check the status due to the games played.

What's up with it? its all game!! your boy prayed before he went in.

What's up with it? as we proceed and continue..were just getting it in!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Perpetual Is The Motion

Perpetual is the motion!! we keep it moving? the train of thought is rolling..whatcha knowing?  this thing keeps going and going!

....To let cha know is the notion; as we get cha open like Black Moon..making it..soon..we provide  fuel for going for what were knowing!!

Spiritual significance in this operation after being a true player like Jerome at Club Shiznet! 

Episode from the Martin show when Tommy and Cole got robbed..what's up with me? in Libya grenades and IED's are lobbed... for those wondering whats up with it!

Thresholds reached after others were starting it...said they were like Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane..they steady mobbed!!  but now the season is over!

Holds and bars are released; things are now complete!!! the hump? we get over!

The madness never goes back to the days when cold ones in long cars like Cadillac Eldorado's were trying to get over per Superfly and Curtis Mayfield.

Pundits wonder if we have an agenda like Obama in Libya; wasn't a wannabe or pretender trying to play the field.

They should pray that we'll stop or yield!!  they see that I'm not worried about them; they should worry about me!

...Or they want me to be a cyborg or clone; that trip? I'm not on!! maybe acting like  a robot searching for Air Force wreckage? they said its not about me!

...As some continue to doubt me; but O-Dizzle drops he's hip hopping!

Progressive when I come through!! not drop topping and Diddy bopping!

But believe me its on and popping!! its the rebuttal as the saga / struggle continues.

Some say amen like deacons in the amen corner!! its based on what we've been through.

As we dip through; not like the F-U Pastor...I checked my fellow tribe members too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

Plus this is not Kansas City and Dorothy is not in Kansas; negative vibe senders will gather signatures for their petitions.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cavaliers top LeBron, Heat 102-90

...err might have spoke too soon about Miami....but a good win for The Cavs..

Cavaliers top LeBron, Heat 102-90 - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Knicks Celtics and Spurs Losing Streaks..

....people acted like the world was going to end when The Miami Heat had there losing streak about a month ago...but I haven't heard too much about the Knicks, Celtics and Spurs losing streak..I'm just saying!! ..check this article out!!

Knicks knock losing ways against Magic - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine...: "Not trying to waste your time or my time because you know time keeps ticking. ....And ticking and ticking; like Steve Miller's Fly Like An..."

Monday, March 28, 2011

Trying Not To Come Undone..

As we start another one; trying not to come undone is the top priority!

In the heart of one; it's like the drama in Libya...Obama had the deal for ya!!  all up in the spot!! a hostile territory.

Earthquakes and Tsunamis like Japan!! what's up man?  the drama will be off the chain!

Fakes and wannabes laughing at us!! trying to flex like Donald Trump..that's what's up man!!  they get off on the pain!

They like to see others suffer while the sit in corporate boardrooms doing the numbers!

Distracting others so they cant see what it do; knowing the masses slumber!

I fell through in the Bugle Boy jeans..stripped polo shirt from Merona;  a Target brand..I guess because I'm a target man!

But moving ones are hard to hit; told little homie know soon he'll understand!

Oh yeah!!  he'll understand in due time!! word from OutKast!!  might need to think fast or even pray and and by when the morning comes.

Where will he land in an forsaken land where the fear loathing and mourning will come?

As we exercise power!!!  like a forward or center; like Alonzo Mourning or even Dwight Howard;   The Magic playing the Knicks... Carmelo said it's a must win..meanwhile we put work in!! next thing you know were chilling in Cozumel.

Points were scoring!!  might have to fight a coward as we deliver this message like Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five with Melle Mel.

Its not hard to tell  like Nas said!! where's  loyalty? subliminal messages are interpreted; team members talked the other way.

Whats the consensus? not from the 2010 Census..but so called players stalked; but that's not how you play!

It was senseless!! that's not how you pray..they asked for silver and gold!

Making any sense of this? knowledge dropped by this breakbeat scientist.. truth be told.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: It Is What It Is....The Cliche Is In Full Effect.....

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: It Is What It Is....The Cliche Is In Full Effect.....: "Some were acting like they were geeked!! just a bunch of eager beavers. .....Soon caught out there when documents were Wikileaked!! w..."

What's The Deal? A Question I Ask Myself From Time... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

What's The Deal? A Question I Ask Myself From Time... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Time Wasn't On Their Side....So I Enlighten Them

Heard them talking about time was on their side!! sounding like Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones.

