Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Perpetual Is The Motion

Perpetual is the motion!! we keep it moving? the train of thought is rolling..whatcha knowing?  this thing keeps going and going!

....To let cha know is the notion; as we get cha open like Black Moon..making it..soon..we provide  fuel for going for what were knowing!!

Spiritual significance in this operation after being a true player like Jerome at Club Shiznet! 

Episode from the Martin show when Tommy and Cole got robbed..what's up with me? in Libya grenades and IED's are lobbed... for those wondering whats up with it!

Thresholds reached after others were starting it...said they were like Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane..they steady mobbed!!  but now the season is over!

Holds and bars are released; things are now complete!!! the hump? we get over!

The madness never goes back to the days when cold ones in long cars like Cadillac Eldorado's were trying to get over per Superfly and Curtis Mayfield.

Pundits wonder if we have an agenda like Obama in Libya; wasn't a wannabe or pretender trying to play the field.

They should pray that we'll stop or yield!!  they see that I'm not worried about them; they should worry about me!

...Or they want me to be a cyborg or clone; that trip? I'm not on!! maybe acting like  a robot searching for Air Force wreckage? they said its not about me!

...As some continue to doubt me; but O-Dizzle drops he's hip hopping!

Progressive when I come through!! not drop topping and Diddy bopping!

But believe me its on and popping!! its the rebuttal as the saga / struggle continues.

Some say amen like deacons in the amen corner!! its based on what we've been through.

As we dip through; not like the F-U Pastor...I checked my fellow tribe members too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

Plus this is not Kansas City and Dorothy is not in Kansas; negative vibe senders will gather signatures for their petitions.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cavaliers top LeBron, Heat 102-90

...err might have spoke too soon about Miami....but a good win for The Cavs..

Cavaliers top LeBron, Heat 102-90 - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Knicks Celtics and Spurs Losing Streaks..

....people acted like the world was going to end when The Miami Heat had there losing streak about a month ago...but I haven't heard too much about the Knicks, Celtics and Spurs losing streak..I'm just saying!! ..check this article out!!

Knicks knock losing ways against Magic - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine...

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Not Trying To Waste Your Time Or Mine...: "Not trying to waste your time or my time because you know time keeps ticking. ....And ticking and ticking; like Steve Miller's Fly Like An..."

Friday, March 25, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kanye West Closes Out SXSW With All-Star Set

Kanye West Closes Out SXSW With All-Star Set - The Hollywood Reporter

The Battle Cry....Lord Help Lord Help!! It's Used Once Again...

Whats the deal?  ongoing drama in Japan...please!!! Lord Help! Lord Help! was the battle cry!

Borrowed the line from old dude up in Louisville;  in spiritual warfare it gets real!!!  no need to ask why!

Bogus doctrines not followed; Gaddafi says attackers from the West are terrorists;  as we get real with this..what's the deal with this? why would I roll with the clones?

Staying focused; that's whats up!! not trying to shoot myself in the foot..or in the hand like Wyclef Jean.. staying on point in these danger zones!

Staying focused;  not strange for us to adjust bass treble and tones!!  then hit the masses up with the by product!

Staying focused;  like I was Kemba Walker for UConn...they said I was acting different..classes are conducted concerning my conduct!

Others considered conducting themselves in an orderly fashion after they drunk the grape flavored Kool Aid.

It was spiked;  plus chemicals were laced in heating and air conditioning systems now fools believe the charade!

Similar to spinach or milk in I spot a parade of first responders; the haz-mat team and other emergency personnel.

All up in the spot!! our response is the Sonic Assault!!  O-Dizzle dropped funk!! he's working it!!  plus O-Zone had a story to tell.

Not out of these woods this danger zone; I heard the story..they want us to fail!

Not out of these hoods yet;  no bailouts like banks...but I see the whole world is a ghetto!

That's word from that group War!!  in the city, country or city theres no pity.

Whats heard on WCLK? they played Valdez in the Country by Donny Hathaway!