But whose stalking marks and busters? rolling like Libyan rebels in Brega!!  told them don't front I see ya!! whose ready to stick them with the dagger when rolling through these danger zones?

The structure was rusted; jagged..ragged.. needed to be buffed or shined so homie can turn his swagger on!

Whats up with ya? some lost their swagger..lost their groove; they cant move!! some are waiting in the dark; vehicles in park..lights turned off like Earth Hour..they cant move!! soon seen out on Candler Rd in Decatur Georgia trying to get their stagger on!

"That dude was gone" !!!  that's what little homie said!!! not even nuclear power would help!! the controlled substances had taken a toll!

...Maybe a broke version of Charlie Sheen calling the opposition a troll!

...In Atlanta....but wasn't fresh and clean like OutKast ; in need of Afro Sheen or something to refresh the jheri curl.

Stream of consciousness floater trying to out blast demons in gun fights after insights are provided; whose dipping like Gaza militants after Israeli air strikes?  the drama will unfurl!

Mideast rock hurlers get bombs dropped on them like Qaddafi is doing!

Midwest rockers from Louisville told the opposition you cant stop us!! we have a winning tradition like UConn!! were going for what were knowing!

Mentors said were blowing an opportunity; but who wants to end up like them?

Sonic defenders unleash the Sonic Assault; providing tough love but told some we don't have to like them.

....Had to fight them!!  that's how family does; but don't mess with the family!

I enlighten them; but some act like they don't understand me!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Still Putting Work In!!

Work is put in...Mechanical engineering; industrial strength....I hear power tools and drills.

Shadetree mechanics pursue social engineering; saying these fools should know the drills!!

Social networks told them to take those pills and rinse it down with the enhanced grape flavored Kool Aid!!

The social media makes it a trending topic!!! like Jamie Hood...what's good? some can't believe those fools fell for the charade.

I hear George Benson's Masquerade playing in the background its soon followed by Public Enemy's Cant Truss It! 

Games were played!! March Madness teams bear witness to how being thrown under the bus can get!

Can I get a  witness? can I get a what what from those that know whats up? knowing what it do!

Knowing the system is corrupt ; if you don't know you need to act like you knew!

Whatcha going through? dealing with a situation!! Juicy Fruit like the old school chewing gum.

Whatcha going through they ask a bruh? told them I'm chilling in the lab; cutting up Mfume's Juicy Fruit.. working with the drum.

.....As we get over the hump like its the middle of the week.

Trying to get over like Superfly per Curtis Mayfield but meeting opposition; haters will snitch like Wikileaks.

Winning and losing streaks are dealt with!! this too shall pass was the knowledge given by old girl!

Meanwhile a bruh streaks across the universe in uncharted territory; I was tired of the old world!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Police Negotiate With Suspected Cop Killer

.....the suspect Jamie Hood has released four wants to turn self in on live TV...

Police Negotiate With Suspected Cop Killer

I Had To Tell Them...Go On With That!! They Were Getting Foul Again..

Once again its on!!! dude said something about Red Dead Redemption!! getting foul again.

Once again its on!! the attitude? its survivor Redemption Island!

This is no Fantasy Island!! though the line between fantasy and reality does blur!

Some are styling and profiling like they're in mamby pamby land!! soon stranded on Gilligan's Island!!  but whose foul again? reality checks bounce; a prayer or curse some will announce!! might hear a racial slur!

Yes sir yes sir!! Some act like their in boot camp or spent time in the corporate military prison industrial system.

Others loot the treasury; now they lamp in clubs, country clubs, corporate boardrooms or mansions!

The mission is expansion like Michele Bachmann in 2012!!  ; They ask thIs brotha what's happening man, what can you tell them? told them cultures disappear but reappear in the scientists lab!

Huey Lewis said somebody wanted a new drug; clean like Charlie Sheen? soon some are in and out of rehab!

Huey Newton was scientific like Isaac Newton...whose acting brand new again? my Pops was wrong? he endorsed the Atlanta smash and grab theory; rolling 30 deep? young bucks run amok!

Pops said you had to be strong like King Kong!! even stash weaponry; whose buying up the competition like AT & T!!  gamblers are out for a fast buck!

Then dipped in a fast truck!!  Ford F-150 or Dodge Ram!! cash paid at the dealer that looked the other way!

Shady and shifty!! Shady like Grady!! ; but not homie from Sanford and Son from back in another day!

What have you done for me lately asked Janet Jackson!! another play was ran by the armchair quarterback.

Its not all gravy baby!! I had to tell some to go on with that!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Chris Brown Beautiful People Video

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Chris Brown Beautiful People Video: "Showing Chis Breezy support...they're trying to railroad a bruh up on GMA...check this out!! Chris Brown - Music - More Music Videos"

In A Minute....Still In It To Win It...

In a minute we'll be right on time like the Brothers Johnson song!

In it to win it!!  but damn it!! I'm either too early or too late..wasn't in sync.. they said O-Zone your wrong!

What's the deal with it? your homie is independent..I told them I'm on a different schedule!!  wasn't ready to leave like Gaddafi!!  really not ready to leave like home girl Elizabeth Taylor...what can I tell ya? they said I need to let it go!

Just another Love TKO!!  word from Teddy Pendergrass!! but I continue to handle this..been this way from the get go!

Not claiming to be a fly negro!! that's just a dressed up coon! or played like Chris Brown...accused of being a goon..

Whatcha know? not blaming the player just the game!! please believe me it's all game..but whose reaping what was sown?

Kicking ass and taking names was the knowledge that was kicked!! some are on a power trip!

Others were Wikileaking!! taking pictures and taking names...whose upstate after taking that trip?

Were shaking it up like a jar of Tropicana juice!!! then take a sip of the elixir!

We're breaking it up like a Mexican Cartel!! it's not hard to tell..they were chilling like Obama down in Brazil..chilling down in Copacabana; more drama!! Po Po spotted them at the mixer!

Meanwhile O-Dizzle was breaking beats on the Yamaha mixer!! as he shows and proves.

Check the mean style as O-Zone gets busy!! he continues to make moves!

A bruh grooves with you  like the Isley Brothers; its all natural though !! we're not trying to show out.

The moves we make are mysterious!!! one step ahead of a hater..flames they try to blow out!

Who do you know out there I was asked?  as I studied the Dark Mystery of Time Space..please!! this is like Weather Report's Mysterious Traveler!!  we've been up on it!

Out in the the moonlight, sunlight and out in the stars we basked..we were moving fast!!  but we're still feeling the effects of the Super Full Moon..after coming back down to earth..please believe me !! we're staying on point in the sport !! recognizing the evil opponent!

...Told you!! we're up on it..please!!! we're in it to win it!!

...Told you!! act like you knew!! hopefully you'll see in a minute...

Chris Brown Faces ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cancellation and Jail Time After Violent Outburst

.....I think GMA was out of pocket / disrespectful for asking him about Rihanna...he was on GMA to promote his CD..not to talk about his personal business...

Chris Brown Faces ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Cancellation and Jail Time After Violent Outburst | rolling out

Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Dr. Dre and Swizz Beatz .....Chillin.....Video

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Dr. Dre and Swizz Beatz .....Chillin.....Video: "...Dre & Swizz Beatz? check this out!!"

The leak: Gucci Mane 'The Return of Mr. Zone 6' [Audio]

....for the gucci mane fans...

The leak: Gucci Mane 'The Return of Mr. Zone 6' [Audio] | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Feeling The Heat Like Miami....Plus It's Extra Spicy...

The meal is extra spicy like eating some Indi's Chicken up in Louisville...or maybe Italian or Mexican food; now I can probably talk Spanish.

But it ain't nothing nice!! haters are alt shift deleting like massacres in Libya!! filing some away in file thirteen!! my people are hurting!! feeling the pain and anguish!

O-Dizzles beats bang like were in Bangladesh or some other exotic place.

Puzzles and riddles were solved by O-Zone; wasn't trying to flip like David Koresh down in Waco Texas..fanatics and haters want us to catch a case!

Dude from Nigeria tried to dip through Atlanta in the old school Mercedes carrying contraband..with invalid passports used by tourists; now facing harsh and adverse retribution.

Ghetto passes and entry codes are revoked; whose whistle blowing for the institution?

Like Atlanta teachers..soon paid off like Atlanta preachers? meanwhile the masses whistle while they work; but Wikileaking reveals its all for nothing!

Funk seminars and classes reveal O-Dizzle was in the lab tweaking breakbeats; he might be on to something!

Meanwhile the masses think O-Zone is on something!! based on these clearance rack epiphanies.

Shared with the prophetess the good word about the moving target strategies!

Moving targets are hard to hit!!! dodging bullets, backstabbers that the O-Jays talked about, daggers and shrapnel from Iraqi suicide bombers.

Plus the devils pitchfork!!! its pitch black on Kentucky back roads; truck drivers were rogering 10-4 good buddy !! then ran us off the road like he was bombing us!

What's the deal? it's similar to being thrown under the bus; what's up with us? please!! I hope Ralph Kramden from the Honeymooners wasn't driving!