As we bring this math your way; its like this and like that!

Things get ugly...what's up with me? heard saying Lord Have Mercy!! Lord  Help Lord Help!! spiritual warfare going down!!  we have to fight that!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jalen Rose, Grant Hill And The Fate Of "The Uncle Tom"

.....editorial in regard to Jalen Rose's remarks about Duke players being Uncle Toms...

Dr. Boyce: Jalen Rose, Grant Hill And The Fate Of "The Uncle Tom" | News One

...Dude Said It's All Game....@@@

Its all game; they said something about a no fly zone like in Libya... dude said hmmm;  he took an "old country stroll " to see what it do.

Whats the attitude? Gaddafi said he would don't hate.. said he had solutions; we should act like we knew!

Similar to dude that was fronting in the hood...longitude and latitude were calculated while he was on the cell phone; now authorities roll up on him!

No gratitude was shown after he had sold his soul!! now they said they own him!

Whats really going on? Aristide was headed back to Haiti...the grim outlook was given by the prophetess.

Whats really going on? she said it didn't have to be a  super full moon for it to be a hot mess!

Whats really going on? the minister down at the First  African Baptist Church in Sylvester Georgia said we have to be processed before we received our blessing!

We cant handle the truth!! word from Jack Nicholson; so who you stressing?

Whose confessing..Wikileaking?  problems with Japanese nuclear plants mentioned; now security checkpoints are set up; only the positive  people are allowed in!

Winning or losing..streaking? its hard to tell..everybody is styling and profiling!

Whose dialing or pressing buttons? probably gluttons for punishment!

Now flabbergasted...looks on their face show astonishment!

Earlier they blasted off like the Discovery Space Shuttle said they were running it!! but what's up with it? it's all game..soon spaceships crash and burn!

Whats the deally? status wasn't justified by all that cash they earn.

Good and evil clash!! but some never learn they'll end up being casualties!

Whats good? it's all game..they were corporate like Friday; dressed casually!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bryant, streaking Lakers drop Hawks, 101-87

..watched most of this game...just like the NY Knick game from Sunday Night there were more Laker fans at Philips Arena than Hawks fans.....I don't know about the A-Town sometimes...I'm just saying!!

Bryant, streaking Lakers drop Hawks, 101-87

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Marchers Mark 'Bloody Sunday' In Selma

Marchers Mark 'Bloody Sunday' In Selma | News One

If It's Not One Thing It's Another.. - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

......word from part of the conglomerate..

If It's Not One Thing It's Another.. - omanxl1's Blog - Blogster

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: It's Like This and Like That And A.......

..word from part of the conglomerate

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: It's Like This and Like That And A.......

We Were Told To Keep It Moving...Keep Rolling..

Dark clouds roll in;  are things ready to cool off like the Miami Heat are? Al Roker and them said the storm is headed this way!

The dark mystery of time and space is studied; where is the Mothership headed?  the captain is ready to run a play!

Plus I studied the history..might raid the secret police HQ like in cats will doobie doobie  run runaway like the Roy Ayers song!

Taking it to the streets like Doobie Brothers!! what's up with others?  so called players were wrong!

"Don't let me catch you out in these streets" was uttered by the opposition!

Coming out fresh with a brand new batch; as I walk on by..the soul is hot and buttered like Isaac Hayes; were on a mission!

Whats the impression? scientific like Isaac Newton..I've got the power like Snap!

Word from Gaddafi!! he said you can't stop me!! acting brand new again..whose caught in a trap?

But God blessed!!  I checked the vibe; but theres a lot of folk stressed; static clings!! snap,crackle and pop is heard like cereal; played like the East Coast serial rapist...I couldn't even get dap!

Checked the tribe; like I said...I see a lot of them are had them on lockdown.

Now some of them try to get free like Libya..Tunisia or even Egypt; meanwhile we come equipped rocking the sound.

As we get down!! the Sonic Assault is unleashed...its on and popping!