....Or our tour bus getting shot up like Waka Flocka Flame's trying to steal his gold chains?..they were tripping up in Charlotte!!..who will be Drivin N Cryin?

Somebody's lying like Pops ain't nothing's too hot like Kool and The Gang..extra's not cool like they say it is!!

Now somebody's crying...the drama never stops..we'll have to pray about this...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

As We Proceed and Continue...We Keep Moving... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

As We Proceed and Continue...We Keep Moving... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Kanye West Closes Out SXSW With All-Star Set

Kanye West Closes Out SXSW With All-Star Set - The Hollywood Reporter

The Battle Cry....Lord Help Lord Help!! It's Used Once Again...

Whats the deal?  ongoing drama in Japan...please!!! Lord Help! Lord Help! was the battle cry!

Borrowed the line from old dude up in Louisville;  in spiritual warfare it gets real!!!  no need to ask why!

Bogus doctrines not followed; Gaddafi says attackers from the West are terrorists;  as we get real with this..what's the deal with this? why would I roll with the clones?

Staying focused; that's whats up!! not trying to shoot myself in the foot..or in the hand like Wyclef Jean.. staying on point in these danger zones!

Staying focused;  not strange for us to adjust bass treble and tones!!  then hit the masses up with the by product!

Staying focused;  like I was Kemba Walker for UConn...they said I was acting different..classes are conducted concerning my conduct!

Others considered conducting themselves in an orderly fashion after they drunk the grape flavored Kool Aid.

It was spiked;  plus chemicals were laced in heating and air conditioning systems now fools believe the charade!

Similar to spinach or milk in I spot a parade of first responders; the haz-mat team and other emergency personnel.

All up in the spot!! our response is the Sonic Assault!!  O-Dizzle dropped funk!! he's working it!!  plus O-Zone had a story to tell.

Not out of these woods this danger zone; I heard the story..they want us to fail!

Not out of these hoods yet;  no bailouts like banks...but I see the whole world is a ghetto!

That's word from that group War!!  in the city, country or city theres no pity.

Whats heard on WCLK? they played Valdez in the Country by Donny Hathaway!

As we bring this math your way; its like this and like that!

Things get ugly...what's up with me? heard saying Lord Have Mercy!! Lord  Help Lord Help!! spiritual warfare going down!!  we have to fight that!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Kool and The Gang....Get Down On It...Live

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Kool and The Gang....Get Down On It...Live: "....on some back in the day type sh&d......check this out!!"

Lets Groove.....Earth Wind & Fire

.......on some back in the day type shxt!!

Da Peoples Street Radio - Loudcaster Radio

..............saturday night mix show

Da Peoples Street Radio - Loudcaster Radio

Trey Songz Releases Freestyle "#ShouldaBeenARapper's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

...trey songz spitting bars...

Trey Songz Releases Freestyle "#ShouldaBeenARapper" | HotSpotATL - Hot 107.9 Atlanta's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: At The Construction Site....

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: At The Construction Site....: "I see dudes with yellow hard hats; yellow construction tape surrounds the structure. Trucks come and go; what can I tell ya ? justice obst..."

..Heard Them Laughing...But Not A Damn Thing Is Funny!! Once Again..

Why were they skinning and grinning?  not a damn thing is funny!

Whose losing? whose winning like Charlie Sheen?  who bought tickets to the violent torpedoes of truth tour? who bought lotto tickets? in this world its all about the money!

Was I looking fresh and so clean clean like Outkast or looking bummy? rocking a blue Tommy Hilfiger polo shirt; Phat Farm jeans with some Fila kicks.

Down here in the A-Town; but look like I represent the New York Knicks. 

Tricks of the trade? O-Dizzle has them...whose playing around with them? please!!  Eric B and Rakim said don't sweat the technique!

A player sticks to the charade; I stick to the original plan; like AZ I'm rather unique.

For some? the outlook is bleak; radiation found in food in Japan; plus some don't have a pot to piss in.

As the Mothership streaks across the galaxy; studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space...some get foul with me; asking me what was I missing?

Please!! I wasn't missing in action!! work is put in...industrial strength; blue collar style!

Please!!  I was chilling in the cut..checking the interaction;  Libya gets blasted on; you know for a dollar and petroleum these folk will act foul!

Its all game!! I didn't foul out..even though I played the full court pressure defense!

Its all game!! that's how we play it...these are Louisville representatives!

Not tentative with this;  its going down like in Yemen!!  bear witness!

As we exercise power; showing showing physical and mental fitness!