Tires screeched up in the hooptie when I dipped down I-20 in Atlanta.....truth be told? O-Dizzle was dropping funk and hip hopping!

....Goals reached...we weren't quiting..weren't stopping!! the saga struggle continues.

The minister preached down at The First African Baptist Church in Sylvester Georgia...he was holding it down!!  said to keep rolling...stay strong...chefs were still in hell's kitchen with ill menus.

This minister of information rocks these venues!! dropping breakbeat science.

Whats the deal?  we still bump heads with these dangerous minds.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

I-20 Chronicles.....The Saturday Recap....

Its business as usual; Saturday in the A-Town...out on I-20 cruising in the hooptie.

Listening to Youngblood on Kiss 104; ATLiens acting brand new with me!

Doing my duty; put in an O-Dog beat tape..he had some more of that street funk! 

Whose on active duty in spiritual warfare? it's off the chain in Libya!! I heard homie say don't let me catch you in the street !! ATLiens will get crunk!

Turned left...dipping down I-75...headed to  South's Like Lebron on a fast break dunk; its like this and like that!

Or maybe Blake Griffin  a bruh peeped how the fake are paying homage and respect in Sylvester, GA to one of the the elders..told walking through the shadow of death I should fear no we had to fight that! ...

How did they try to play me? couldn't take it!! under attack like Obama vs Romney... its rough dipping through the Babylon wilderness.

Old girl said you have to pray daily when your dealing with the realness!

Chill with this for a minute; as breakbeat science is dropped.

Feeling this A-Town vibe; now up on I-85...Bryan Hurst putting it down on WCLK; the usual Saturday evening thing...funk soul and jazz is dropped..

Chilling with the tribe; feeling the joy...but the pain hurts!!  that's the deal; odd and even with this thing! ...the saga / struggle never stopped!!

Odd , even, over or under?  what was the bet in the crap game up in Sheppard Square?

Up in Louisville..whose going under..who knows the deal..considered hip or square?

Its way too real!!  took it there..back in the day moments; now we bring it back to the future!

Got out of the line full of clones; the machine mandating the way to feel; manufacturing the next creature feature!

Dipped back down I-20 back to the east side...avoiding drones like it's Pakistan..that's what's up man!! as we try to reach ya with breakbeat science.

As we try to teach ya;  check me a bruh  cleared these epiphanies from my mind.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Don't Worry About It...Concept Revisited..

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Don't Worry About It...Concept Revisited..: "......times are hard on the boulevard....some even try to throw more salt into the game...making it harder than iy has to be...but I'm not w..."

Da Peoples Street Radio - Loudcaster Radio

Get The Friday evening started off right!!

Da Peoples Street Radio - Loudcaster Radio

Wiz Khalifa: Shots fired back at Ghostface Killer!

 ...supposedly Ghostface made some negative remarks about Wiz's Rolling Papers joint.....this is Wiz's response...

Wiz Khalifa: Shots fired back at Ghostface Killer! | MyColumbusPower - Power 107.5 Columbus' Home for the Hip-Hop Community

...listening to it....I think Star & Bucwild set the Wiz up..according to Wu management....Ghost never said anything!!

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Cashing Reality Checks...Making Sound Effects..PT....

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Cashing Reality Checks...Making Sound Effects..PT....: "In a state of emergency like Libya? red and yellow lights were flashing....we were told to proceed with caution! What's said? ..."

Magic rally from 24 down to stun Heat 99-96 - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

....damn!! what happened???

Magic rally from 24 down to stun Heat 99-96 - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Black Unemployment Rate Continues Slow Decline | News One

Black Unemployment Rate Continues Slow Decline | News One

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Details Revealed! What Caused The Drama Between NeNe Leakes & Star Jones

Details Revealed! What Caused The Drama Between NeNe Leakes & Star Jones | Hello Beautiful

I-20 Chronicles...PT.7....The Saga / Struggle Continues...

In Atlanta dipping down I-20...Its back to life...back to reality like the Soul to Soul joint!