Whats up with this? rolling through the district listening to WCLK they were playing Gil Scott Heron. 

Next up was Weather Report; word from this Mysterious Traveler..whats up in the sport? some were still jheri curling avenue swerving!! others had the gangsta lean; others on that coke or heroin!

In need of a hero or herione hooping things will be fair again in love or war...

Negative starts to the equation..before zero...progress made? haters will raise the bar!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Waka Flocka & Gucci Mane Join Forces For “Ferrari Boys” Album

Waka Flocka & Gucci Mane Join Forces For “Ferrari Boys” Album | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Had To Admit...I Was Tripping..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Had To Admit...I Was Tripping..: "I was tripping!! mind playing tricks like the Geto Boys. These days? slipping through the cracks...ironic for a brotha that once played w..."

The Saga / Struggle Continues...Once Again Its On....Once Again..

                                      once again...once again..once again..

Once again its on...damn!!! its always something..I was trying to chill!

Once again its on; dude said he felt like Gaddafi...somebody's  running up with something  he wasn't trying to feel!

But I'm trying to deal with it; trying to come back like Tiger Woods..the saga / struggle continues.

Trying to keep it real!! but futuristic like cloud and O-Dizzle will continue to rock these venues. 

Fulfilling our potential; heard the minister say what the Lord has for us is ours.

Fools deal with ill officials; they'll get played like Jean-Bertrand Aristide ; a haters main focus is to put us behind bars!

Old or new schools need to be upgraded; students still fall behind even though the law said none would be; ....I see the how the grown ups act...scars never healing; wounds are wide open.

Old or new fools still try to front!! I heard Black Moon:  don't front you know I gotcha open!

Nothing new under the sun...or even the super full moon..old or new rules upheld by a coon; scoping things out for the apparatus!

Old or new tools used; letters written, even Wikileaking; Twittering or Facebooking; updating the status!

Told some to holla back at us after they get your their minds right!

Please!!! the train of thought is rolling the Mothership stays in orbit; it stays in flight!

Insight was gained when I studied the Dark Mystery of Time and Space.. damn!! I realized its like this and like that and a.

Realized I'm outside the box; on another page...everybody won't understand a bro.

As I continue to go for what I know; sticking to the original plan!

Hopefully I continue to grow...letting my people know as they deal with this original man!

Whats up man? damn!! the saga / struggle continues...sometimes it seems I cant do Nathan!

Then sometimes I get fresh or fly; like back in the day up in Louisville buying kicks from Nathan's.

Wikileaks cables reveal worry over Japan's nuclear plants

Wikileaks cables reveal worry over Japan's nuclear plants -

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jalen Rose, Grant Hill And The Fate Of "The Uncle Tom"

.....editorial in regard to Jalen Rose's remarks about Duke players being Uncle Toms...

Dr. Boyce: Jalen Rose, Grant Hill And The Fate Of "The Uncle Tom" | News One

...Dude Said It's All Game....

Its all game; they said something about a no fly zone like in Libya... dude said hmmm;  he took an "old country stroll " to see what it do.

Whats the attitude? Gaddafi said he would don't hate.. said he had solutions; we should act like we knew!

Similar to dude that was fronting in the hood...longitude and latitude were calculated while he was on the cell phone; now authorities roll up on him!

No gratitude was shown after he had sold his soul!! now they said they own him!

Whats really going on? Aristide was headed back to Haiti...the grim outlook was given by the prophetess.

Whats really going on? she said it didn't have to be a  super full moon for it to be a hot mess!

Whats really going on? the minister down at the First  African Baptist Church in Sylvester Georgia said we have to be processed before we received our blessing!

We cant handle the truth!! word from Jack Nicholson; so who you stressing?

Whose confessing..Wikileaking?  problems with Japanese nuclear plants mentioned; now security checkpoints are set up; only the positive  people are allowed in!

Winning or losing..streaking? its hard to tell..everybody is styling and profiling!

Whose dialing or pressing buttons? probably gluttons for punishment!

Now flabbergasted...looks on their face show astonishment!

Earlier they blasted off like the Discovery Space Shuttle said they were running it!! but what's up with it? it's all game..soon spaceships crash and burn!

Whats the deally? status wasn't justified by all that cash they earn.

Good and evil clash!! but some never learn they'll end up being casualties!

Whats good? it's all game..they were corporate like Friday; dressed casually!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We Had More Math For Ya....

Whats really going on? some people were rolling like Libya; I can see they're on the warpath!

But the Brotha O-Zone stays busy; coming through, hitting you up with more math!

Ignored the ill staff!! operating like the GOP?  I let them go on about these business.

I know who and where I am!! dropping this good word and the jam...there'll be no ecological ignorance! 

Plus I wasn't dancing with the devil at the disco inferno; but I saw the roof on fire!

Wasn't under pressure like Lebron and D Wade with the shot clock about to expire!

Wasn't under pressure!! the Lord continues to shower us with blessings.

Staying on one accord; but haters throw salt in the game..they continue to stress things! 

But I address things; I'm not worried; but them they should worry about me!

Snitches confess to things..Wikileaking; said others will doubt me!

Streaking across the galaxy!!! came home like the Discovery Space Shuttle;  wasn't in Kansas like Dorothy and Toto....but I was ready to holla; but I see its not about me!

Epiphanies discovered while in the huddle with armchair quarterbacks; had a strategy..but some continue to doubt me!

Voters recall a bruh like  Mayor Carlos Alvarez in Miami....a scout will be posted up at practice taking pictures like Bill Belichek's crew.

But were going all out!! check this by product from the we make it do what it do!

Whatcha going through? everyone  has a cross to bear like the homie Je-sus.

Whatcha going through?  others front like masters of the universe; like Saturn or Zeus but we roll like Chuck Brown; busting loose.

Whatcha going through? do you choose to accept the assignment or decline; fate can be unkind....

We roll through the streets of Atlanta listening to some old  Warren G, Snoop or Dr Dre. let the music play....Nate Dogg sings in the what's on your mind?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bill Maher To Keith Ellison: "The Quran Is A Hate-Filled Holy Book"

Bill Maher To Keith Ellison: "The Quran Is A Hate-Filled Holy Book" | News One

Another Cold Day In Atlanta..I Put The Scully Back On

Damn its a cold world!!! another cold day in Atlanta...that's why I keep the skully on!

Some won't us to fold; like the rebels in Libya...they're trying to shut us down!! social engineering brings loathing and fearing; once again its on!

Even the haz mat team is on a mission over in Japan...trying to analyze the information.

Whats the prognosis? whose in need of  potassium iodide? mad scientist had the lethal doses to adjust your transformation.

As we transfer this information; for freedom we continue to this cold's rough but somebody has to do it!! these breakbeat scientists are doing their job.

Jihadists and crimies were in syndication like TV Land reuns...but all of them will steal or rob!

Grenades some lob!! but unlike Bruno Mars I wasn't falling on one for them!

Charades go down!! some act brand new with me; but O-Dizzle just got back from Pluto and Mars....falling through with the drum.

They said I was calling you!! sending messages; trying to start a mutiny!

....Said its all on you !! now whose Wikileaking after they had me under scrutiny?

.....Or either its the Janet Jackson vibe; what have you done for me lately is heard!

.....Or maybe they weren't checking for me or my tribe until the drama occurred.

....Usually played like a brotha is a bum!!! speech slurred like I was drunk!! asking for change like big homie down at the Five Points Marta Station in Atlanta.

Whose waiting in the dark like they're at home? didn't proceed to the light at the end of the tunnel!! didn't get their point...told homie I don't understand ya!

These folk will strand ya out where the lines blurred in the gray area.

Its business as usual;  Babylon is full of mass hysteria!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Wasn't Mad At Them...The System Had Them...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: I Wasn't Mad At Them...The System Had Them...: "Damn!! I cant say I was mad at them; it seems the system had a hold on them. Plus everybody has their own path to follow; along the ..."

30 Deep Gang Member Sentenced To Life Plus 70 Years

30 Deep Gang Member Sentenced To Life Plus 70 Years | HotSpotATL - Hot 107.9 Atlanta's Home for the Hip-Hop Community

What's The Deal? A Question I Ask Myself Quite Often...

Whats the deal? a question I ask myself from time to's like Androids vs I-Pads..especially after I see contraptions malfunction.

Whats the deal? asking's like Japanese nuclear reactors exploding...whose trapped in systems that don't function?

Whose living with dysfunctional families like the GOP..but  probably think things are normal?

Whose trying to tell O-Dizzle how the funk should go? but he's outside the box..some may consider the style abnormal!

Caught out there in the storm!! but I know what it do!! I've been out here before!

The saga struggle continues!! it wouldn't unwanted guests I tried to push it out of the door!

Outside wolves were howling at the front door causing a ruckus!

Minnesota Timberwolves style like Kevin Love trying to rebound and score but haters keep fouling us!

Juiced up like Sammy Sosa or Jose Canseca? no man!!  plus not trying to catch anything on the rebound ..carrying baggage!