No toil and strife in mamby pamby land? however do you want it? it's  time to cash reality checks!! place bets in the crap game; whats the point?

Whats your point homie asked me? he was defiant like Gaddafi!! as I came forth with these I-20 Chronicles!

What's the deal? somebody called the adjustment bureau; I wasn't the one these folks will anoint; based on the response to these and those!

Knowing the devil will oppose as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta!! trying to stay composed; time about the run out on the meter.

Trying to avoid Park Atlanta; behind old dude in the Olds Delta 88 that's smoking; Gumout is needed sir!

As we run out on fast breaks like Atlanta Hawks; but Mike Bibby is gone to Miami; Philips Arena is the so called Highlight Factory!

Meanwhile the Knicks shake things up adding Carmelo Anthony!

What will the factor be? wannabe good fellas were still over at the Bluff in Vine City!

What will the factor be? what can you tell us? in love or war nothing is fair; who will have pity?

Actors or actresses were chilling at the pity party; Atlanta is the new Hollywood.

Back with this; chilling..low key; but much respect to those like Red Cafe the Hottest in the Hood.

So whats good..whats hood? somebody asked me; I told them to look around!

As we drop this good word plus bear witness to where we took the sound! 

On a mission!! dipping down I-20; like out in the galaxy exploring the Dark Mystery of Time and Space.. exploring new ground there's always something!

On a mission !! these brothas kept on running!!

[Video] From Farrakhan On Rihanna

[Video] The Ryan Report: Live Audio From Farrakhan On Rihanna

Heat finalize signing of point guard Mike Bibby - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Heat finalize signing of point guard Mike Bibby - NBA - Yahoo! Sports

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Wendy Williams, Romeo, Hines Ward, Sugar Ray Leonard Tapped for 'Dancing With the Stars'

Wendy Williams, Romeo, Hines Ward, Sugar Ray Leonard Tapped for 'Dancing With the Stars'

Who Played Themselves? PT.2.....They Were Caught Out There...

Who played themselves? seems some forgot the basic rules; gangstas move in silence.

Who played with themselves?  like republicans and democrats and a government we put it down...but some will get gaffled when the all love scenario turns into malice.

The drama goes down...from the  Gaddafi presidential palace  to out in these ATL streets!!! it's on and popping!

The drama goes down...from plush residential areas to dirty urban city blocks..who rocks? little home asked me whats popping?

Told him to look goes down from the dirt roads of the Carolina's to suburban Atlanta!

From the Georgia red clay to the bluegrass of Kentucky; whats up with me? intergalactic..just  like The Space Shuttle Discovery; where did the Mothership land a bro?

As a brotha gets scientific; in the ATL is where I kick it!! clowns to the left of me and jokers to the right!

It's like the Stealer's Wheel; Stuck in the middle with you;but your chilling with lab rats and crash test dummies!!! scientists try to get it right! ....

In the lab? O-Dizzle gets it right; with the funky drums; that will be the main ingredient.

Everybody plays the fool but O-Zone is looking for Red Dead Redemption ; progress? a hater tried to impede it!

Grateful Deadheads were weeded or maybe drunk!!! off that brown liquor from Kentucky or Tennessee.

....Volunteers say they have a Pearl like Bruce!!  what's up with the assignment? did anybody choose it? dude said you cant lose with the stuff they use!! is it like Rev Ike? Appalachian meth labs are all I see!

Love roller coaster like Ohio Playersor the tilt o whirl at the carnival in the shopping center?

Rolling with the bragger or boaster from Ohio like John Boehner..said he was a true player now in the detention center!

No old school centers or players in the NBA like Olajuwon!  what were they on? Just pretty boy jump shooters like Tom Izzo mentioned; so whatcha on?

Old or new rules contribute to the confusion; whose sitting pretty in the danger zone?

Old or new school students were too pretty to get their hands dirty...the blue collar style was needed...

Old or new fools try to hold on like in Libya....playing themselves..progress is impeded..