What was it that they sold ya? return it to the service desk those products were just garbage!

O-Zone is a bold one; told some don't start it!!! I could care less about this world and the folks in it! 

But I'm sold on loving the next so that love is returned, so at the same time I love this world and all the folk in it!

Contradicting myself like Iran Contra deals that made Oliver North and the real Rick Ross famous.

Conflicting views!! but that's not old news from this mysterious traveler studying the Dark Mystery of Time and Space... from Pluto; out beyond Venus Mars and Uranus!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trying To Solve The Problem... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

...word from part of the conglomerate

Trying To Solve The Problem... - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Damn!!! Still Asking; What's The Prognosis?

Damn!!! I'm still asking...whats the prognosis? as a brotha analyzes the information.

The broken beat / broken prose is the rebuttal to the madness!! also the fuel for my transformation.

Especially since gas is high..blame it on Libya?  please!!  The Mothership is the transportation as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta.

Just got back from the International Space Station like the Discovery Space Shuttle..a brotha gets scientific ...but they told me we don't understand ya!

I wondered about them; as I kick this to la la land and mamby pamby land residents.

Listening to "La La La La La means I love you" by the Delfonics...our response to this? we came through in the clutch son!! still realizing there's no benevolence!

Listening to the vibe master Bobby Hutcherson being played on 89.3 WRFG.

Chilling; noticed a tribe member lit a Dutch Masters; his homie had a cut up Swisher that he manipulated.

.....Filled it with a controlled substance; now Dizzy like Gillespie but society still hated!

Played like Esperanza Spalding even though awards were received.

Jokes like Tony Danza? please..spirituality of this stanza missed because of texting and cell phone conversations? some will be deceived!

Some will be relieved that messages in the songs were missed; they want us to be distracted.

Middle passages descendants caught the short end of the stick when they interacted!

Plus GPS tracked it!! where you at?  now the coordinates are in the database!

Plus others are stressed from catching that!! they were chasing the wind; that's similar to the dollars they chase.

 Plus others are blessed...realizing it is what it is....thankful for the moment...but they proceed and continue...still trying to win in this race...

Plus others they can make car notes and mortgage payments...soon some are at Superior Court arraignments....due to Wikileaking...told them to stay out of my face...

What's the prognosis? as I analyze the information...I noticed smiles on their faces; but who has pending cases? its a Masquerade like George Benson said.

Styles cant be traced; hope will not fade..we put it down instead!

What's the prognosis? as I analyze the information...some face dread like the residents of Japan.. 

 Check the strategy; we chose this!! breakbeat science is dropped...but it's rough like Libya man!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Georgia Tech Fires Men's Basketball Coach was a good run for Hewitt....time for him and Georgia Tech to move on!!

Georgia Tech Fires Men's Basketball Coach | News One

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Breaking News From These Breakbeat Scientist PT.4...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Breaking News From These Breakbeat Scientist PT.4...: "Peace go with you my brotha!! that's the offering from Gil Scott Heron! Please!! I know it got rough out here for a brotha!! now some..."

Still Trying To Find The Prognosis...

Still asking the question...whats the prognosis? it's like watching these Japan nuclear sites..I had to sit back and analyze the situation.

Others took lethal doses before going down the yellow brick road on the way to the Emerald City..wondering what kind of prize they'll be getting!

Populations were similar to mamby pamby land...even the so called good fellow found out history keeps repeating due to the 360 degree theory! .

Homie down here in Atlanta kept it pimping!! meanwhile I operate like Libyan rebels..switched over to the revolutionary tip; wondering whose part of the conspiracy?

Whose for or against us? no peace or I in a no-fly zone?  it could jump off like the Mideast crises!!

Whose trying to get fly with O-Zone? trying to act brand new with a bruh!!  from wannabe gangstas in the hood to crooked bankers and wall street brokers; whose the nicest?

....When they're running their game.whose to blame?  not me!! I'm outside soaking up Pisces sun rays!

Heard what Stevie Wonder said!! Everything is not all right, uptight and out of sight.....I see how son plays!!

See how an armchair quarterback runs plays; referees call penalties for illegal procedures.

Whats the prognosis?  now I see scientists looking for cures.

The pure is contaminated; the elixir was cloudy; like waters from the Tsunami in Japan; it was drunk while clones were chilling in the gray area.

They were waiting in the dark in twilight zones; now dealing with the mass hysteria.

More drama than Mideast uprisings!! dictators try to instill fear in ya!! but the masses will rebuke that!

A brotha is surprising haters with this Sonic Assault!! O-Dizzle will nuke that. where haters are chilling; check the steady bombardment.

Whats the deal? what's the prognosis? as I analyze information in the danger zone; were in the heart of it!

No. 14 Louisville beats No. 4 Notre Dame in OT

No. 14 Louisville beats No. 4 Notre Dame in OT - College Basketball -

Friday, March 11, 2011

African American Entertainers Asked to Give Libyan Money Back; White Corporations Are Not

....this is a good question?

African American Entertainers Asked to Give Libyan Money Back; White Corporations Are Not

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Didn't Play Games With Them

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Didn't Play Games With Them: "Didn't have time to play games with them; a bruh is a veteran now coaching! Jets are flying like Gaddafi's in electroni..."

A Cold Day In Atlanta..I Had To Put The Skully On!!

It was a cold day in Atlanta..representing a cold world? damn here we go again!! the saga /struggle continues.

Stranded on this A-Town planet where chefs from hells kitchen prepare meals from ill menus.

Could be stranded in Japan where the earthquake/tsunami hit; Lord Help!!  meanwhile in Atlanta  there's comes the judge!! and it's not Pigmeat Markham..what's up with them?   they'll render verdicts that will send you up or down state!

Adjustments are made to deal with the ongoing charade that threatens your mind state!

Cant truss it per Public Enemy; all you'll find is hate masquerading as love!

Busted and disgusted is the old cliche along with another one; it ain't all love!

Going hard in the paint like Waka Flocka Flame; but rebounders push and shove; they might even fire at your tour bus!

Things get hot like that nuclear reactor in Japan...what's happening man....on Glenwood Rd  dude  was hustling hard like Ace Hood and Swizz Beatz..he said the product is pure cuz!!

Going ballistic...nuclear like a falling off actor/ Charlie Sheen shooting torpedoes of truth at trolls..said concerns voiced were not legitimate.

Hammer said he was too legit to quit or forfeit!!  or maybe Dr Phil said get over it!

They damned us if we did or didn't!!  getting over with the Louisville / Newburg style.

Even heard Sean Hannity talking about blasting on Somalia for killing Americans; things can get foul!

Approaching the last mile; but Babylon set up a roadblock!

But this veteran now coaching is rolling in a discrete mode when I'm on the block!

Knowing that hustles get knocked like Gaddafi's jets shooting rebels; somebody has to keep the corporate military government complex going!

But mental and physical muscle is exercised; these brothers are going for what they're knowing!

What it do? acting like we knew... results are showing as we cross the threshold!

It's a cold day in Atlanta....O-Zone kept the scully on..knowing that this world is cold!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bryant, streaking Lakers drop Hawks, 101-87

..watched most of this game...just like the NY Knick game from Sunday Night there were more Laker fans at Philips Arena than Hawks fans.....I don't know about the A-Town sometimes...I'm just saying!!

Bryant, streaking Lakers drop Hawks, 101-87

How Will We Play It? We'll Be Laying In The Cut...

How will I play it? this Midwest representative ignored the drama royalty!

They played it like Charlie Sheen..they weren't so fresh and so clean like OutKast!! now all agreements are just tentative like the Senate funding vote...I'm trying to see if anybody shows loyalty!

Your boy will be laying in the cut; mending and tending!

Holla atcha boy!! playing this hand I was dealt..providing this good word and beat blending! 

A bruh is sending messages in the songs...exposing societies wrongs...check the weapons used and abused; O-Dizzle mixed breakbeats and O-Zone is cashing reality checks..they both get remixed!

Middle passage descendants knowing how real it is; so breakbeat science is kicked!

Some were put in a bag after they were tricked!! you know misery loves company theyll start a corporation!

Security cameras flicked; taking pictures was their guilt by association?

Drama jumps off in St. Louis..what's the deal with this? in other realms curiosity killed the cat; stamina he Rebels in Libya getting jacked..aborting operations should have been the strategy!

Whats up with me? I'm going off!!  O-Dizzle will jam for ya; ignoring those trying to sabotage operations..trying to get at me!

God had me in his unchanging hands; so I exercise diplomatic immunity!

Things were odd; things were changing in this land!! a bruh had to dip back to the community!

Dictators overthrown in the Middle East, crime bosses in the belly of the beast;  it goes from Cairo to Newburg.

In the Louisville area;  now in the Atlanta area checking the scenario..just left Charlotte Mecklenburg.

After I merged with the homies down in Duval; Jacksonville was in the house!

Submerged in the madness.. but we soon resurface; dropping funk like the LA harbor; hip hopping, and rocking the house!